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Kingdom Hearts: 5th Contort Sign Ups

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“With all that I have done? All I have done in spite of ethics! Beliefs! And morals. How far must I push the envelope?”


All is calm in the Kingdoms of Fable Reach. It has been for a long time now. The threat of the dark is well at bay. Fear has left the heart of man long ago and the people of Fable Reach beget connections with those who were once of other worlds. Children laugh and Adults cheer. “The era of peace is ours.” But for how long? One person tested so far, they have left what they were behind. For what may seem like an eternity to them, they have done dastardly things for others. Now they alone threaten harmony itself. In much of the worlds, man have roamed and searched. Who can design such a scheme to threaten many on a grand scale? As before, the world will once again need heroes.


The worlds are whole again. Finally one. Held together by the cornerstone of light. New capitals in place to respect the individuality of these once far lost worlds. Everything begins where it ends. Where peace ends. A Mysterious outbreak has started. Becoming more and more frequent. People suddenly becoming separated into Heartless, Unversed, Nightmares, Memories, and Nobodies. Never before seen, the panic is beginning. Some cities have resorted to rioting and things are getting worse. No one is taking responsibility and provinces are getting antsy towards one another. The sudden separation has been dubbed ‘The Severing’. Figure out who is behind this and put an end to it all.






This Is A Kingdom Hearts Inspired Role-play About The Fate Of The World. Set In The Far Future To The Kingdoms Hearts Games, Hearts Belated Goes To Tell A Story About A Member Of The Fallen Taking Research And Using It To Taint The Cornerstone Of Light. Doing So Has Brought An Apocalypse On The Realm And It’s People. After Tainting The Stone, The Mysterious Member Shattered It So It Could Not Be Recovered. Find The Stone, Restore The Stone, Revive The Worlds.


You Play As One Of The 5 Classes Of Hearts Belated. Each With There Own Set Of Skills And Weaknesses. Use These Skill TO Triumph Or Fail Objectives And Goals.


You First Start Of With A Mysterious Event Causing People To Separate Into Heartlesses And Nobodies Without Reason. Soon After The First Amalga Was Created. A Being With It’s Heart, Body, Memory, Dream, And Emotions, Contorted And Swapped With One Another.


Lockengard Is The Weapon Wielded By The Amalgas.

They Have A Drive Form Known As ‘Urge’.




We Use Sprites. The Reason We Use These Sprites Is To Help Animate Dialogue Scenes And Other Scenes. It Is Going To Give A Cinematic Feel Especially To The Roles You Play.


You May Select A Character From The Roster (Sorry) But May Name Them, Give Them A Bio, And Adapt Their Personalities As You See Fit. (We Will Create Scenes Around What You Make Not Vice Versa, And Sorry In Advance If Some Sprites Don’t Have The Aesthetics To Fit Your Character’s Personality.)

You May Start Anywhere You Want In The World Of Fable Reach. Any Capital. The Attacks Will Happen All Over. Make Sure It Make Sense With Your Classes You Have Picked. There Will Be A Map And Ui System. The UI Will Hold The Inventory Of All Participants, But Separate To Not Clutter Things. The Map Will Be Updated By Each World Post. This RP Isn’t Meant To Be Fast. It Is Meant To Be A Well Paced Experience. This Is Our First C.R.G.. What That Mean Is We Are Trying To Build A Visual Experience That Goes Hand In Hand With The Role-Playing One. We Know It Won’t Be For All, But We Want To Invest In This Fun, Thrill And Journey With You All. Thank You.

Status Effects Are A Thing. You Can Suffer From Multiple At Once.

Health Is A Thing Too.

An Item System, Discovery System, Mission System And Leveling System. All Of Which You Needn’t Worry About Too Much, WE Take Care Of That Part!

Don’t Mind The Way You Need To Do Things. Understand This Is An Rp. That Comes First. Perform Per Usual.


Story Elements And Terminology,

There Are Certain Elements In This C.R.G. We Will Refer To Constantly. Things Like Jp, Bp, T’s And Stuff Like That Will Be Present On Items And Skills. So Let Me Explain, Jp’s Are Journey Posts. These Are Any Type Of Post That Isn’t Done In Battle, I.E. Walking, Talking, Solving Puzzles, Item Gathering, Etc. These Types Will Make Up Half, If Not More, Of The General Post Types.


Bp Is Battle Posts. These Are Post Where An Opposition Is Met. Either Fighting, Escaping, In A Hazard Zone, Or In A Stealth Area. This May Take Up Parts Of Missions.


