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Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

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He heard Butler stabbing at something. Whenhe looked back he saw her attacking the shadows. Xix kept pulling the table as Fae made it towards them. Fae made it behind the table, holding on to both Xix and Butler's hand. Xix felt the spark and heard the voices. He saw the tattoo appear on butlers hand and has a shocked expression on his face. "What the heck is that?" He asked both of them. The Demonic man spoke "A Soter!" He said answering Xix's Question as the man got stronger. Xix Looked to where Fae pointed  and saw the broken window. "Alright, lets started moving that way!" Xix said to Fae and Butler. He began to slide the table in the direction they needed to go. As they were moving, objects kept repetedly hitting the table to make it weak. Xix saw a piece of the table chip off and immediatly started looking for another table to grab. "The table is starting to break apart!" Xix said to the others while moving and looking for another table. They made it to the middle of the place as another piece was boken off. He saw one of the shadows creeping towards them. "The shadows are coming again!" Xix Shouted while keeping his eyes on the shadows moving in. He was panting heavily from holding the table. 

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I felt nervous, as everything was going really fast & the tattoo wrapped around my arm then to my eyes. hearing the voice in my head commanding me to use it getting louder & louder. The hot-cold rush went with the tattoo then through my whole body. Finally a static pulse went through me, I felt a surge of thrill & energy. Then the shadow man came at me. I felt what I wanted to do.

‘Leave us alone!’ I thought.

Various spikes protruded from my body to the direction of the shadow man coming at me, stretching fast, all to stab him.

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I Sat There Watching Butler As I Heard The Rage Leave Her Breath. 'Leave us alone.' She Roared. I Watched As Spikes Rampaged Through Her Body Toward The Man. 

'I can't believe this', 

The Spike Leaving Her Caused Some Destruction, But I Couldn't Ignore The Phenomenon That Was Happening Before My Very Eyes. These Those Were Everywhere. Ripping Through The Air Violently, I Move Low To Make Sure Nothing Has The Opportunity To Break Off And Fly My Way.

I Looked Up At The Window And Saw An Opportunity. Getting A Way Out. i Leaped Outside Through It. I Cut Myself Abit  On The Glass Erecting Through The Break Of It. I Slammed Against The Pavement With Tough Thud. It Was Welcome Versus What Was Happening In The Restaurant. 

When I Landed Outside I Saw Everyone Walking As Normal. Going There Way. 

"Help! Someone!" 

I Paused. People Looked At Me. Just Glanced. Stopped For Abit Then Continue Along There Way. Like I Said Nothing. Like I Didn't Exist. 

Again And Again I Repeated Myself. I Rushed To A Man Near Me Who Was On The Phone. 

"Sir! Sir! Call Someone! The Police, Military There's A Man Who. . ."

He Stared At Me, Blank. No Expression, Just Raw Emptiness. I Let Go Of His Arm ND He Turned Away From Me And Just Continued On The Phone. 

'He Didn't Even Acknowledge Me'

I Rushed Back Towards The Restaurant. 


His Head Swiveled Towards Butler. 'Awoken!' He Yelled  For A Second The Intensity Of His Destructive Power Grew. Til, Spikes Purtrude Through The Shadow Man. Ripped Through Him. Pushing Him Against The Wall. Pinning Him. His Arm Dropped And His Head Hung Down. The Room Stopped Swirling And The Shadows Ceased Stretching.

Blood Dripped From His Mouth, Everything Settled.


I Leaned In Through The Window "Come On.. Whoa. Is He.." I Shook My Head "No... Let's Go!" I Rushed My Voice. Waving Them Out.

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Xix Watch as The markings from the tattoo wrapped around Butler. Once the markings completely covered her body, he saw spikes leave her body. Fae had took the opportunity and bolted for the open window. Xix jumped from fae pushing off of him and seeing seeing the spikes leave butler's body. He heard a scream come from behind the table and Xix looked over to see the man pierced by the spikes. wondering if  he was dead. He held on to the table for safe measure. "Come on, let's go!" He heard Fae say to both him and Butler. Xix looked over to Fae seeing him beckoning them both " Um Butler, let's get out of here." He said to her as he as dragging the table with him. As he makes his way to the window, he thought to himself 'What in the grand world is happening?' he look at Fae and saw that he was bleeding. "Hey, your bleeding. are you gonna be okay?" he asked Fae. Xix looked back at the man so he can remember how he looks. 

