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Hello everybody welcome to the name change forum! this thread allows you to: 

  • Change your name
  • Revert your name change
  • Delete your account

This forum is not for:

  • Removing personal information for account(s)
    please PM @Fae @XiX Innoc @Butler (us) for that.

  • Talking in 
  • Doing anything else but changing your name

Name Change Rules:

If you want to change your name, leave a post stating your desired name (and reason why). The wait time is 3 days after which, you must post again confirming you truly want to change your username. You may change your username once every 6 months. You have to wait a minimum of a week to ask for a revert. But any longer than two weeks your name change request will be treated as a new request and not as a revert. So you will have to wait the 6 month period to request a name change. These rules are indefinite and are here to hold stability so users won't go crazy with name changes. 

 If you need to change your name for privacy reasons, please specify that in your post. Privacy reasons including changing your username to hide your identity, or because you used your real name. Then you can skip the wait. 


Thank you for reading the rules! 😁

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