And Then There Are T’s, Which Is Just Turns, Usually Following A Number Like “10’t” Which Means Ten Turns. These Are Both Jp And Bp. You Can Have 5jp And 5bp And That Will Equal 10t. Basically Any Type Of Post Is A Turn.



World posts & Events,

World Posts Are Main Posts That Push The Story Forward & Keep A Nice Controlled Pacing. This Will Include Things Like Responses From NPCs, Environment, Enemies, Dialog, & Sometimes Plot Related Posts.


Events Consists Of Critical Times, Which Means The Action You Take Has To Resolve The Current Situation Or Issue And If It Doesn’t Repercussion May Ensue. Words Will Be Highlighted In Red And Depending On The Number Of Red Words Or Parts Of Sentences This Will Determine How Many Parts You Will Need To Counter In Your Post. You Answers Will Be Ranked By Poor, Good, Or Excellent. And Will Have XP Yield Or Hidden Objectives And Items. The Results Are Predetermined And You Will Only Need To Get Close In Wording.


Example: “The Red Dragon Swept It’s Tail At Jason.”


This Will Need To Be Countered Either By Jumping Over The Tail, Attacking The Tail, Or Blocking The Tail.


“Jason Struck His Sword At The Tail.”


In The Case, Attacking Was A Good Option Blocking Was Poor, And Jumping Overall Was The Excellent Option.


Afterwhich, There Are Objectives Which Are Tasks That Can Be Taken Up During Or Out Of Missions. They Are Simply Options You Can Take In The World. Of Course, Everyone In A Party Can Choose Different Objectives. Sometimes This Will Result Into Separate Missions Or The Advancing Vote Wins The Objective For The Party.


One More Type Of An Event, Is Goals. These Have Stat-Specific Requirements (Usually Power, Intellect, Or Sabotage) & Take A Combined Or Even A Singular Effort To Complete.



Leveling System,

Is a system we devised to encourage a game-like environment and keep players on track this will also help us pace the story and missions. Basically the way you level up is by receiving tallies, the current number of tallies will be in your inventory And hud. You will need a certain amount tf tallies in order to proceed to the next level. After leveling, you will receive skill points which you can put into whichever stats you choose. You may ask to allocate your points either by Pm, or this discussion thread. All points go by 10s. You don’t have to pay attention to the leveling system too much we don’t want it being too intrusive.



Journal holds Enemy Logs, Skill Logs, Travels Logs, Item Logs,  And Character Logs,


Enemy Log, Holds All The Information You Know About Enemies And Their Stats.


Buddy Logs Hold Bonds And Character Info.



Skill Logs Keep Track Of Your Various Skills.


Quest And Travels Logs Hold The Difficulty Of Areas And Details Of The Area.



Item Logs Holds The Descriptions And Uses Of The Many Different Items.




Info Level,

Info Levels Matter upon how many encounters with a monster or creature you have had. Giving you the ability to track them and know what to use against them. You don’t need to defeat the monster to get info points but killing it provides more points also allow it to use it’s move-set, gives additional info points. Can Be Seen In Enemy Log.


You Gain The Ability To See The Synthesis Items You Can Gain, A Monster’s Weaknesses, Health Points, Level, The Ability To Tranquil The Monster, And Better Syn-Trades.


Day And Night Cycles,


When it is night time heartless are stronger than usually %20 To all stats.

There are three cycles per time domain.

Three to day Cycles:



Three to night Cycles:



Morning Noon Evening, Twilight Nightfall Dusk.


Every Twenty Or So Post, The Worlds Time Change, The Time Will Be Visible On The The Map Area.


There Are Also Special Zone Hazards, They Include.

image.pngAbsolute Dusk - 30% Heartless Stats, Zone Is Infected With Darkness.

image.pngStallward Zone - Time Doesn’t Change And Will Repeat, Unbalance Of Nothingness. Physical Attacks No Longer Effect Nobodies.

image.pngEmolences - The Area Is Completely Flipped And Citizen Can Aggro. People Spawn Unversed When Aggro’ed.

image.pngDreamdefect - Area Can Constantly Change Nothing Stays Physically Constant. Acting Outside Of The Zone “Preferences” Spawns Nightmares.

image.pngSuffercadence - 20% More likely to gain a status effect. No Consumable Can Cure Effects. (White Magic Only)

image.png Rotting World - The World Suffers From Complete Amalgamation. Everyone There Suffers From A Status Effect (Subvertable With The Right Equipment)



Inventory & HUD,


This Is Pretty Self Explanatory But This Will Hold All The Items Your Character Has As Well As It Shows Who’s In Your Party. Things Like Equipped Items, And Consumable Can Be Found In Your Inventory.

