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Found 4 results

  1. My girl called and told me some great news. I couldn't help but be happy but, at the same time I was confused. She said she was on birth control and that it was okay. So I believed her and thought we were safe. A couple months go by and its argument after argument. I tell her I'm not trying to fight, I'm trying to be heaven-sent! She said "It doesn't matter your not ready to be a daddy." I stay quiet not saying how much that hurt me. We go to bed and cry myself to sleep. My friend calls and ask if I want to hang out. I say “Sure, we can find somethings to talk about.” We meet up then I hug her but I can see the face of concern She tells me things I haven't even heard.
  2. Becoming Greatness Why was I chosen to do such a huge thing? Why not choose someone great instead of someone so green? I do all of my thing right on the fly! Most of the time, my plans working catch me by surprise. I don't have the muscle to lift a heavy swords. But maybe its how strong I sound with my words. For me this adventure is a mystery. Because there is no telling what there will be. I'm slowly understanding why I took this role. They said it would push me towards doing my goal. Maybe they made the right choice with me being green. After all, they said I would become a true king. I take my stand and hold my weapon here, no more flakiness. I know what it feels like becoming greatness.
  3. This Is A Little Poetry Series I Wanted To Do. I Love Making Poetry Ever Since I Was Younger. It Took Me Awhile To Actually Complete Them. All These Are Actually Personal To Me! So Read Deep Into Them If You Want. Much Tell Me Which Did You Enjoy. React If You Have The Time! Much Love!~ A Poem To My Mind, Sometimes I ask myself why do I have to think of this or that. Why must my Imagination be invented based off the tallies that tick from my Check List of Interests? How Long can I go for without really thinking? What even is true thought? Is there a false thought? These Are The Things That Are Sickening. Have I provoked you yet to think how I think about not wanting to think? It’s too much at times, It’s too much To handle. why? Is it my fault I mean, these are my Thoughts, my mind? But the brain did name itself. So is it doing it to me, or am I to myself? I leave it on the shelf, but that’s where it gets heavier and heavier. That’s what leaves me derailed. So don’t think about it and it swells. But think about it, and oh well. A Poem To Adult Me From Young Me, Is It Easy Yet, Did I Win the bet?? I know I was born and I am told that is lucky. Something like about a billion sperm that could took this place for me. I’ve got big dream, they true yet. Did I make it to be a doctor who can do a backflip? No no, don’t tell me. I want it to be a surprise, but then I guess, I will grow up and be a witness with your eyes. But that what scares, kills and steals me. Those dream I dream don’t know where They are, but at times they heal me. ‘Cause it’s all I got, sorry, all We got. And if they go, there isn’t much I am taught. Just grow up, money this. be strong, marry fast. I don’t want none of that, take a bat to their hopes. swinging first and swinging last. But tell me I can’t take it I wanna know. Did we marry Angelina though? A Poem To Young Me From Adult Me, You remember those hard nights? Yeah they the same. Where mom would be yelling, and the insanity fills your brain. Those hopes?? They changed. I broke those long ago, when I drew Naruto it was dope. Doing backflips? yeah that’s sick. I still want to do that, but I am scared I wont complete the flip. I know we got big dreams and yeah, some came true, but Angelina who? Must have meant A lot, but that’s the part of growing up. Soon, all I’ll know will be enough, and you’ll just be another puff. I won’t forget you or we won't forget us but I am sorry that those days are tough. I mean, I got a thing going with our friends. So you’ll make it through all those bad bends. Let me show you what I have now, I’m still afraid of the dark you don’t know what’s around. I do like the message, cause you sound like a fighter. Don’t lose that cause now, I can tell you, I, Us, We’ll get tired. A Poem To My Heart, Don’t think that I’ve forgotten you. Things I have been feeling got me in a slump too. Allow me to Elaborate, Why the hell do you find so much you hate? This and that seems to not be good enough. Just enjoy your days, it’s not that tough. And why are you so damn sensitive?? A ring of a bell, friend stuck in hell, you freeze, Rip like tin, Why the hell am I crying again? You saw that? Why don’t you feel anything? that the part that’s wack. Take me serious, don’t be a joke. But how do I do that when contradictions is all you wrote? Would I be better without you? Chasing storm fearless, dread-less too. You provide so much pain no wonder. Bring my body down My brain as well to sunder. I mean my mind says it too “we do need the heart. They stuck themself, forget that part.” I mean my hands says it too. When they are shaking from your breaking, but how will I enjoy anything with you.. A Poem To My Day, I know you gotta be random, that’s the deal right? But why the hell I spill tea in my right eye Last Night?? Place My Knee On The Chair, My Hand In The Air. Why it gotta spin? why did you even care? that shit’s hot and it burnt too. Were are you laughing watch my beverage fly across the room? We know you come only by the sun, but when do I get a break like you to hide and run? Deal with it, deal with it. No, I wanna know how to fight you! Done with spontaneous shit and I wanna see some criteria too. Who put you in charge to write me off who? Why I gotta feel unlucky just 'cause of you?? why I gotta run into them, they, and who?? You’re like that one fella everyone knows, inviting everyone but nobody goes. You sit there, wonder why everyone likes the moon. That’s cause they get to unwind. Not like when they are around your tune. ‘Cause days like you eat people like me alive, no telling for those people with the nine to five. I got through strain for you to bully me? Don’t text or call, you just shine through my house. I feel groggy, I feel weak. But you get to say “Fuck this, it’s the week.” if you feel bad maybe self reflect, leave us simple people to our prospects . - Fae, A Poem To Series.
  4. Just A Couplet I Made. I Think It Is Relatable For Some. Hope You Guys Enjoy. Comment And React If You Enjoyed And Give Me Your Opinion.