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Found 6 results

  1. This Is Gweny Or Gwen As Some Call Her In The Rp Of Battale Of Caradda. This Is My Oc, And I Made Her. She Took The Longest To Draw to Draw For Me And I Don't Even Know Why>.< Her Beanie Was A Head Ache!!!!!! She Is A Gentle Character More So That She Is Increasingly Timid Around Strangers. The Queen Of The Caradda, Gwen Appearance: Messy Long Brunette Straight Hair. Her Eyes A Light Blue. She Has A Slim Physique. She Is British. Born In And Raised In Wells. She Wears A Loose Collar Shirt Tucked Into Skinny Jeans, With Suspenders Attached To Them. She Is Mainly Seen With A Beanie. 5'2'' Her Bio: Rather Shy And A Loner, Gwen Is Very Reclusive. She Prefers To Stick To Herself Not Cause She Wants To, Rather That is All She Has Really Ever Known. Socially She Is Really Awkward And Sometimes Can Take People A Back. She Is Very Short For Her Age And Can Come Off As A Small Child. But She Doesn't Think Like A Small Child She Is Rather Advanced When It Comes To Helping And Problem Solving. Just Effectively Communicating That Is The Issue. She Can Hardly Keep Eye Contact. Filler Is All That She Has Known And Has Been Going To Filler Since The Beginning Of 6th Grade. Sometimes Teachers Even Ask Her For Help. Having Been Alone For So Many Years, Gwen Has Roamed Most Of All The School. She Knows Every Corner Of Filler. With Her Lone Status, She Is Used To Being Bullied And Doesn't Have A Very Strong Emotional Will. She Hardly Can Make Up For Failing In Her Eyes. With Low Self Worth And Esteem, She Tries Her Best Everyday. Her Dream Is To Help, So She Will Go Out Of Her Way To Help Those She Can. Even If It Is Extremely Taxing. With Gwen, Everyone Deserves A Chance And She Will Fight To Give That Chance To Whomever She Can. She Can Be Seen Constantly Snacking And Will Snack All Day. She Has A Kind Heart And A Strong Sense Of Self Sacrifice.
  2. The Gangs All Here Really Enjoyed Making All Our Characters I Put My Heart Into These. Love How They Came Out! Now Only If I Can Draw This Well Whenever I Want. I sWEAR soMETIMES i cAN'T dRAW aNd iT kIlLS mE!!! Hope You Guys Enjoy The Characters Took Me Abit And I Am Sorry For That. Forgivezees! Love Them So Much!! 😭 Art By Me, @Fae Feel Free To Leave A Comment If You Are Feeling SO Kind, Leave A Reaction!
  3. This is an oc From The Rp Battle Of Carrada. This Is Revien Luncrest He Is An Oc Made By @XiX Innocand belongs to them. The King Of The Carrada, Revien. Appearance: Short wavy dark strawberry blonde hair, 6'3 light freckles, Pale skinned, commonly seen with a strip of sunscreen and a black eye. he has dark green eyes. When he doesn't have class, he wears Brown jeans and Black hoodie and black high tops. He sometimes wears white tank tops. His Bio: Revien is a natural fighter and doesn't like authority. Coming from a background of boxers, he prefers to use his hands. He doesn't believe in strategizing. One thing he will do is defend what he believes. He is extremely knuckle headed. He isn't known for his smarts. The basics is all you will get with him. He will speak what is on his mind lacking any form of a filter. For his age, he seems to come off older. It could be because of the bruising and scars or because of his gritty personality. He has an extremely thick skin, with it comes his candor attitude. Insulting his intelligence does nothing to him. But ever doubt his talents, he will do everything he can to prove you wrong. And usually that includes blood, sweat and tears. Revien comes from a public school in the projects. Known as the bourbon rascal, he has seven gold trophies In Adult League Boxing and two silver trophies in Junior boxing. Boxing Was Also An Outlet For Him. He is known as the bourbon rascal because of his dark strawberry blond hair. Revien is able to go to filler because of his sports affiliation. After winning a sports tournament sponsored and hosted by filler, he was awarded an all paid expense to the school. At first he said no, but with a recent death in the family, his sole caretaker died. His older brother, and it was either foster care, or filler. He chose the latter. He was sixteen when his brother died and the filler principle cut corners to stop foster care from having custody over him. Semi untrusting, he now resides at filler in one of the many dorms.
  4. This is an oc From The Rp Battle Of Carrada. Her Name Is Julie Kueay. She is the Rook of the Carrada, Which Specialize In Saboteur Tactics. She Is A pretty Calm And Collected Character And Has A Leadership Mentality. I Drew Her For @Butler This Is @Butler OC. πŸ‘οΈThe Rook Of The Carrada, Julie. Appearance: She is of mixed descent of African american, Brazilian and Egyptian. she has loose curly hair that is dyed with an light blue into purple. She is 5'4, lean body type. Dark hazel eyes. Her Bio: She earned a scholarship to filler once she graduated high school, It means a lot to her to go to filler because a single divorce left her father and family in a hole. To achieve this isn't just for her. So going to filler, means her siblings futures as well. So she feels ready to seize this opportunity by putting her best foot forward and a positive attitude. Known as the 'kingie', she got this name for being the women in the house. Her dad has always treated her like an adult. She knows her way around a conversation due to her father keeping her well versed in politics. She has a hidden reason for going to filler though. Everyone in her family has always been removed due to factors of failing and not participating in standards and upkeep. So filler means she will be the first in the family to graduate. This will prove her mother wrong as well. As she left she said β€œI wanted nothing to do with this stupid family.” This has stuck with her for many years. Technically this has left her slightly vengeful to prove her mother wrong. To make her take it back one day. Julie will never let go of her passion for her family. Her resolve is a combination of passion, determination, spite and fear of failure. This causes her to hold on to bad things much longer than good things. That is why she can be very sensitive to what people say. Her mother has never helped with her emotions. Nor has she ever been able to express it. 'This school means my family and my family is the world to me.'
  5. This is shenxai, she is a nobody I drew for one of the people I follow on tumblr. Tomboyjessie's Deviant Art But yeah I drew this and thought it looked nice enough to share hope you guys like. This isnt my character I just drew them and the weapon. All rights belong to tomboyjessie bot of deviant art and tumblr. Photo 1/2 Photo 2/2
  6. My OC Character Terath Illia Just Wanted To Share the Photos With You All. πŸ˜‹ Hope You Enjoy! Tell Me What You Guys Think. Here Is Her Chibi Forms I'll Create A Back Story And Bio Much Later! I Am Beat For Tonight πŸ˜©πŸ˜‡ Take Care Guys