Your Hud Is A Place To Show Your Characters Status, Health, Commands, Place In The World, & A Mission That You Are Currently Taking Up.


Stats And Statuses,


You will notice with your character you have stats, these stats pertain to certain character criteria and go somewhat like this (Note: Some Items Will Affect Your Stats & Statuses)


image.pngPower: Gives You The Ability To Effect The Environment In Creative Ways. Allow The Destruction Of Enemy Armor To The Ability To Complete Objectives That Wouldn’t Be Possible Without The Strength. (Combinable With Party Members To Complete And Reach The Same Results) Strength Also Destroys Armor. (Goals)


image.pngStrength: Is Overall Damage, The Health You Will Be Able To Take Away From Enemies In Hit Per Hit Ratio. This Also Depends On The Enemies Defence. There Will Be A Subtraction From Your Damage On A Hit Per Hit Ratio.



image.pngIntellect: Plays A Role In Discovering Hidden Objectives And Goals. (Allows Price Barter Options.) Give The Ability To Discover Info Faster On Enemies.(objectives)



image.pngMagic: Is The Power of Magical Attacks, Higher Magic Can ignore Armor.


image.pngSabotage:The Damage You Give From Preforming Assassinations And Back stabs. These Are Critical Attacks And Will Do 10-50% On Top Of Original Damage. By Preforming Certain Critical Events Allow A Person To Open An Creature To Executions. Also Allowing You To Succeed In Critical Stealth Events. (Critical)


image.pngDefence: Is You Armor State And How Much Damage Will Be Meta Gated. (You Can’t Take Any Less Than On Pip Of Damage No Matter How High Your Defence Is.)



image.pngResistance: You Ability To Take And Subvert Status Effects. Things Like Daze Which Removes Your Ability To Use Consumables For A Set Of Time. (Special Items Can Cause Effect To Happen As A Result Of Consumption, Resist Meta Gates That)


Statuses, When You Take Magical Damage You Have A Chance Of Sustaining Status Damage These Types Of Damage Will Lead To Status Effects, This Is The Current List Of Status Effects:


image.png  Fire - Take +%20 More Damage (Burn 1t - 20t)


image.png Ice - Stop You From Using Magic (Frost 1t - 20t)


image.png  Thunder - Stops You From Attacking Physically (Shock 1t - 20t)


image.png Wind - Lowers Resistances (Miasma 1t - 20t)


image.png Gravity - Can Not Use Consumables (Vice 1t - 20t)


image.png Earth - Can Not Guard (Brittle 1t - 20t)


image.png Darkness - Take Damage For Battle Actions (Suffering 1t - 20t)






Keyblade Wielder

 They Have Blue Or Yellow Eyes Depending On The Paragon. Has a keyblade, can be with light or dark. Access To Drive Forms And Level One Mage artes.



Starter Weapons











 Chaser Are Born With (a) Tattoo(s), And A Piece Of Armor Will Be Summonable When They Grow Up. Has A Key Blade, Can Only Be Light. Has Access To A Rider (Assault, Defense And Mobile Mode), Limit Breaks And Can’t Use Any Mage Artes. (Limit Breaks Are Elemental Forms)



Starter Weapons










 Iridescent Eye Color When Agitated. Naturally Blackened Eyes. Blackish Auras. Has An Eidolons, Can Use Dark Corridors And Can Have Access To Umber. Can Only Use One Type Of Elemental Mage Artes (No Healing Artes) And Can’t Touch Keyblades. Only Darkness. Only Able To Use Vessels Which Are Guardian-esque Puppets Like The Character Ansem The Seeker Of Darkness Has.



Starter Weapons











 They Have Almond Shaped Pupils. Can Use A Sigil, Has Access To An Aspect. Can Not Use Mages Artes Outside Of Their Aspect. Can Safely Travel Through Darkness. Naturally Regenerates.



Starter Weapons











 Star Or Moon Appear On Forehead Or Chest With Other Markings, Disappears When Not Using Magic. Depending On Celeteus Or Umbreteus (Light Or Dark Artes). Can Not Use Keyblades, Has Access To All Levels Of Mage Artes And All Types Can Use Four At Once. Uses Runes. Has Access Only To The Drive Form Wisdom.




Starter Weapons










Note: Your Character Will Have To Advance Through The Story To Gain New Moves & Abilities. The Story Is Meant To Have A Strong Character And Power Progression.  





