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Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

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"Why thank you, Xix. I hope you have an appetite.Butler kindly said with a smile




"Where Did It Get This Name? Well, You See, We Use To Have An Octopus And It Was Sold To My Uncle And I As A squid By A Shady Sellsmen." Fae said  as he was remembering. "We Believe Here That Squids Are Lucky Since They Won't Settle In Waters Prone To Storms. Kinda Able To Sense The Dangers." Fae continued to say. "But My Uncle Couldn't Tell The Difference, So Once He Found Out He Shouted At The Sellsmen, 'Hey, I Don't Want This Tacky Octopus!'" He laughed after saying this. "We Ended Up Getting More Money Than What We Spent On That Dang Octopus For False Advertising." He said finishing the story by pointing at a picture. "And There She Is. Sorry, For The Long Spout." Fae  said then bowed to us


"That's a weird story, but I'm happy you and your uncle were able to open this shop." Xix said to Fae. Xix turned to Butler " Your welcome. I'll sit in the shaded seat if that's fine." Xix said to her as he sat down. "Can we see your menu please? Also, can i get a cup of Orange juice?" Xix asks  Fae after turning back to him. 'The food smells really nice! I want to see what they haveXix thought to himself.

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@Fae @XiX Innoc

"Your welcome. I'll sit in the shaded seat if that's fine." Xix said to me as he sat down Then he continued "Can we see your menu please? Also, can i get a cup of Orange juice?" Xix asks Fae.

"You didn't spout at all by the way, it was very interesting. It was quite a little tale to hear." I said, Suddenly, A question stuck out in my mind before ordering.

"Did you guys eat the Octopus?" I asked Fae. 

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"Eat Tacky?" I Said With A Semi Shocked Expression, "No, Tacky Was A Mascot, A Member Of The Family." I Said Smiling While Handing The Curious Girl And Guy A Menu. I Turned To The Man Swiftly And Said "We Have Oranges Juice, But It Is All Natural And With No Additives, Some Customers Notice A Semi Sweet Bitter Taste. That's Cause The Orange Are Picked Locally From The Farm In Munos Farm Park." Spoutting That Fact I Continued, "The Oranges Are Bitter Sweet Cause Of The Type Of Tangerine Used Called Gatter Tangerines. Waiting For Those Suckers To Turn Orange Is Useless." I Said Smirking, Knowing I Had A Bit Of Ignorant Experience Doing So "They Will Only Swell In Size But Stay Green. Hince Gatter Tangerine." I Raised My Finger Up, "Fun Fact: Gatter Tangerines Are Green To Not Attract Insects Or Would-Be Potential Hungry Predators." I Put On A Big Smile, Nodded, And Lead Them To The Shaded Seats That Had A Good Pour In Of Light And Inner Restaurant Ambiance. The Traffic Could Be Seen, But The Noise Of The City Street Seem To Drag Away From The Restaurant. Like Being Inside Was A Completely Different World From The Looming Traffic Outside.

As We Made It To The Seats, I Started To Talk As I Reached My Hand Out Gesturing The Area, "Thanks For Suffering Through My Tale, Again I Am Fae And I Will Be Your Server Tonight." I Picked Up My Head And My Eyes Darted To The Front Door. A Man Lurked In Unnatural Darkness Stood There Scanning The Establishment. The Light Reached Him But He Managed To Stay Shrouded. I Looked Him Up And Down. A Long Grayish Suede Jacket With Rogue Scars Filling Out Some Portions. His Thick Jeans And Heavy Leather Shoes Stood Out To Me. I Thought "He Must Be A Worker?" Feeling A Bit Uneasy, I Passed On The Opportunity To Serve This Man To My Co-Worker. "Guys! Customer Front ASAP!" I Gesture To The Man Standing. "Have A Seat Where Ever You'd Like, Our Other Server Will Be With You Shortly." I Put A Bit Of Cadence In My Voice To Give This Man My Best Impression. His Body Rotated Towards A Seat. Weirdly Calm, Calculated Movements. As If He Has Been Here Before, But I Have Never Seen Him Before. He Heads Straight For A Seat Nearest The Door And Stiffly Sat Looking Forward. Not Saying A Word.

"I'll Be Back With That Orange Juice." I Said While Still Glancing At That Man. Uneasy Expression Waxed Over my Original Upbeat Expression. "For The Both Of You Right? Or Do You Care For Something Different?" Turning To Them, Returning To My Usual Act.


