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  1. This is a follow up to my previous article which you can read here: I know I am Lttp, so I'll talk about all the goodies in store! The Last Of Us Part II is set to be released May 29th 2020. (not february 21st 2020, which is delayed to ensure quality control) now, don't click away here are all the pre-order goodies! Prices may vary by country or by other variables. The Standard Edition, USD 60$: Will of course give you the game and two pre-order in game items at launch which include Ammo Capacity Upgrade & Crafting Training Manual. If you buy it digitally, you get an exclusive avatar featuring Ellie's tattoo: The Digital Deluxe Edition, USD 69.99$: Will give you the same as the above digital pre-order but added with: Ps4 dynamic theme 6 Psn avatars Digital sound track of the game Digital mini-art book by Dark Horse The Special Edition, USD 79.99$: is the same as above but in a physical copy included with the artbook that is of course physical but you get a Steel Case with the game: The Collector's Edition, USD 169.99$: Again same as above but what is added is: 12 inch Ellie Statue Ellie's Bracelet Lithograph Art Print & Thank You Letter Set of 5 Stickers Set of 6 Enamel pins The Ellie Edition, USD 299.99$ Of course, same as above but has a unique box added with: Ellie's Backpack Logo Patch 7" Vinyl Record featuring music from the sound track. Of course you can buy the pre-orders online or your at local store that sells video games. Opinion Piece: Now I am beyond hyped for this game & for these pre-order goodies! Aw LAWD YES! That backpack & bracelet tho with the ellie edition seems really cool & useful. I just hope the quality is there because if I were to be able to buy it, I would definitely have it for everyday use. Sadly, I am broke af & need to pay rent so I might settle with the digital deluxe for the dynamic theme & avatars if not I'll buy the standard & buy the dynamic theme & the other stuff separately. It sucks a little bit that the game was delayed though but you can't rush perfection! But at least it is a sign that they have a lot of care for the game that does put me at an ease for what it would mean for the final product: A quality-made game with polish & straightforward prices. What more can a gamer ask for in an era like this? What do you guys think? Are going to get the last of us part II? If so, which edition do you want to get? What goodies are you looking out for? tell me all about it!
  2. Google announced on Tuesday at GDC 2019 (Game Developers Conference) that it would launch this year a browser-based video game streaming service dubbed Stadia that attempts to capitalize on the company's cloud technology and global network of data centres. “We learned that we could bring a triple-A game to any device with a Chrome browser and an internet connection,” said Google chief executive Sundar Pichai. From they way it looks just so long as they run Chrome in some form or another, quite likely. Yes, you read that right. The technology allows users to play games through their internet browser or YouTube without waiting for content to be downloaded to any device, such as phones, tablets, Tvs that are connected to chromecast, and your pc of course, making access to games potentially as easy as watching a video from YouTube. The game’s data is beamed over the internet, which means the latest graphically demanding games can be played on machines with relatively simple capabilities, as all of the computing power is performed by a remote server. Even under-powered PCs will then be able to play the newest games without the need for an expensive upgrade. Of course a stable internet connection is required as displayed in the stadia's beta (Project Stream) using 25Mbps, it also was only capable of streaming games at 1080p resolution. The system will be available instantly. There will be no downloads, no updates, no cheating, and no hacking. Likely largely because the system detaches the user from the machine on which the game runs, cheating and hacking will be rendered virtually impossible. Parental controls will also be made available in Stadia. Players could enter games from links on YouTube or other social media (Crowd Play). Allowing couch gaming to make a comeback as you can jump right in the same game your friend is playing on. They can play using mice & keyboards, USB controllers, and you can your friend can even use your existing ps4 & xbox controllers to play with. Only two titles were confirmed, Assassin's creed: Odyssey & Doom: Eternal. Stadia of course hits resolutions such as 1080p and lower (With the Stadia beta hitting 720p at its lowest) but they claimed that at launch that stadia will support 4k at 60 fps, and in the future create support for 8k at 120 fps. Details about when, pricing, pricing plans, and what other titles will be available are unknown at the time of writing this article, Though they did announce that they would be creating games in-house. "waiting game will be a thing of the past," Phil Harrison, a Google vice-president overseeing the new service, said during a keynote presentation on Tuesday