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  1. World Narration ~ The School After Day Classes ~ The School Bell Rings, and Day Schooling Is Over. Many Students Flood The Pathways And Everyone Begins To Head Their Own Ways. Teacher Are Seen Conversing With One Another, When An Announcement Comes Over The PDA. "Pep Rally Will Begin After The Field Is Cleared Of All Rotation C Students." A Small Chirp Can Be Heard As The Woman Speaking Takes Another Breath. "If You Are Involved With Event Planning Or Management Of Any Kind, Please Do Find Rebecca Forbes. She Will Be In The Film Wing, 'D' hall For Preparations" The Announcement Repeats Another Couple Of Times Before The Audio Cuts And Music Is Played Throughout The School. The School Anthem. A Song Filled With Trumpets And Flutes, Drums And Symbols, Even The Choir Can Be Heard In The Clutter Of Instruments. Many People Can Be Seen Chatting. Some People Are Even Snagging Their Uniforms Off To Wear The Clothing Underneath. As All This Is Happening The Field Area Is Being Cleared. People Are Taking Props, Food, Drink, And Even People Wearing Soldier Uniforms. Crowds Are Getting Ready To Get To The Field, And Lines Are Being Made. The Mascot Is There, All In Complete Costume. A Big Eared Okapi, Practicing Flips. A Marching Band Can Be Heard Practicing. Constantly In And Out Of Tune. Someone Even Started Playing Mario, Which You Can Hear A Teacher Promptly Yell At The Clown. Coaches And The Referee All On The Field. Helping The Cheerleaders Get Into Form And Practice Just Before The Rally. Everything Beginning To Get In Place. Gweny ~ "Racing Through The School To Science Wing's K Hall" Rushing Through The Crowd, "Excuse Me!" "Sorry." "Ow." This Is Much Of The Ensemble She Makes Traversing The Crowd. The Battle Is Steep Due To Her Size. She Then Stops And Looks Defeated As A Pack Of Football Players Stand In Her Way. They Are All Conversing Loud Enough To Drown Her Pleas For Passage Out. She Then Just Scrunches Her Face And Tries To Press Through. She Fails. Sitting On The Floor, Having Been Shoved Out. She Gets Up And Looks For Another Route. She Is In A Hurry. A Hurry To Get Her Psych Professor Her Paper. This Is A Make Or Break Grade. Dubbed 'Student's Autodidact' This Is A Bundle Of Most Of What She Has Learned Throughout The Months With Her Current Psyche Professor. This Will Either Have Him Accept Her As A Student When She becomes A White 1 Or He Will Become A Referral For Her. She Wants This. She Actually Needs It. Being In His Class Would Mean She Would Be Scouted Out For Her Talents. There is A Reason Why He Only Has So Many Students In His Class. With This Determination She Rushes Towards His Class In Hopes He Is Still There. Giving A Long Lecture. Tutoring Someone. Or Just Waiting For Her. She Stands At His Door. Clutching The Handle She Pulls. ~Thud Thud~ "Huh.." ~Thud Thud~ "No.. no no no! Oh Please No." To Her Constant Tug, The Door Didn't Give. To Her Firm Knocks, No Voice Avails Her Calls. She Sloutches By The Door Clutching Her Papers In Front Of Her, With Her Knees Pressed Close. She Lifts Her Head "Well, There Is Always Ms.Litchers Class.." Barely Getting To Her Feet, To A Stand, She Roams The Science Wing's K Hall Slumped And A Tad Saddened By Her Defeat And Tardiness. "Aaaaah..." A Light Whisper Sounds Through The Halls And The Tube Lighting Flickers. In A Chill, Gwen Sharply And Jarringly Turns Around. The Hallways Empty. Simultaneously, Does The Tube Lighting End Its Flicker. ~Thum Thum~ The Hairs Stands Up On The Back Of Gwen's Neck As She Leers To See Down The Hall. Her Eyes Widened By The Thudding. Unable To Move, Her Vision Focuses On The Double Doors Down The Way. Her Heart Slightly Speeds Up. Her Hearing Amps And Wires. She Clutches Her Paperwork Tighter. While Her Palms Slicken Up. ~THUM! THUM! THUM! THUM!~ A Couple Burst Out Of The Bathroom That Was At The End Of The Hall. The Lady Fixing Her Hair While Giggling And The Guy Smirking And Adjusting His Jacket. They Roamed Closed To One Another. Soon They Both Made Eye Contact With Gwen Giving Her A Distasteful Starre. She Looks Down In A Blush Feeling Embarrassed To What She Had Thought May Had Transpired. Retreating Her Head In Cringe. While In Mid-Turn, Her Glance Pans At The Floor And She Catches Two Very Distinct Dirty Boot Marks Standing Right Infront Of Her. Double Taking, She Notices They Are Facing Her. No Lead Of Boot Marks, Just Those Were There. That's When She Hears The Sigh Again. Swiftly Looking Up, She Decides To Just Leave. Chilled And Weirded Out She Flees Passed The Couple And Out Of The Hall. The Couple Just Stares At Gwen As She Leaves, Then They Continues Their Fracas. "Ugh.. I Hate This.." @Butler @XiX Innoc @SaltyCracker98