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Xix sat in the shaded seat while butler sat on the lit side. Xix nodded his head in understanding to what Fae said. "I can't wait to taste it. It will be my first time have gatter tangerine juice! Thanks for the menus." Xix responded to Fae. and sat there looking through the menu pages


"Thanks For Suffering Through My Tale, Again I Am Fae And I Will Be Your Server Tonight." Fae said to the both of us.


"We are happy to have you as our server toni-" Xix was saying to Fae as the restaurant's door was opened by a new person, alerting both  Xix and Fae.


Fae Picked Up His Head And His Eyes Darted To The Front Door. A Man Lurked In Unnatural Darkness Stood There Scanning The Establishment Till An Odd Person Caught His Attention. 


Xix looked at the same thing Fae was looking at.  


A Man Lurked In Unnatural Darkness Stood There Scanning The Establishment. "Guys! Customer Front ASAP!" Fae yelled out to one of his co-workers. "Have A Seat Where Ever You'd Like, Our Other Server Will Be With You Shortly." Fae said to the mysterious man. The man walked over to the closest to the door. "I'll Be Back With That Orange Juice." Fae Said While Still Glancing At That Man. Uneasy Expression Waxed Over Fae's Original Upbeat Expression. "For The Both Of You Right? Or Do You Care For Something Different?" Turning To Them, Returning To My Usual Act



"Thank you very much Fae." Xix said as a response while keeping a fixed gaze on the man. This man put Xix on edge, but he didn't show it. "Do you want orange juice as well, Butler?" He asked Butler while trying trying to avert his vision away from the man. after fixing his vision onto Butler, Xix felt like he was being stared at. 

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After the man had entered the air felt stiff. I dared to only look using my peripheral vision. 

"Do you want orange juice as well, Butler?" Xix asked. I focused my vision on Xix. "Sure, both with ice please?" I then fixed my vision onto fae. I tried to relax my posture, I looked again using my peripheral vision and the man sat very still like a statue. I then looked at the menu fae handed us. "So...what would we like to eat XiX?" I said trying to make things light.


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As They Both Started To Get Settled On The Menu, I Walked Away And Went To Go Retrieve Their Beverages. I Kept Eyeing The Guy Over And Over. Something About Him Caught My Attention In A Bad Way, But I Kept Myself  From Showing Any Prejudice, Due To My Status As A Restaurant Worker.  So I Lifted My Sight From The Patreon And Barged Into A Texting Johnathan, My Co--worker.

"Dang It Johnathan! Your Gonna Get Someone Killed." Having Stumbled Against The Wall, I Held Myself Using The Slight Extrusions From The Wall As Leverage.

"Sorry Man, Just Look Where You Are Going Better." He Just Went Back To Texting And Continued To Head To The New Customer. 

'And He Wonders Why I've Been Employee Of The Month Seven Times.'

He Thinks It's Because Of My Uncle, Being My Uncle, But No. It's Cause, I Feel, I Am The Only One Who Gives A Sh** To Have A Job Here. This Isn't For The Money, Or Just To Have A Job To Keep A Place. This Place Is Special To Me. Like A Home Is To A Family. I Lifted Myself Up.  Brushed Myself Off And Continued To The Back. 

Under Johnathan's Breath He Started To Mock Fae. "Oh I Am Fae, And I Get Special Treatment Cause My Uncle Owns The Place." The Ears Of The Stranger Pricked Up And He Turned To Give Johnathan A Dead Stare. Johnathan Making It To The Other Customer. "Hello." He Lazily Said. "I'm Jo-- Uhwuck."

Me Hearing This Noise, I Turned Around To See What Was Happening And Johnathan Was Being Lifted Several Feet Off The Ground By Only His Neck Supporting His Swaying Body.  

"Fae.." The Voice Rumbled From The Strangers Voice. No Mouth Seen Moving, Just Sound Slide From Between The Lifted Collar Of The Strangers Coat. The Dark Shrouded His Face Still Even Though He Stood Under A Light. This Was Completely Unnatural. I Stood In Shock As I Watched Johnathan Struggle. 