in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, which is bringing together this week about 25,000 people who work in the video games industry. Developers such as Id Software, Ubisoft, Tequila Works, Q--games, And Square Enix, show support for stadia and google has even sent over 100 developer kits to help companies get off the ground with stadia. It's not a console but it might be a subscription service that could allow you to play any game in the world at the touch of the button, without the need to buy it physically. The only physical thing you can buy is the stadia controller: By no means visually revolutionary, the benefit to buying the stadia controller is that the controller connects directly to Wi-Fi, which means lag and latency can be cut down as much as possible for extra fluidity. There are also integrated buttons on the controller allow users to access features like the Google Assistant, which you can ask for in-game help through the controller’s microphone. Lastly of course, there is a share button for sharing clips for youtube and live streaming your game online. The controller will launch sometime this year. As for the commitment of the service, Google played down the commitment issue. Google CEO Sundar Pichai presided over the Stadia announcement, a spokesman noted. “Commitment from Google doesn’t get more serious than that,” he said. “We are investing significant funds into the platform ensuring that Stadia will be a great experience for all gamers.” Reactions to Stadia to the game industry have been mixed. One developer, Ubisoft co-founder Yves Guillemot spoke in a statement on the potential for long term play “The power and accessibility of streaming will give billions unprecedented opportunities to play video games in the future. We are proud to partner with Google on Stadia, building on what we’ve learned with Project Stream via ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.’ This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to continue collaborating closely with Google on what’s next for Stadia.” And others of course were skeptical such as: Current game consultant and former Blizzard producer Matthew Householder felt less enthusiastic. “[Stadia is] yet another variation on the so-far unsuccessful thin-client approach. Any new service like this without an exclusive, hit game will simply fail to compete with entrenched platforms. Odd that a company with a huge war-chest would choose a battlefield with a low barrier to entry. Perhaps, this is just a way to promote Youtube and Google AI.” As opinions sway back and forth there is no doubt of the competition against companies such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nvidia. Whether or not Stadia will succeed or flops, it will create major waves in the gaming industry. Opinion Piece This is indeed quite a doozy, as I read & researched. I would say that this has a lot of potential with an implementation of a attractive price point & the accessibility of being able to even use low--powered devices to play AAA titles, It could become 'The Netflix Of Gaming' envisioned by some. I am looking forward to see what Stadia becomes and what paths it will take just to see what happens next. It's very exciting time to be a gamer to witness the existence the type of technology is available today for gaming. The parts I am concerned about: The price(s), money is the top priority for the consumer. -Is it subscription based? -Will there be flexible plans? -Is it by 'buying by title' basis? Ownership -To what extent is the game really 'mine'? -What will happen to games that are no longer supported when servers shut down for that game? or when the licensing agreement expires? -What could this mean for games 10 years down the line? -What happens when the subscription is cancelled? -Will crossplay &/or cross buy be a thing? Connection & Latency -Will the service actually be able to deliver a smooth experience? -What about the majority of people who don't have a decent internet connection? -What about data consumption & Data caps? Will it be apart of the subscription Or do we have to rely on our ISP? Game titles & Availability -What games will there be? -How many? -How long will a game be accessible? -Will we be able to play older titles? The parts I am excited for are: The couch gaming features -As I would love to play the same game with my friends in the same room, it would be great for kickbacks & even parties. The fact that stadia will be highly accessible -To your devices such as your phone, tablet, computer, and tv. Imagine playing overwatch on your phone or tablet while on the go. The specs that are powering stadia which are very exciting & this technology will be updated as time goes by: -CPU: Custom 2.7GHz hyper-threaded x86 CPU with AVX2 SIMD and 9.5MB L2+L3 cache -GPU: Custom AMD GPU with HBM2 memory and 56 compute units, capable of 10.7 teraflops -Memory: 16GB of RAM with up to 484GB/s of performance -SSD cloud storage The release date Well, that is just my opinion! What about yours? What do you think/feel about stadia? Will it Succeed or flop? Will you go for the plunge & pay for stadia?
