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General Site Rules


First, I Want To Disclose This Site Has Levels Of Offense. Not Every Offense Is Worthy Of A Ban & Not Every Ban Is Worthy Of A Pardon.

We Have Put A Level Of Offenses With Each Rule. This Is So You Know What You Are Doing As Well As Knowing What Course Of Action Is Being Taken & Why. So, You Have Been Warned. You Can Use These Rules To Defend Yourself And As Well As Take Action Against Others. 
You will be warned Twice Before Ban Are Issued For Small Offences. For Repeat Of Any Of These Offences You Will Be Deemed Not Fit  For The Site And Be Banned Indefinitely.


Class 1 Offences: PykEXB.png- The Offender(s) Will Get A Warning and The Post(s)/Thread(s)/Message(s) Will Be Removed.

Class 2 Offences: 6yTS3m.png - May Lead To An Account Suspension/Temporary Ban (This Includes Repeat Offences)

Class 3 Offences:  rNboEt.png - Is A Long Term Ban To An Indefinite/Permanent Ban (Aggressive Offences Or Multiple Repeat Offences)


You Are Permitted One Account And One Account Only. If You Own Multiple Accounts, Those Accounts Will Be Banned In Favor Of The Oldest Account Standing And You Will Be Issued A Warning. If Multiple Accounts Belong To The Same Household But Different Individuals, The Mods Can And Will Ask You For Sufficient Evidence Like Photographic Evidence And Such. If Evidence Is Not Supplied The Banned Issue Will Stay In Standing.


No Advertising

No Advertising Means, No Promotion Of Any Kind For A Brand, Company, Entity, Or Yourself In Threads, Pms, And Statuses. You Can Do That In Your Profile & Signatures And “The Advi Me Forum” ONLY.  No Sponsored Material. 

Advertising In Signatures Must Be Of A Reasonable Size And Length. The Ad Must Be placed In Spoilers Within Your Signature. Images And Videos Maybe Included In Signature. One Of Each Of A/Within A Reasonable Range Of 400px X 400px Size. The Spoiler Must Be Titled As An Advertisement, If There Is Any Advertising Of Any Kind. Advertisements Of Any Mature Content, Must Follow The Mature Content Guidelines. This Includes, The Exclusion Of Writing, Images And Videos Of The Mature Content Itself, But You May Post Snip'Its, Writing, Images And Videos, Of The Content Not Containing The Mature Sections Of The Content. Also Must Be Labeled In The Spoiler Title As Mature Advertisement.

In The Advi Me! Forum, You May Not Attempt To Bump Your Thread Or Repost The Advertisement Within A Six-Month Period. The Advertisement Must Be Labeled And Follow The Mature Guidelines If There Is Any Mature Content Present. This Includes, Horror, Gore, Lewd, Themes, And Suggestive Content.


No Spam

Posting The Same Message(s)/Post(s)/Thread(s)/Word(s) Repeatedly In The Same Place Or A Different Area Of The Site Without Cause Or Direction. Spamming Is Also If You Send Message(s) That Have The Same Consistency Or Content As The Example Shown (Ex. rijeiainercotohjwgoqwodn mjc And Similar Content Like It ) Basically Random Jargon is considered Spamming Or Even Posting The Same/Different Image(s) Repeatedly is Spam.


This Can Be Considered A Class 3 If We Find That The Spamming Was An Attempt To Freeze Or Crash The Site.




Unfounded Personal Attacks By One Or More Parties, Using Harmful Words, Showing Aggression, & Persistence To Seek Out The Individual(s) 
[OPs Have The Right To Refuse Access To Their Content Like Roleplays & Any Other Works They Have Started Just As Commentators Have The Right To Criticize Works These Examples Do Not Count As Flaming Bullying Or Harassment. Also Witchhunts Or Flag Spamming Will Turn This Class Level Of Offense To A Class 3 Offense.


The Activity Of Controlling, And Usually Limiting General Access To Who Does Not Have Access, And/Or Rights To A Community Or Identity Is Also Considered To Be Under Flaming/Bullying/Harassment. We Want Allfict.com To Have A Kind, Warm And Welcoming Atmosphere. We Do Not Tolerate Toxicity. Depending On Severity It Can Be Class 1 Or Class 2.


