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  1. 'It all began with that Deceiving man with Brown Eyes, wearing a red scarf coming out of no where.' "My Name is Xendriel.. Where can I find the crystal bearers? I am the Fourth bearer" 'He slithered his way in with part of the knowledge he had saying he was one of the chosen. Saying it would be the key to bringing the world to peace. Oh how reckless we were with our trust.' " I know quite a bit about the crystals and few things you don't know about them. I would love to share it with you three." 'When he spoke of how to draw power from the Crystals, he had everyone under his fingers. asking for protection. Hell, he even had us believing he was one of us. Showing us his research and collection of books about the crystals, we quickly embraced him and his knowledge' "It is possible to use them as a direct power source to boost your abilities!" 'People started giving him shelter, offering him Gil and various items It got to the point where the people started to praise him as if he was a god of living flesh. Adored by all the townspeople.' "Thank you for all of your gifts, I humbly accept them." 'He asked to see where the crystals were kept and we took him to the Crystal Shrine. He marveled at the sight of them, then marvel turned into greed. We watched as his smile twisted and warped into a malicious grin.' "You have brought me to the beginning of my destiny and to the end of yours!!!" 'We fought against Xendriel with all of our might but he was too strong for us. We summoned the eidolons to help and that was the last part he needed to complete the separation of power from the crystals.' "You fools, the eidolons are now mine! There is nothing you can do to stop me. You all are powerless! Bow down to your new lord! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" 'We fled from the shrine with our lives. We were severely injured but we made it. The power of the crystals are gone but there is still a chance for us to fix it. Find new Eidolons to replace to replace to replace to old ones! That is our chance. May the light choose it's warriors wisely' 'This is Noctis along with Y'shtola and Hope. we pass our light on in hopes that you will find the true fourth light and restore the balance of Barlendia.' 'May the cryst... No, may the Light guide you!!!' Synopsis With the last of its power, the light has chosen you along with three others to restore power back to the Crystals and take back the world that has been conquered by Xendriel you must find your Eidolon surpass their tests and let them connect to the Crystals, but beware of the old Eidolons, for they have selected people to harness their power, these people are called Deitors. The enslaved gods: Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, And Bahamut will do Xendriel's bidding it is up to you to free them from their Torment and restore the balance to Barlendia. It has been Eight years since Xendriel Conquered This world but, now its time to take it back. Barlendia Barlendia was a world with a brimming baby blue sky with vast and vibrant green pastures. you would be able to see the wild life eating the grass and when when the wind blew the grass would fold from the breezes. Across the Pastures you would see the thick forest abundant with trees and critters. The entrance is so thick, you wouldn't be able to see through the trees. some parts of the forest are thicker than others, so thick that the trees block the sunlight. There is a well known legend about the forest. If you find the heart of the Forest, you would be granted Dominion over all of the forest on Barlendia and be seen as King of the Forest/ Fae. Isn't that nice? The Mountains are beauties to behold. Flowers grow along the mountain paths helping create roads that leads to caves and the caves lead to the mountain tops. all the beautiful flowers that decorate the roads blossom when signs of life is near. There is another part of the legend, but its a bit more tricky. two of the mountains tops grow the mythical flowers: Dragon Peony and Kirin Hydrangea. It is said that they hold powers that are beyond this world. one of the mountain tops is under the the ocean The ocean and rivers is a bright crystal blue and was so clear, that you can see deep into the water. It was so clean that you can drink from the ocean but, that has changed. its more darker and very bleak. The pasture aren’t safe any more. The new monsters roam around freely, killing anything in sight. Its not safe for anyone to leave without someone to protect you from these beasts. Everything has its peril now but that going to change. You four are going to change it. Rules: - Please Read The Rules - T Rated Do Not Go All M Rated On Me. - There Will Be Some Gore, Don’t Over Use It. - Keep The Romance To A Fade To Black. - LANGUAGE Is Allowed But Not Overboard. - No God Modding. - Follow Site Rules. - After Everyone Post One Or More Times I Will Do A World Narration. Do Not Post After The “Reserved Post” Is Posted - Always Add Reason For Edit - Don’t Take Anything Personal/Poor Sport - Ask Permission To Do Something With Someone Else Character. - Two Characters Per Roleplayer. - Semi-Lit (I will be putting the spell water in white magic along with buffing magics. If you are L'cie, pick Synergist to use buff magic) Character Sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Name Of Light: (e.g Light Of Courage) Appearance: Class: (put class evolution if it has one. if you are a L'cie, put the classes focused on and mark location) Target Eidolon (in place of old one): Eye Color *–  Height *– Starting Weapon: (Can use any weapon with any class) Final Weapon: (will be obtained in the middle of the rp) Ultimate Attack: (will be obtained near the end of the rp) Like/Dislike: Personality/Bio: Once you have read the rules Put "May the Light guide you" at the end of your post