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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, It's About Time I Got My Own PS4. It's Been A Long Time Coming But Today Is The Day. Do You Guys Have Any Suggestiongs Or General Advice? Like For Upkeep, Cool Games I Should Get, What To Avoid, What PS4 Type Should I Get? THINGS like That. 😏 Feeling Good To Get My Own System. If You Have Anything And I Mean Anything Leave it Down Below.
  2. I recently watched some episodes of the old Ben 10. I started doing some research on the show after watching it and started to wonder if Ben could use the omnitrix to turn into a Saiyan from the Dragon Ball series? Now i like both of these series but i want to see the full extent of the omnitrix's abilities. Ben Tennyson Goku Now, we all should know what the Omnitrix can do but if you don't, I did the research for you. The Omnitrix is a watch that stores alien DNA inside of it, allowing the wearer of the watch to turn into the species for a limited amount of time before turning back into a human. Ben turning into Heatblast Although it can only store ten species at a time, there have been instances where he has been able to change into more aliens by either unlocking the master control in the Omnitrix, or getting the Biomnitrix from the future so he can hold more aliens. There is also a chance that he might have the saiyan species in the watch. He just has to unlock the species. The Omnitrix is said to hold 1,000,912 aliens inside of it. Who says the saiyans aren't one of the the alien species inside of the Omnitrix? Ben 10,000 using the biomnitrix to fuse aliens The thing that makes it hard to do is the fact that majority of the saiyans are dead. Plus he would have to get one to touch the Omnitrix. The same way he got the wolf transformation for Blitzwolf. This means that he can unlock new aliens like this. Ben Getting Blitzwolf I personally think that he would be able to. How would he get the DNA? It would be from Goku touching the Omnitrix out of curiosity. But if Ben were to try and brute it out, he would die very quickly. Ben getting hit by the Kamehameha I think it would be interesting if Ben did get the Saiyan race as an alien. Here are the questions that i have: How would he look? What about his hair? would it be spiky or lay flat? Can he transform in to a Super Saiyan? What would be the name he comes up with for the saiyans? Would he still be humanoid? Would he still be able to fuse the saiyan with other alien species? If he could turn into a saiyan, could he turn into the other species in the series? This also begs the question, Would he be able to do the Kamehameha wave? What about his base power level? Would that rise to? And one more question. Would he have access to all their abilities? Like the Great Ape form. Ben as saiyan turning into a super saiyan if he had the species This is what i believe and i want to know your thoughts on if Ben would be able to or not.