  3. Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) also known as "Zombie Deer Disease" is a fatally progressive disease that attacks the central nervous system & degenerates the brain. The symptoms of the disease are slow at first (Can take up to a year before symptoms manifest) but it causes: Difficulty in movement Weight loss Tremors Nervousness Listlessness Increased thirst & Urination Drooling Aggression As time goes by abnormal proteins (prions) in the brain attack normal proteins causing the brain to develop holes creating a "spongy" look. There is no cure for this disease. It is spread by contact or consumption of bodily tissues & bodily liquids. Primarily affecting deer, elk, & moose, there is a tinge of fear that this disease may spread over to humans. There is evidence that mice & monkeys are susceptible to the disease which raises concerns of the CDC because at the time of writing of this article, the disease has spread to 24 states & two provinces in canada. The CDC urges hunters to avoid handling & eating infected meat. Opinion Piece: Well, no doubt that this is very strange, while doing research I am hoping that this disease doesn't spread over to humans. The idea of a zombie apocalypse may sound fun...but I prefer to have a functioning society with my internet, & video games. I honestly don't think I have the preparation, training, &/or equipment to deal with that. While, It's not my cup to tea but to each their own. I also found that people have been theorizing about how, & why this is happening. Some are just very outlandish from government testing to blaming huge enterprises in a political & environmental light. The thought of the disease causing your brain to have holes makes me feel uneasy, causes my trypophobia to flare making me feel itchy & gross. It must suck to be a deer but these are my thoughts. What are yours? What do you think about the disease? Do you think this will spread over to humans? You excited at the thought of a zombie apocalypse? Are you prepared? Let me know!
  4. In just 72 hours reaching 10 million players after launch, in which took fortnight two weeks. Apex Legends reached 1 million players in 8 hours after launch, & then 2.5 million after one day. It is also the most popular game on twitch currently with over 270k viewers on the video game streaming website. Apex Legends is based on the Titanfall universe by Respawn. The game was released as a surprise free to play title on Monday. Taking the battle royale genre & adding an Overwatch twist, having characters with their own unique abilities, each having their own ultimate, & play-style. Opening with 8 diverse characters you can play with: Up to 60 players start simultaneously on the map, the area is gradually narrowed over time until there is only one player standing. Players start off with no weapons, ammo, or equipment & must collect them on the map. Team members can be revived for a period of time. According to The Publisher EA, no “pay to win” is possible. Like Overwatch, there is a focus on teamwork having a smart non-verbal comms system & bonuses for working together with your three-man squad. Having these features & strong gameplay gave Apex Legends critical acclaim & exposure contributing to receiving a strong player count. Respawn has plans to introduce Fortnite-like battle passes & more content to further monetize Apex Legends. Right now, the game is offering the purchase of ‘Apex Coins’ to buy cosmetics & potentially unlock two new characters. You can also earn cosmetic items as you play the game or leveling up by opening ‘Apex Packs’ which are the game’s loot boxes. There is in game currency called ‘Legend Tokens’. If Respawn keeps the dedication of content, & updates for Apex Legends they might even reach & even surpass the success of Fortnite. All of this will even give a future game based on the Titanfall universe a boost releasing later in 2019. Apex Legends is a first person shooter available for free on Pc, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Opinion Piece: This game nonetheless looks very interesting, colorful, & gives me ‘borderlands’ vibes. It introduces familiarity to those who play any battle royale game & those who like me, play hero shooters like Overwatch. It’s seems to be a combination to bring the best of both worlds. Which I feel to be promising because of the potential of future characters introducing more variety & replay value to the game creating a refreshing take on the battle royale game genre. Therefore, I do believe this game might kill Fortnite that is if they do everything right. I do like the fact that there’s a focus on teamwork, how you get rewarded for that. I like that it has executions, a healing class, & unique characters with unique abilities. I do feel reassured for the fact that Respawn seems to show dedication by making promises to deliver more content as time goes by yet, knowing that EA is the publisher leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Having