"Fae!?" He Ragened More. Johnathan Tearing Up, He Turned To Stare At Me And Began To Lift His Hand Towards Me And He Point. Becoming Completely Red He Turned Back And Continued To Struggle, Plead Choked Out.  And In Johnathan's Last Breathe And Last Action, He Spent On Ratting On Me. He Finished His Life With The Words "I'm -- Not --- - Fae." 

~Crock Thum.~

A Lifeless Johnathan Slumped On The Floor His Eyes Gazed At Me. Lifeless. I Looked Up At The Man And He Turn To The Other Patrons. 

"But- -ler... Xi- -x.." The Words Had Less Of A Grumble And More Of An Aquatic Sludgy Sound. He Lifted His Finger Scanning Passed Us All. As If He Had A List And We Were Next. With His Arm Now Resting On His Side, His Eyes Erupted A Red Glow. 



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"So...what would we like to eat Xix?" Butler curiously asked Xix.

Xix started to look through the menu. "I think I'll try the octa-fries." Xix said while look at the menu. He continued to look through the menu to see their selection. Xix was startled by the sudden sound of confrontation. This made him look where it was coming from and saw that the man was choking another Co-worker. Xix heard the man utter a name. "Fae.." The cloaked man said Fae's name with a bellowing voice. Xix stood up and watched as the man was holding the employer by his neck. The man said Fae's name again but with a more angered tone. The Co-worker slowly lifted his hand to point to where Fae was."I'm - Not -- -Fae."  The waiter was only able to utter those few words before.

~Crock Thum.~

The man dropped the Co-worker's now lifeless body and turned towards Xix and Butler. "But- -ler... Xi- -x.." He Said he pointed at us in a certain order. Xix slowly got into a defensive position in case the man were to try and attack. Xix was also trying to keep both Fae and Butler in his sights. 

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"I think I'll try the octa-fries." Xix said, I thought that sounded appetizing, especially with ketchup or ranch. I thought of getting the same thing as a side for some sunset sushi with salmon, tempura shrimp, & cream cheese. 

A bit after he had said that everything starting happening very fast. The other server was being lifted very high off the floor from his neck as his face was beginning to change color, he was struggling to breathe. I felt my body tighten, all my senses were heightened.




His voice sounded deep, & rumbled, I felt his voice reverberated the entire restaurant. I couldn’t see his face as it was shrouded by a thick darkness even though he was underneath a light. 




He said again with a deep rage, it shook the restaurant. The other server continued to struggle to breathe as he pointed at our server, his face turned black, he uttered "I'm -- Not --- - Fae." I quickly grabbed a meat knife off the table, I shoved it up my sleeve.

His lifeless body hit the floor with a heavy weight to it. He turned to us, his voice sounded like he was underwater but it was thick like muck.


"But- -ler... Xi- -x.."


He lifted his hand & pointed at us slowly, when he set his hand down after a brief pause his eyes started to peer open through the darkness & glow red. I looked at XiX, & Fae, then my eyes scanned to our nearest exit, I’m hoping we can all make it. “We need to go…” I whispered as sofly was I could so only Xix & Fae could only hear me.

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All The Of The Hanging Lights Started To Sweep In The Air As A Hug Vibration Rustled Through The Restaurant. The Lights Ceased Their Rocking But Began To Lean In Towards Him. As If He Had A Pull. Things Lifted From Their Resting Positions And Darted Quickly Across The Restaurant. With Him At The Center Of This Gravity. As His Palm Opened Up The Darkness Stretched From Out Under Him. Climbing The Walls Of The Restaurant. The Dead Servers Body Dragged Up Into The Man's Coat. As His Body Got Closer It Rapidly Mummified Leaving Only His Dust To Be Draw In. Heavy Debris Began To Get Pulled In From The Outside. Clouding The Man Even More.

Then, He Took His Steps Forward. A Storm Of Objects Swarming Around Him, Made It Difficult To Get Close.

I Sat Their Without Much To Say. I Nodded To Butler And I Gestured At The Two Of Them Towards Me. I Went To Grab The Door To The Employee Section When I Saw A Shadow Zooming Towards Me. I Turned And Saw The A Table Rapidly Approaching My Head. So I Ducked As Fast As I Could "Ah!" And The Table Rammed The Door Shut. Pieces Of The Wood Landed On Me, But I Scampered Up Towards The Other. 

~Pant Pant~

'how The F*** Is He Doing This..' I Thought To Myself. 'This Isn't Real.' I Spoke Aloud.

