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Hey Guys. I've been working on a small story called Project Reassemble. This is the prologue and I hope everyone enjoys it!

Project Reassemble


Chatter can be heard through the static of the radio.

“There-- have been---- multiple sightings-- of al--altereds all over! --- Need back-- up!” Skidding tires can be heard, then a loud crash is heard. Spikes of earth can be seen through a heavily armored van. A mini comms device turns on. “You gotta be more careful with that Ability! What if you blew up the van?!” The voice of a woman can be perceived. “Relax, relax! I knew where I was aiming. You said we needed to stop the van and I did!” A man says as he opens the back door of the van. He is wearing a black jumpsuit and a red gas mask. Sirens can be heard approaching the area. “Damn they called for reinforcements. I'll take care of them, make sure the boss is safe!” The woman said over the comms be for turning it off. She is wearing the same thing as the man, but her mask is blue.


She turns towards the sirens and heads in their direction. The man watched as she headed for the sirens, then back to the van. “So bossy am I right? I mean no offense to you boss but, she is so hardcore.” He said to a man wearing binding cuffs. “None taken at all. That only means my training for her has finally paid off. Unlike you Jaes, She takes this very serious.” The boss says as Jaes helps him out of the van with the other prisoners. The woman is seen jumping from building to building till she reaches the sirens. She jumps off of the building and landed on the hood of one of the cars, causing it to flip. This stopped the others from getting by. The officers got out and surrounded her. A voice is heard from a loud speaker. “Anora turn yourself in or else we will use lethal force!” Said by commanding officer Vorse.


Anora sits there and slowly puts her hands in the air. An officer gets closer with the binding cuffs so he can put them on her. When he got next to her, She grabbed and cuffed him. As Anora did this, she took his gun and ran to the side of a building for cover. She peeked out, shot an officer in the head and went back into cover. The force started shooting back at her. Anora used the gunfire as a distraction to sneak around the building so she could get behind them. She snuck around them and grabbed commander Vorse from behind. “Anything you want say?” She whispered to him. “Come back to the force.” He said before being shot in the back. That day a new program was launched, Project Reassemble was launched. Fifteen years had passed and registration for the academy had started.


Chapter One: A Little Jump start

    Hushed giggles and soft laughter float around the room. The Light gets turned on, bringing a flash of light “It's time to wake up sleepy head!” Said by someone in the room. The sleeping girl raises her arm to shield her eyes form the light. When she does this, She starts to grumble and groan. “What the heck is going on?” She said as she moved her hand from in front of her face. She rubbed her eyes and her vision adjusted. “Wow Minzie! Any slower and we won't make it to orientation.” Said by a girl in the room. As her vision adjusted, she was greeted by a girl brown toned girl with green eyes and blonde hair. “Oh crap! I'm so sorry, Lucia, Ollie. I'll get ready as fast as I can.” Minzie said before jumping out of bed and running to her closet.

 “Lucia, is Minzie ready?” Said by a white boy with freckles wearing a dress shirt and slacks. “She is almost ready, Ollie.” Lucia said to Ollie as they watched Minzie get dressed. “Okay guys, how does this look?” She asked them. She was wearing dark blue slim fitting jeans with a silk white blouse and gray slip on shoes. she has auburn hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. “Wow, that looks really nice!” Lucia said with excitement. “Nice choice with the colors.” Ollie said as he nodded and smiled. Minzie walked up to them  “Alright lets go to orientation guys!” She said as she opened the door to her house and they headed out to the orientation. “Are you guys excited? I am! I mean, this is our big moment guys!” Lucia said to them.

The three friends are walking to Heilcrest academy to do their orientation. Lucia's phone vibrates and she checks it. “Luke said he can pick us up.” She says to both of them. “That would be awesome! It's faster than us walking.” Ollie says to Lucia. “Please? This means the world to me and I don't want to miss this.” Minzie said to Lucia. “Let's wait At Johnny's. He said he will pick us up from there.” They head to Johnny's Subs and ordered some sandwiches to go. Luke honks his horn they come out. Luke is driving a Cadillac SRX. They get in his car. “Hey, Oliver How's it going?" Luke Says Ollie happily. “Hey man it's been going good dude! We need to hang out more often man.” Ollie responded to Luke. “Hey bro, thanks for picking us up. Minzie woke up super late!” Lucia said to Luke. “ Really sis? It wasn't because of your party? Well,it's no biggie, I'd rather be with you than with you guys than without.” He retorted to his sister. As they were about to pull out, three cars speed in to the drive through and block them in. One of the people step out and shocked they things in the area including the car, removing power from the area. "YEAH! Lets Get this heist done!" Shouted by a man with a southern accent.


