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Found 2 results

  1. This is a follow up to my previous article which you can read here: I know I am Lttp, so I'll talk about all the goodies in store! The Last Of Us Part II is set to be released May 29th 2020. (not february 21st 2020, which is delayed to ensure quality control) now, don't click away here are all the pre-order goodies! Prices may vary by country or by other variables. The Standard Edition, USD 60$: Will of course give you the game and two pre-order in game items at launch which include Ammo Capacity Upgrade & Crafting Training Manual. If you buy it digitally, you get an exclusive avatar featuring Ellie's tattoo: The Digital Deluxe Edition, USD 69.99$: Will give you the same as the above digital pre-order but added with: Ps4 dynamic theme 6 Psn avatars Digital sound track of the game Digital mini-art book by Dark Horse The Special Edition, USD 79.99$: is the same as above but in a physical copy included with the artbook that is of course physical but you get a Steel Case with the game: The Collector's Edition, USD 169.99$: Again same as above but what is added is: 12 inch Ellie Statue Ellie's Bracelet Lithograph Art Print & Thank You Letter Set of 5 Stickers Set of 6 Enamel pins The Ellie Edition, USD 299.99$ Of course, same as above but has a unique box added with: Ellie's Backpack Logo Patch 7" Vinyl Record featuring music from the sound track. Of course you can buy the pre-orders online or your at local store that sells video games. Opinion Piece: Now I am beyond hyped for this game & for these pre-order goodies! Aw LAWD YES! That backpack & bracelet tho with the ellie edition seems really cool & useful. I just hope the quality is there because if I were to be able to buy it, I would definitely have it for everyday use. Sadly, I am broke af & need to pay rent so I might settle with the digital deluxe for the dynamic theme & avatars if not I'll buy the standard & buy the dynamic theme & the other stuff separately. It sucks a little bit that the game was delayed though but you can't rush perfection! But at least it is a sign that they have a lot of care for the game that does put me at an ease for what it would mean for the final product: A quality-made game with polish & straightforward prices. What more can a gamer ask for in an era like this? What do you guys think? Are going to get the last of us part II? If so, which edition do you want to get? What goodies are you looking out for? tell me all about it!
  2. The Last Of Us Part II, is a highly anticipated sequel of The Last Of Us. For those of you who don't know/never played The Last Of Us, It is a third person action survival-horror game that is set in post apocalyptic united states. You get to play as the main character named Joel who is a smuggler, who has to escort & protect a young girl named Ellie from cannibalistic humans that are affected by the Cordyceps Fungus. In the game, you can use guns, craftable weapons, & stealth to survive: The first installment also had multiplayer which, you can pick your faction in Factions Mode where you can choose to be a Firefly or a Hunter. Once you picked your faction you can pick between three multiplayer modes: Supply Raid (TDM), Survivors (TDM, One life.), & Interrogation (Somewhat similar to CTF except it's a safe). You are able to kill enemies, revive allies, gather supplies, build your class, & customize your character with hats, helmets, masks, & a emblem. It is available to be played on ps3 & ps4 (The Last Of Us Remastered). The Last Of Us was highly praised for its gameplay, story, & considered to be one of the best videogames ever made all of which, The Last Of Us Part II has to match or even top those expectations. The Last Of Us was dark, gritty, & intense. The Last Of Us Part II seems to carry on the same intensity of its predecessor: The Last Of Us part 2 is a Ps4 exclusive, It takes place years after the events of The Last Of Us & You get to play as Ellie. No release date has been announced yet, but the pre-order is available now (For the Standard Edition). The details of the pre-order bonuses have not been revealed as of right now at the time of the writing of this article. The developers Naughty Dog, confirmed that The Last Of Us Part II will have multiplayer, Factions Mode will return yet, details about Factions Mode haven't been revealed at this time. Opinion Piece: I'm very excited for this game to come out, and I can't wait because I have played the first game. I have many fond memories with the first game playing the story, & playing online. The first game was very exciting, & it was fun because it was hard especially when playing online: Earning a kill, & executing players felt extremely satisfying. Especially since, there were different executions with different weapons. There was also the fact that you could booby trap by setting bombs by the doorway so a clueless enemy will unknowingly trip it & then get downed. Also, there was a great variety of weapons & craftables that were balanced well so, all that it would come down to when it's just you & the last enemy player is skill, patience, mind gaming, & to make sure that you were the one to down them first. If you were skilled enough you could pull some hardcore clutch plays: I really hope Naughty Dog brings & tops the quality for the story/gameplay for The Last Of Us Part II, especially in the online multiplayer. My main questions that came to mind are: How long/big is part II? Are there any mechanics removed? (Please, do NOT do this.) Are there any mechanics added? (Yes, please DO this.) New enemies? Factions? Will multiplayer be the same? if not, what differences will be brought to the table? Will there be more multiplayer game modes? Will we see more weapons/craftables/customization/executions in part II? What pre-order goodies will there be? Will there be DLC that expands on the game/story/multiplayer in the future after release? Where is Joel? Is he even alive? Can we play as Joel at one point? Did he & ellie decide to part ways after awhile? If so, what happened? Is humanity more pushed back than it was before? If so, how far? When Is the release date? Ellie, are you okay? I am hyped guys, & I hope the release date/announcement is soon. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to The Last Of Us Part II? Have you guys played the first game? (If you haven't, seriously play it!) What do you guys hope/wish for part II? Are you going to Pre-order Part II? Other thoughts? Let me know! Personally, I'm going to wait to preorder because, I want to know what pre-order goodies will there be first for all editions. After that, I will decide from there what to do next.