"Your Mentis Will Be Devoured.. No More Soters.." It's Voice Ruptured Through My Thoughts.

'I-is That Latin?..'

Wants Mentis.. Whats Soters?

Snapping From The Inside Of My Mind, I Hurried To The Others, Crawling To Them. 

The Man In The Coat Watched Me And Began Walking Towards Us All. " Oh God.." I Exclaimed. Getting Up I Grabbed My Server Tray As A Weapon And Got Ready For What Was Going To Come. Legs Shaking And Face Pale White, I Wasn't Prepared For This. To Think About It. I Don't Think Any One Was.

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Xix watched as the lights started to bend towards the man, Then looks at him. The glass breaks making Xix look back, grab Butler, and duck down to the floor so they can avoid all of the incoming debris. "Hey! Are you okay Butler?" He Asked her before looking back up at the man. When Xix looked at man, He saw the other waiters body getting dissolved as it got closer to him. This made Xix get frozen in place as the shadows climbed all over the restaurant. He couldn't see Fae waving at him. He saw a table fly in Fae's direction slamming against the door. The man turned to Xix and said "I... Want your.... FIDEM and SPERO." These words quaked Xix to the core. 'Fidem? Spero? What the heck is a Fidem and Spero?' He pondered to himself. Xix saw Fae coming towards him and butler. This caused him to not be frozen in place anymore.


He started to look for something big enough to shield them from the frightning man. Xix looked back and found a table that was big enough for them. He leaned over, grabbed the table, lifted it over and put it infront of them. "I hope that this can hold him back." He said to both Fae and Butler. As the demonic figure got closer the table started to lift and move from them. Xix pulled it back and tried to stand his ground with the table. He was holding the table with all of his might but was getting tired. "I won't let you guys get hurt! I won't let that happen!" Xix said as he tightened his grip on the pole of the table with his conviction. The table got a quick sheen as Xix held it. 'we gotta do something, fast!' He thought to himself. "Guys, we either have to find a way out before he gets any closer, or we try to defend ourselves!" Xix says to them. He looks around for anouther way out but they are all blocked by the shadows.

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Things began to become more & more chaotic as Xix was doing his best to hold the defense. I did my best to think, as one of the shadows came towards me, I got the knife from my sleeve & stabbed it putting all of my weight into it, while I was behind the table with Xix.

I saw Fae trying to crawl towards us & I stabbed shadows to clear a path for him. The restaurant was falling into shambles, debris started to fly and shroud the area sporadically, it made it hard to see. Windows started breaking & glass shrapnel flew, my covered my face & ducked behind the table. Sounds of destruction trembled, I yelled as loud as I could to hopefully be heard over the destruction. "WE HAVE TO GO. THIS PLACE IS FALLING APART." 

 'This place has a much better chance of killing us before that guy can even get to us right now. We need to get out of this chaos first then figure out to manage that man.' I thought.

I nonetheless Peeked from the table, & slowly inched towards Fae, I kept stabbing at the shadows for Fae to get to safety. "Come on!" I said, hoping fae can hear me.


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Grabbing A Butlers Had And Hearing Her Voice I Finally Got Them. "This Way!" I Looked At Of The The Broken Widows And Pointed "I Think We Can Get Out This Way!" I Walked Over Towards The Shambled Window. When A Spark Went Through My Hand. The Shadows Backing Away As Butler Stabbed Them. They Felt Like Stabbing Sand. A Thick Yet Very Dry Object Even Though It Was Flat.


At This Time A Spark Went Through Everyone's Hand As Well. Like A Violent Shock Everyone Stated To Hear A Voice In Their. The Voice Changed And Sounded Like A Man Then A Women. 

"uSe It"

It Felt Like It Was Whispering


Butler Was The First To Receive A Glowing Mark On Her Hand. Xix And Fae Didn't Receive One. It Was Of A Very Intricate Tattoo. Curves And Shapes Layed On The Back Of Butlers Hand. It Wound And Twisted Up Her Arm. To Her Eyes. It Felt Like A Hot-Cold Rush.

"UsE... iT.. nOw.."

It Grew Louder In Her Mind. 

"YoUr PowEr"

A Static Pulse Went Through Butler And The Tattoo Set.

"A Soter!" The Energy Of The Man Got Strong And More Pulses Of Shadows Left Him.

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