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Hey! So I did something for @Fae


This is your O.C's very own theme! I hope you like it! It took me a bit to make it. I literally st there staring at both of her Images for at least two hours! This the final product.

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1 minute ago, Fae said:

Sorry You Had To Stare At Such Poor Art 😥 I Feel Bad For You 🤣

But Nonetheless I Am Grateful For This Piece. 

Thankyou Music God @XiX InnocInnoc 🙏😫

It's okay! It gave more time to appreciate your image and see how much better your getting with drawing. I'd do it again with no problem!

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24 minutes ago, Butler said:

You did a great job with this one, it has a really nice rhythm! it's very easy to listen to. 

Thanks @Butler! I tried really hard to make this for @Fae's O.C. I'm Happy that he likes it. That is my next goal, theme songs!

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