    The rest of the robbers got out of the other cars and ran for the stores in the plaza. They all ducked as the robbers passed by the car. “What are we gonna do? If they see us, we're done for!” Ollie said to everyone inside the car.” Alright, alright let me think.”Luke said as he started to think. The sound of glass shattering and a scream breaks Luke's train of thought. Lucia looks pops her head up to see what happened. She saw one of the robbers about to attack a man defending his children. “ You got five seconds to get out of the way. We only want the girl.” the masked man threatened the father. “ N-no, I'm not letting you lay a finger on my baby girl!” The father said standing his ground.

The area around the masked man started to get dark “ You can't say I didn't give you a chance. You asked for this!” He raised his hand and shadows wrapped around it. He brought it down for a heavy strike but, his hand was grabbed by water. The robber looked to where the water came from and saw Lucia standing in front of the car using her ability. “You are not going to hurt anyone but yourself.” Lucia said to the robber as she pulled him away from the hostages, allowing them to escape. Ollie followed suit and went to another store so he can stop the other robbers. Seeing this, Minzie did the same but went to other side of the plaza. Luke sat in the car and smiled. He grabbed his walkie and radioed in. “My trial in the plaza has began and is going much better than expected.” He said into his radio. His radio cuts back on “You better be right about that group of yours.” said by a stern voice.

The sounds of grunts, water and darkness sloshing breaks all tension in the sandwich joint. Ollie made his was over to the jewelry store and saw the robber filling his pockets with jewels. “Hey man, I just bought these clothes and I really don't want to mess them up. So just stop and leave.” Ollie casually said to the thief as stepped into the place. “In that case, you would've been better off staying hidden.” The thief said to Ollie with a raspy tone before his body began to harden. “I really hope this is worth making me do this.” Ollie said while letting out a long sigh. His body started heating up, his medium lenght brown hair started to rise, his blue eyes started to split, and steam was coming off his body. Both Ollie and the thief charged at each other and locked hands. The thief throw Ollie to the wall and chuckled. "Ugh" Ollie uttered out. "You really thought it was going to be that easy you cocky bastard?" The thief said as he was walking up to Ollie. Ollie came through smoke and punched the thief in the stomach. This made the thief slide back. As the dust cleared,  Ollie became visible and his skin was scaled, his hair was spiked and he had blue dragon like eyes. "A Morpher huh? And a rare one at that. Hmph, Show me what you can do!" The thief said with a wide grin on his face. They both charged at each other again. 

As Minzie was making her way to the bank, She was cut off by an electric pulse. “Where do you thing yer going?!” Said by the southern man. She ran behind another car for cover and started to think. 'If he sees me, he's gonna blast me. I need a distraction and fast.” She thought to herself as she looked around. She turned to the car she hiding behind and waited for the man to get closer. “Don't tell me yer only good fer hiding!” The man exclaimed as he got closer to the car she was behind. When he was close enough, Minzie charged her energy and pushed the car into the man pinning him between two cars. “Argh!!” The southern man yelled out in pain. She towards the cars but, was blown back by a shockwave. “Whoa!!” She yelped as she was sliding back. The man climbed out from in between the cars and shot a enraged look at her. “Yer gonna pay fer doing that!” The man said before going into a raging fit. The dust where Minzie was lit up with a greenish color, then separated around her.

“So you do have powers! Too bad your never gonna be able to use it after this!!” The southern man said as he was charging up another shockwave to send at her. All of the energy collapsed around Minzie as she focused it into her right hand. The man sent the shock wave at her and she sent the collapsed ball of energy at him. As the shockwave and the ball got closer, the ball of energy made the shockwave fold on itself ramming both his own shockwave and her power into the man. He flew back to his car crashing into it. Luke stepped out of his car and was watching how they were defending the area. “ Name:Lucia Morgres, Age:19, Ability:water. She can't project it out so, she makes up for it by making them extensions of her actual body. She shows very strong leadership capabilities” Luke said as he was looking at her. “Name:Oliver Dortaemin, Age:22, Ability: Dragnier. His body is able to withstand almost all fire due to his body growing dragon scales making him nearly impervious. He shows very strong Defensive capabilities” He said as he was looking at Ollie. “Name:Minzie Folkrein –Vorse, Age:20, Ability: Psycho Energy, Color of energy: Green. This is a rare ability to have on it's own. She uses it for projectiles, keeping her enemies away. She shows very strong support capabilities.” Luke said as he looked at her. He panned his head as they all fought their enemy.