PykEXB.png 6yTS3m.png



No Intolerance Of Any Kind Involving, Race, Religion, Politics, Gender, Economic Status, Literacy, Orientation, & Disability. We As A Site Do Not Tolerate Stereotypes, Racial Slurs,  Racial Prejudice, Disability Prejudice,  Sexual Prejudice, Or  Sexism.  You Can Make Jokes, As Long As They Are Only Jokes. Treat Other Members With The Respect They Deserve.





The Intent Into Making A False Report(s) Is Not Acceptable. We Will Treat You With Extreme Prejudice, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


Illegal Activity

No Mention/Doing Whatsoever Of Any Illegal/Suspicious Activities Anywhere On The Site. We Are Not Responsible For Any Illegal Activity(s) Or Reports Made Against You To Authorities. Any Action That Is Illegal To The Country Of The United States And To The State Of California, We Will Report You And Your I.P. Address To The Authorities With All Records Of Said Illegal/Suspicious Activity. Consider Yourself Warned.


Post Etiquette

Do Not Post In The Wrong Areas, Your Thread Will Be Either Moved Or Deleted. Post At Your Own Risk When Discussing Political, Problematic Or Controversial Matters. This Does Not Including Posting With The Intent Of Intolerance. Please Do Not Post In A Different Language Besides English And Spanish. This Is An English Speaking Website With Bi-lingual Staff. Posts In Any Other Language Will Be Removed And You Will Be Issued A Warning.




Language Rules

This Board Is Primarily An English-Speaking Board, But We Understand Spanish. Do not Speak Other Languages On This Board.

You Are Allowed To Swear But Not In Obsessive Amounts Or Directed At Any Particular Member(s).

This Means You Could Not Make Direct/Indirect Attacks Towards Anybody Rather They Are Present Or Not, With Violent Or Lewd Language.

Threats Will Get You Banned.

If You Are Reported As Verbally Abusive, Actions Can Be Taken Against You As A Class 1 Depending On Severity. If Repeated Offenses And Escalation Of Language And Aggression, The Class Severity Will Go Up.

Swearing & Cursing Is At A 17- Age Rating. 17- Means The Language You Would See In A T-Rated Game But More Closer To PG-13. Remember Cursing Is Allowed, Especially When Used In Expressive Manners For Characters, Stories, & Expression

This Doesn't Mean You Can't Have Fun And Be Expressive. Feel Free To Talk And Chat Lightly. We Just Do Not Support Or Will Tolerate Sexual/Violent/Racial Language Towards Any Person(s).

This Is Also Inclusive Towards Themes. This Means If The Thematics Or Nature Of The Story Contains Lewd, Violent, Or Explicit Language, This Must Be Stated Prehand In The Prefix Of The Initial Thread, And Following Threads Either Consisting Of Discussions Or Material/Content That Deals With The Explicit Content At Hand. You Must Also Have And Contain The Proper Rating In The Prefix Of The Initial Thread/Post & Also Put The Rating So It Is Apart Of The Post Itself, In Clear, Open, Obvious, Transparent, And Notorious Way. This Means The Rating Has To Be In Plain Sight, As Well As Noticeable To All Viewers No Matter What. Also Regarding, If You Make A Discussion Or Any Following Content, On Or Of A Topic That Is M Rated, You Must State That In The Contents Of The Initial Post, As Well As In The Prefix Used For The Contents. (YOU MUST HAVE A PREFIX STATING THE PROPER RATING OF THE MATERIAL YOU ARE POSTING OR ELSE YOU CAN BE ISSUED A WARNING OR EVEN A LIGHT BAN/TEMPORARY SUSPENSION.) If You Start A Thread Or Participate In One, That Has An Altered Maturity Level Content, Apart From The Original Maturity Level, You Must Follow Those As Guidelines For How The Posted Material Should Be Treated. If You Are Are Unsure About Adding And It Is Integral To The Story Please Contact The Admin(s) Or Moderator(s) For Manual Review Otherwise You Have The Options Of Putting The Contents In Spoilers Or Not Using Said Contents At All. This Will Not Save You From Moderation. Better To Speak Up And Ask If Said Content Is Okay Rather Post And Just Leave It In.


Gore & Horror

Gore Must Be Kept 17-RATING As Well. Mature Gore Is Okay, But Must Follow All Mature Content Guidelines. You May Give A Description But It Can't Be Purely And Obsessively Focused On The Wound And Detail On It. 