a history of shady & money grubbing practices on their products, It leaves me to wonder how EA might ruin this potentially delightful game down the road. Personally, I will refrain from buying with real money for now. I haven’t played the game yet, but I will update this article with my thoughts on it. My hopes are that Respawn, is mainly in the driver’s seat & EA refrains from turning this game into purely a cash cow, destroying the gameplay experience for consumers, & crashing & burning down the game itself. Only time will tell. What are your thoughts? Let me know. Do you think this game will kill Fortnite? Why or why not? Did you play this game? If so, how was it? If not, Do you have plans to play this game? Do you think EA will ruin this game? Why? & How do you think they will ruin it? Sources:
  5. The Last Of Us Part II, is a highly anticipated sequel of The Last Of Us. For those of you who don't know/never played The Last Of Us, It is a third person action survival-horror game that is set in post apocalyptic united states. You get to play as the main character named Joel who is a smuggler, who has to escort & protect a young girl named Ellie from cannibalistic humans that are affected by the Cordyceps Fungus. In the game, you can use guns, craftable weapons, & stealth to survive: The first installment also had multiplayer which, you can pick your faction in Factions Mode where you can choose to be a Firefly or a Hunter. Once you picked your faction you can pick between three multiplayer modes: Supply Raid (TDM), Survivors (TDM, One life.), & Interrogation (Somewhat similar to CTF except it's a safe). You are able to kill enemies, revive allies, gather supplies, build your class, & customize your character with hats, helmets, masks, & a emblem. It is available to be played on ps3 & ps4 (The Last Of Us Remastered). The Last Of Us was highly praised for its gameplay, story, & considered to be one of the best videogames ever made all of which, The Last Of Us Part II has to match or even top those expectations. The Last Of Us was dark, gritty, & intense. The Last Of Us Part II seems to carry on the same intensity of its predecessor: The Last Of Us part 2 is a Ps4 exclusive, It takes place years after the events of The Last Of Us & You get to play as Ellie. No release date has been announced yet, but the pre-order is available now (For the Standard Edition). The details of the pre-order bonuses have not been revealed as of right now at the time of the writing of this article. The developers Naughty Dog, confirmed that The Last Of Us Part II will have multiplayer, Factions Mode will return yet, details about Factions Mode haven't been revealed at this time. Opinion Piece: I'm very excited for this game to come out, and I can't wait because I have played the first game. I have many fond memories with the first game playing the story, & playing online. The first game was very exciting, & it was fun because it was hard especially when playing online: Earning a kill, & executing players felt extremely satisfying. Especially since, there were different executions with different weapons. There was also the fact that you could booby trap by setting bombs by the doorway so a clueless enemy will unknowingly trip it & then get downed. Also, there was a great variety of weapons & craftables that were balanced well so, all that it would come down to when it's just you & the last enemy player is skill, patience, mind gaming, & to make sure that you were the one to down them first. If you were skilled enough you could pull some hardcore clutch plays: I really hope Naughty Dog brings & tops the quality for the story/gameplay for The Last Of Us Part II, especially in the online multiplayer. My main questions that came to mind are: How long/big is part II? Are there any mechanics removed? (Please, do NOT do this.) Are there any mechanics added? (Yes, please DO this.) New enemies? Factions? Will multiplayer be the same? if not, what differences will be brought to the table? Will there be more multiplayer game modes? Will we see more weapons/craftables/customization/executions in part II? What pre-order goodies will there be? Will there be DLC that expands on the game/story/multiplayer in the future after release? Where is Joel? Is he even alive? Can we play as Joel at one point? Did he & ellie decide to part ways after awhile? If so, what happened? Is humanity more pushed back than it was before? If so, how far? When Is the release date? Ellie, are you okay? I am hyped guys, & I hope the release date/announcement is soon. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to The Last Of Us Part II? Have you guys played the first game? (If you haven't, seriously play it!) What do you guys hope/wish for part II? Are you going to Pre-order Part II? Other thoughts? Let me know! Personally, I'm going to wait to preorder because, I want to know what pre-order goodies will there be first for all editions. After that, I will decide from there what to do next.