Luke read their portfolios as he got out of his car. “How is the exam going, Luke? The voice over the comms asked. He grabbed his device and pushed the button to respond. “Everything is going smoothly. No problems so far?” He said as noticed the assistants started acting wildly. “Whats wrong Luke? Was there a brea--” The voice said before cutting out. He heard it cut and tuned his focus back to Oliver and the others. Lucia pushed back her adversary. “You know what? I'm done toying with you!” The man with darkness said to Lucia as darkness started flood the area around them. She Watched as the room began fill with darkness. She helped the father and daughter get to their feet so they can escape. Once they got out, the darkness sealed the room so Lucia couldn't escape. She collected the water again and prepared for combat.

Thuds, impact, and walls collapsing are the results from Ollie and the second morpher. Ollie threw him into the parking lot and walked out from what used to be the jewelry store. The thief gets up from off of the ground. “Stay down! Just let it be done with.” Ollie Said to him. The thief look at him and got pissed. “You think you can just throw me around?” The thief said while grinding his teeth. He began to get taller in height and more hairy. He started to snarl and growl at Ollie. Ollie began stepping back from the thief. “Your a... Wolf!” Ollie said to the thief as he howled. The howl got Luke's attention causing him to look and see the wolf. Luke kept trying to reach the academy but had no luck. “Now, let's see you keep that demeanor of yours!” The wolf said to Ollie.

Minzie runs past a car and it got blown up by the southern man. “Is all you gon' do is run?” He said to her as he kept firing his shots at her. Minzie jumped over the last shot but was hit towards him from the explosion. She lunged from off of the ground to try and get a punch but, he pushed her away with another blast. “Are just gon' keep me away? Ya'chiken!” She said to him in a mocking southern voice. “Now hold on second missy! I do not sound like that!” He said to her sounding a bit insecure. She stood up and looked at him. “Yes, you do! How do people even understand you?” She asked him as she dodged one of his blast. He was so upset from the comment and mocking, that he removed his gloves and started making bigger charges. As he was charging up, she raced towards him, so he cant focus on charging. He kept dodging Minzy and till the charge was gone. Luke tried the comms one last time but got no answer. “Well this exam has taken a turn. I guess It's time for me to intervene!” Luke said as he began to use his ability. A heavy fog slowly started to fill up the small plaza as everyone continued their fights. Once the fog rolled in and covered the area, Minzie stopped using her Psycho energy. She was using fog as a cloak to hide.


The Southern thug was looking around for her and got hit0 in the back. He turned around and shot where he got his from and hit nothing. As he turned around, Slid in front of him and started fighting him up close so he can't make another charge. With every other hit landing on him, she faked going for a punch, grabbed his arm and flipped him to the ground using her psycho energy. “Don't... Move...” Said said out of breath. The werewolf threw Ollie out of the bookstore and Ollie was barely able to get up. “What's The matter? Already at your limit?” it said patronizingly was it stepped out of the store. The Wolf went for one last strike but, punched a wall of ice. “You know, I don't like to see of my friends or family getting this treatment. It really pisses me off.” Said to the wolf by a lingering voice. The wolf was trying listen for where the voice was coming from but, was unable to determine the location. A path opened next to the wolf and it ran right through. As it charged through it bumped into Luke. Luke sat there unfazed by the collision. “It must be you doing this!” The wolf said as it went for a strike. The wolf strikes at Luke but hits ice again. Luke turned to the wolf and it slowly began to freeze. The tried to move but as it moved, the freezing happened faster. The wolf with no other option, Lets out a blood curdling howl before it was completely frozen over.


Lucia was struggling to Fight because she could no longer see.


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Okay, So Anora Is A B**** Honestly And I Hate Her. She Needs To Die. Haha Good Prologue, I Think You Have A Super Hero Story Here. Juse Do Some Touch Ups With The Grammar And Word Usage And You Got Something Here. 🤤 Can't Wait To Read Part Two,

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5 hours ago, Fae said:

Okay, So Anora Is A B**** Honestly And I Hate Her. She Needs To Die. Haha Good Prologue, I Think You Have A Super Hero Story Here. Juse Do Some Touch Ups With The Grammar And Word Usage And You Got Something Here. 🤤 Can't Wait To Read Part Two,

Just wait till you see what she is going to do man. It just might make you hate her more or like her in the end. Haha

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On 5/5/2019 at 1:49 PM, XiX Innoc said:

So, what do you guys think is going to happen in the story?

I think they are not going to find out that they are being tested until WAY later into the story, & they might get upset about that.

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