No God Modding,


No Controlling Story Npc’s Unless You Have Permission.


The Inventory Is Controlled By The U.I. Master If You Have Come Across A Mistake Talk To ----


Animation And Scenes Are Controlled By The Animation Master If There Is A Mistake Talk To ---


You May Have 1 Character, Ask If You Want Another.


Site Rules Apply


This Rp Is T For Teen No Obsessive Or Obscene Romance, Language, Or Gore.


Suggestions/Requests Are To Be Pm’ed To -- Or Taken Into The Discussions Thread.


Feel Free To Add To The World. You May Add Lore If You Want But Do Not Derail The Story.


Be careful With Your Bio, It Will And Can Be Used Against You. (Story Purposes)


Try To Keep Your Post To An At least Semi Lit 5-10 Sentences. Please No 'One liners'.


Follow Status Effects Of A (Your) Character And The Environment.


There Are No Main Characters Here. Everyone Has An Equal Of Importance.


If You Read The Rules, Add “Bacon Spaget” To The End Of Your Character Sheet.


You May Pvp As Long As You Get Permission From The Other Party(s) Before You Initiate, Don’t Kill Each Other Unless You Have Permission, And Keep The Battle From Over Taking The Arching Story.


Things You May Want To Know,

Don’t Worry About Remembering Items And Such Things. That Is The Job Of The Ui Master. Where All Of What Your Character Learns And Gathers, Will Be Logged In Their Journal (image) This And Other Information Such As Info On Monsters And Locations.


This World Is Harsh. Use Tactics To Fight. (Genius Not REQUIRED) Enemies Have Their Own Stats As Do You. Use This To Control The Situation.


Why Do We Want To Do An Rp Like This?: I Got Really Tired Of Just Text And Wanted To Have Something More Interactive Elements From An Rp. So, We Are Giving This A Try!


There Is A Thing In This Rp Known As A Reserve Post Sometimes You Might See It Appear Try To Refrain From Posting After Unless Necessary. (You Won't Get In Trouble It Will Just Be Moved Upwards Or So.) Reserve Posts Help Us Control Story Pacing, Giving Everyone A Chance For A Breather Before We Set More Story In (Mainly So We Don’t Get Burned Out Doing The Work As Well As Trying To Continue Posting With Everyone Else.) World Posts Will Have Objective, Critical Times, And Event For Individual Characters Or Parties. Parties Must Poll Together In Order To Proceed Their End Of The Story. You Can Either Vote Or Assign Someone Your Vote (Trusting What Choice They Make) If You Have A Member Who Isn’t Polling (Due To Indecisive Actions Or Absence,) The O.P. Can Give Their Vote To A Random Member Of The Party Or Continue Counting The Votes Without Their Vote Being Needed.


Have Fun And Enjoy Our First C.R.G!



 Starting Points: 

Traverse_Town_Logo_KH3D-1.pngTraverse Town,

Twilight_Town_Logo_KHCOM-1.pngTwilight Town,

Radiant-Garden-1.png Radiant Garden, 


La_Cit%C3%A9_des_Cloches_Logo_KH3D.png La Cite Des Cloches


Disney_Town_Logo_KHBBS.png Disney Town



Character Sheet,



Character Actor #: (Characters From 1-18, Left To Right, Top To Bottom)








Starting Point:


Bio/Personality:(This Part Will Be Used Either Against You, Or For You In The Story. Be Careful What You Put.)



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Character Actor #: 14


Name: Felix Sora


Class: Keyblade Wielder


Keyblade/Sigil/Vessel/Rune: Wolf Guard


Starting Point: Traverse Town


Bio/Personality: Felix is a hot-headed teen, but his anger isn't his sole defining factor. He is a fiercely loyal friend, and often relies on his street-brawling ways in order to defend his friends. He favors attacking over simple defense, but is a quick learner when it comes to fighting someone new.




who toucha my bacon spaget?

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Me and the others are pulling together to create a theme and background for your character @SplitSoulRP😁 it's nearly done. 

Hopefully we can get some more people to join this Rp Honestly.

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Character Actor #: 12

Name: Asahi Ito

Class: Chaser

Keyblade/Sigil/Vessel/Rune: Guardian Promise

Starting Point: Twilight Town

Bio/Personality: Always putting others safety over his own, Asahi tries to protect those in danger. Even if it may cost him his life. He sees it as something he should do, especially when it comes to friends. Some have called him a coward for only staying on defence. But he sees it as a different way to fight do ing what he can to use his defence as a offense.

Country style bacon spaget!!!

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