  6. Launching on X-box One, Ps4, & Pc Devil May Cry 5 will be releasing on March 8th, 2019. Show casting a few editions you can pre-order that come with their own special bonuses. Nearly 11 years since their last main i.p release, Dmc5 comes with some things gamers might not expect. You will be going through the campaign as three playable characters. Two familiar faces, while one I can't help but to believe is a vergil (I mean his name is V). Of course, Dante & Nero are the other two playables. Being staple characters for the franchise of course they are in the game. But what they bring with this decade-long wait, is a co-op system called the "Cameo System". Capcom has confirmed this system to be true. don't be worried if you enjoy dmc as being a solo-player experience. Capcom wants to ensure the Dmc experience is still to be a single-player one. This is so you won't encounter much downtime or long loading screens. But when you do get to rock it out with other players, this will be done at points where these characters will cross paths in the story. If you are playing Dmc5 online, when you come across another player they will be playing as one of the three protagonists. Sometimes you might just see them running around in the foreground or background of the stages. Other times, you will be fighting side by side performing combos with one another in the same battle. There will also be a rating system, which will help you unlock useful rewards. This happens after an encounter with another player. The game will ask you to rate one another. Be rated well, get rewards. Be rated poorly, well, I don't know what happens. There is also the risk of not running into any players. Capcom has a solution for this. They will have the game use "Ghost Data Gameplay" recordings of the development team instead. Writes capcom in a blog post. All of this and I hope more. A decade is a LONG wait. Opinion Piece: I have never personally played the Dmc games but I have watched friends wreck some demons when I was younger. I believe the franchise has a solid combat system that prides itself in flashy sword swings and pow pow bang gunplay. The character models look beautiful. The RE engine developed for Resident Evil 7 by the way does the game justice. The particle effects that I was able to see from the trailer & walk through didn't seem to get in the way. Also that same walkthrough I linked I just love the UI. The engine has this grittiness to it, that plays along with the story Dmc has. The movement seems especially fluid, I feel they put a lot of time into the animations and coding. And for the first time in a long time I can say I actually enjoy a loading screen. Also I find the tutorial to be very stylized just a bit more effort for that perfection. Instead of blocks of text & command buttons they give the information to you in a minimalistic yet stylistic manner. The environment as well has a polish to it and I like both the indoor and outdoor scenery. Usually I am not for indoor fighting, especially in hack & slash because of the small room to breathe. But this one looks really nice. Once thing I do have to say that is a bit nitpicky, is the combo gauge looks a bit lackluster and abysmal from what I have seen. In previous games, It was an energetic burst of flashiness and badassery which really matched the tone and combat. Again, just a nitpick. Otherwise I actually enjoy the new gauge. It has its own energy and flare. Some concerns I have, do involve some part of the multiplayer. One major thing that pops into my head Is what happens if the other player dies? Do you lose the battle? Can you revive them? Can you "wait" for another player to come? Dmc is also known for their combo gauge. Do you lose your gauge because another person steals your kills? Or are your gauges together? and you work to fill it up? What about replayability? If you beat the game, Is there new game +? And If you are in new 'game +', Do you play with others who are in new 'game +'? or just anyone?And Understandably, how dynamic can a boss battle get when there are multiple players? These are some of the things that ring in my head. If you have any answers or solutions to these questions, feel free to comment!
  7. "The law firm Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is currently investigating and soliciting clients for a possible class action lawsuit against Bethesda over Fallout 76. According to the firm's class action page, they're hoping to represent players who bought the game and were unhappy with the quality level of the product from a technical perspective. More to the point, they are alleging that Bethesda is refusing refunds on the product. There have been a number of reports on Reddit about Bethesda refusing refunds for the game on PC, it is not clear if this is a blanket policy. Bethesda chose not to release Fallout 76 on Steam, which has a two-hours-or-two-weeks return policy on games, opting instead of release only on their Bethesda launcher. Bethesda's own return policy allows for returns of unopened physical items, but zero exceptions for any games bought digitally unless mandated by law like in Europe. Whether or not such a lawsuit has any solid legal merit, it joins another issue in suggesting that the Fallout 76 launch isn't going all that smoothly. Namely, that the "canvas bags" that were supposed to ship with the $200 collector's edition turned out to be nylon. In response, Bethesda has offered about $5 of in-game currency." I really hope this happens because I believe video game companies should be penalized for such offenses. Such as false advertisement, and faulty products on their video games/products because it would discourage future game companies from participating in such misleading practices. also, the 5$ response to the "canvas bags" is also a slap to the face to the consumer and a sad fact is that elder scrolls six will run on the SAME engine fallout 76 was created on. Anyways, what do you guys think about all this? Would you ever buy another bethesda title again?