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  1. Hello everyone, I have some questions. So the longer you can stick around, the better. Let me preface abit. So I want to start a Rpg Fantasy/scifi Campaign, not using pathfinder or dnd like most campaigns use. I want to just dive in using the tools I have gathered in order. I want to be able to go deep and provide a game that is both fun and engaging. This means more than story elements. I want puzzles, visual inventories, side quests, events, romances, sub-plots, horror elements, and so much more. Just before I start that I need to know a few things. I would like the experience to be as visual as possible. 1) when starting a campaign what's important to you, Something to grab on to, a plot that can diverge from its main structure or something that is neat and well collected? I want to have elements where I can make it clear that a decision is being made that can change the outcome of a story. Where the plot has reached a fork in the proverbial road. 1-a) would it be cool to create elements that showcase this feature up front? or is a subtle approach better? 1-b) if I had events that played out more like a QTE, would you like that or would it be over baring? (The QTE are called Critical Events, this plays out when words are marked in red. You have to find counter wording to each of these words. 'Some harder than others' in order for the event to play out in your favor. A certain point criteria is needed before you reach a score. A result will be post with the appropriate counter wording. Counter wording is dictated by situation not by opposing words themselves.) 2) would you like puzzles or would that just be a distraction for you mainly? I want to design an easy payload without sacrificing much on the ways of the game play elements. I want puzzles like riddles, word play, inventory puzzles, matching, and sequences. But I dont know if this will be a bit much or if it is common. (Never started a campaign here) 2-a) and would you like a detailed skill tree? (The skill tree would be fitted neatly in your character menu which will be updated by me mainly.) I wouldn't mind creating the elements, I just want to know what would be a good fit. 3) in the world would you like skills created for your character class or would you prefer to create you own skills? I dont mind doing both but I did have an element in the campaign where you can create skills and abilities by training with certain people and acquiring the help of arcane smithers. 4) how visual would you like this to be? I dont mind since the campaign will be on here, to create a detailed visual experience but would the visual be distracting, which means you prefer to keep it as a purely texted based medium, or are visual elements fine? And putting it out there would make the experience smoother for you to find and associate? 5) (and this is a big one) I dont know how to handle an experienced system, such as leveling up and acquiring skill points. Should I keep the leveling and experience systems as simple as possible? 5-a) and on leveling systems would you rather have your points allocate automatically or would you prefer to set the points in the field(s) of your choice? This is just so I can understand rather you want an ease system where you just relax and make story decisions or is making level decisions a part of the experience as well. 6) Where should and shouldn't dice be implement? Places like damage, luck rolls and such. I don't want to follow to much of a suit. Meaning just cause dice are used a certain way in dnd or pathfinder, doesnt mean the use has to be the same in my campaign. 6-a) how do you handle damage calculation efficiently? I am a dunce when it comes to that sort of calculation. I have no experience what so ever in that field, so I would love help with that. I heard it is simple but Mmm No damn clue. If I think of anything else I will be sure to post it to this thread.