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Terath Illia

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My OC Character Terath Illia Just Wanted To Share the Photos With You All. 😋 Hope You Enjoy!


Tell Me What You Guys Think.

Here Is Her Chibi Forms





I'll Create A Back Story And Bio Much Later! I Am Beat For Tonight 😩😇 Take Care Guys

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On 4/15/2019 at 12:59 PM, Fae said:

@Butler I Really Do Need To Draw More I Have Been Neglecting It 😞 

Yeah you really do! I would love to see her in different art styles & scenes. Like what would she look like in a futuristic setting? or even a japanese aesthetic?

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Just now, Fae said:

You Surprised Me With That. Did Not Think You Were Working On Something Like That. You Really Came Through.

It's no biggie! I've been wanting to make a theme and decided to make you one.

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