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  1. Fae


    Trek the wastelands of old america, it's been 13 odd-years since people woke up as the Rotten.They first appeared after the 'Green Fog' Incident, only the Rotless survived.The Rotless are the immune ones, making up less than 3% of the world's population. Ever since those odd years, The Rotten has mutated. With no signs of their evolution ceasing. Are they here to replace us? Is the disease sentient? There's been foretold of a lab with security systems that can detect The Rotten & will protect all Rotless. In there, is heaven, out here the deadlands. Survival is key, be careful of your friends, be careful of your enemies. [Genre: post-apocalyptic. Simple Roleplay, anything and everything is possible keep it friendly. Be in or out of character if you want I dont mind. But make sure you make it obvious if you switch to out and in character. ] Walking through the empty streets, lau tired his search for water and food for today it was getting dangerous to stay out any later without find shelter. In the silence lau heard scuffing and rocks move so he turn quickly, raising his only weapon. An aluminum bat. Lau hated guns. They got more people killed then they saved, Even before the apocalypse. So a melee weapon it was. Not want to stay out in the open for too long lau cautiously went to another building near by. Peering in first to check if it was safe. 'please be no rotten, please be no rotten' lau repeated this mantra over and over in his head in Hopes there would be anything in the building.