Death Is Okay But As Before You Can Not Go Into Deep Detail. Things Must Be Kept In A Way It Could Be Told Without Sounding Like A Psycho Path. 

Now, If The Detail Is Necessary And Detrimental To You Being Able To Tell The Story Please Be Sure To Add The Correct Tags And Mature To The Subject. Example, 
(Ex."The Limb Was Cut And The Arm Fell To The Ground, The Thud Was Heard Softly And Muffled") That Is Allowed, Its Clear And It Shows  An Okay Amount Of Gore. 

Example 2 (Ex2. "The Arm Was Slit In Half The Meat Cut Tender, Blood Geysered Out Of The Stub And The Villain Licked The Blood From The Ground") This Is Kinda Okay. 

This Is Where You Fall Into The Territory Of Needing M 'Mature' In Your Subject/Thread. Example 3 (Ex3. The Cut Was Unclean And The Veins Hanged Out Of The New Made Womb And Bled. Marrow Slips From The Inner Parts Of The Arm. The Man Clenched His Teeth And His Eyes Popped Out From The Pain. The Flaps Of Flesh Fanned Out From The End Of The Limb.") 

This Is Subject For A Mod To Overlook And See The Nature Of The Story And Understand If It Necessary For It To Be There. Keep All Gore In A Minimum, About Every 4-5 Fully Featured Post (Whole Paragraphs) These Rules Also Apply To Things That Are Deemed Gross Or Disgusting.

 Keep It At A Minimum.
No Photos/Videos Of Real/Life-Like Dead Or Decaying Carcasses At All. 


Romance & Sexual Content

For Romantic & Sexual Content, Do Not Be Overtly Descriptive & Keep It At A 17- Rating, As An Alternative You Can Fade To Black. PDA's Such As Cuddling, Holding Hands, Ect, Is Accepted.
If Sex Is An Artifact Of A Creative Work It Must Be Stated Beforehand. 

The Topic Must Say It Is Mature In The Subject And A Disclaimer/Spoilers Before Said Post Is Presented. If Not, Then The Item In Question Can Be Deleted And You Will Be Forced To Re-Do The Work Without The Lewd Content Or Leave The Status Of The Content As Is. 

If You Attempt To Re-Post Such Content Without Taking The Precautions Of Removing The Sexual Content Or Adding Disclaimers To The Beginning And Subject Bar Of The Thread You Will Be Temporarily Banned For You Not Co-operating. This Counts As A Class 2.

All Sexual Actions, When Between Two Or More Individuals Must Be Stated And Has To Have Permission From All Involved That The Action Is Okay.
Basically Consent. No Rape, Or Extreme Fetishes Allowed. This Means Dominatrix/BDSM Kinds Of Things.  

Also The Majority Of The Content Can Not Be Filled With The Lewd Or Highly Suggestive/Sexual Material Even If It States Mature. Every Twelve Full Featured Post (Whole Paragraph Sentences) Is About The Minimum Of What Is Allowed To Be Sexual. 

The Rule On Media Is To Just Keep It From Being Purely Lewd Or Sexual. With Clothing Or Showing Off Cleavage This Is Allowed As long As There Is A Decent Amount Of Clothing Nothing That Just Tooth Floss And Cling Wrap. (I'm Allergic) 
No Pornographic Images/Videos At All.


Mature Posting Guidelines

When Hosting, Posting, Or Participating In Mature Content You Must:

Put The Proper Rating Pre-fix And Posted In The Initial Thread. This Will Help Users Know What Type Of Content They Will Be Getting Themselves Into At Their Own Discretion.

The Proper Prefixes Are As Follows: Mature, M-Rated, NSFW, 18+, M, Adult, R, Restricted, R-Rated, And Similar Tags As Such.

You Can Find The Ability To Make The Prefix Here:



Then You Have To Choose A Tag To Be The Prefix, In This Case It Is The 'Mature' Tag:


With The Prefix, It Should Look Like This:


Be Sure To Make The Warnings For Your Thread/Post To Be Before The Content And To Have The Warning To Be As Obvious As Possible:


The Prefer Method Is To Place Mature Content Into Spoilers:

Mature Content 5.PNG

Fitting Don't You Think?

& If you have Any Questions Regarding Rules, Please Feel Free To Contact An Admin(s) Or Mod(s).

If You Are New, Lost, And Confused Check Out: AllFict's Tips And Tricks

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