"Hey, let's go back to my place. We can hideout there untill we feel like it's safe. I live on the next boulevard." He said to Fae and Butler. 'It's better than being out in the open, just in case that thing isn't dead and it comes looking, we will be gone.' he thought to himself. He climbed out of the window while holding on to the table

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‘How did i?...the tattoo it did this?...obviously he wanted it...why?’

I stepped away from the body of that thing as the body limped down, & walked towards the direction of Fae & Xix. 

“...let’s go!” I heard Fae’s voice trail in. I heard Xix say “"Hey, let's go back to my place. We can hide out there until we feel like it's safe. I live on the next boulevard."

I looked back at the body once more. “Yeah, let’s get out of here!” I said, I started rushing outside to leave. “Fae, you called for help? Is anybody coming?” I asked.

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"Yeah, Sure."  I Said To Xix. 

"Let's Go, Anywhere But Here."

Trying To Shake The Shock Out Of Myself.

I Looked Back With A Concerned And Slightly Distroted Expression. She Was Talking To Me. the Girl With The Strange Tattoo. Honestly, I'm Just As Afraid Of Her As I Am The Shadow Man. I Mean, I Don't Know Her. I Know She Hurt The Shadow Man, But How Did She Do That. Do Unnatural Things Like He Did. I Turned To Her, Trying Not Give Away The Worry I Had For What She Was.

"No.." They Weren't, But Why?

"People.. Seem Not To Be Really Aware Of Me.."

We Don't Have Time For Chat Here. We Should Definitely Keep Moving.

"Hey Man, Lead The Way." I Gestured Xix To Get In front Of Me.

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"Yeah, let's get out of here." Butler said to Fae And Xix 

"Yeah, Sure. Let's Go Anywhere But Here." Fae said to Xix while trying to wrap his head around what happened.

Xix looks at both of them as they agreed on going to his place. "Okay, let's get ready to go. Hm?" Xix said as he notice he was bleeding from his hand. He pulled his sleeve down to cover the blood.

"Fae, you called for help, is anybody coming?" Butler asked Fae looking concerned.

"No.. They Weren't, But Why? People.. Seem Not To Be Really Aware Of Me.." Fae replied to Butler then looked down. "We Don't Have Time For Chat Here. We Should Definitely Keep Moving. Hey Man, Lead The Way." Fae said to Xix gesturing to go forward.


Xix Nodded his head and started to walk forward. He lead them to the streetlight and stopped due to the light being red for them. Xix checked his sleeve and saw that it was soaked in blood. He looked at his hand saw that the bleeding stopped. "So, do you guys have any clue what the heck is happening?" Xix asked trying to break the silence of the group. "Because I'm at a loss here." He said as the light turned green for them. He crossed the street and made a right. "Sorry if my house is messy, I didn't clean it today." He said to them. Xix continued straight until he made it to a small townhome. "Give me one second." He said to Butler and Fae as he walked up the stairs. He pulls out his house key and unlocked the door. He opened the door and walked in. "You guys can come in" He said holdng the door open for them to come inside.

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‘People are not aware of us...?’ I looked at all the people walking with blank expressions on their faces. I looked back the the destroyed restaurant & looked back at the people, there was an unnerving chill that went down my spine. 

I felt cluttered, & confused to what just happened. My sense of reality felt completely turned on its head because of the strange man being able to do all of those unexplainable things. 
I looked at my whole arm, I didn’t recognize it as if it were mine because of how the tattoo was designed.
‘I don’t even know where to start explaining this.’ 

“I have no idea…but whatever it wanted, it wanted us. Why? I don't know. Do you guys happen to know someone who's pissed off at any of you? Because I sure don't.” I said as I dropped my arm to my side. I followed Xix, I looked at each of us & down at myself. My clothes are now dirty, ripped, & disheveled. I removed some debris from my hair & clothes. A lot of crumbs fell to the pavement. A feeling in the back of my mind was telling me that this isn’t over yet. I then entered Xix’s home as he kindly gestures.

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