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Found 2 results

  1. Shaded And Paved, Which Talent Will Not Be Staved.. Dust And Debris Clouds Sight. All Of The Battle Field Is Covered In Hundreds Of Soldiers. “This Kind Of Battle is Romanticized Only By Those Lacking Sanity” With A Sigh, A Man Steps From Behind Another Man Who Is Clad In Black Armor. The Man Walking Brushes His Robes, A Blue And Dark Grey, Along The Ground In An Effortless Glide. His Posture Carries Nobility And Steadiness. The Fire Of The War-zone Flints On The Eyes Of The Man In Dark Armor As He Spoke. “I’d Say” With A Brief Pause And A Labored Snarl. “I Am Right Were I Wanna Be.” Both Men Are Visibly Striven Of The Transgressions They Had Bore Witness Too. As They Stared Into The Smothered In Smoke Battlefield, Two Figures Appeared. One Draped In White. She Walks Uncaught By The Destruction. By Her Side, A Knight With A Twisted Helm. It's Sword Slung Over It's Shoulder. Arms As Lax As Broken Limbs, It Tweaked Its Wrist. Both The Man In The Armor And The Robed Man, As They Stood To Oppose These Figures, They Readied With A Swiftness. “It Comes!” As A Viper Thin Silver Streak Flew Through The Air. The Very Dust And Smoke Was Cut And The Twisted Helm Knight Stood In Front Of Both Of Them. Each Man Taking A Different Death Defying Maneuver To Avoid The Strafe Of The Blade. Another Swing Was Readied. The Twisted Knight Was Fast Enough To Become A Blur To The Dark Knight And Left Him For The Man In The Blue Robes. With A Gust, He Was Tattered And Scattering Blood Across The Cobalt. The Dark Knight Seeing This. He Yelled Ferociously. With That Yell, Armor Belted His Body In Quick Whip Lashes. A Rage And Spectacle Of Aura Drenched The Dark Knight. His Armor Changed. It Crushed To His Physical Form. Leaving A More Sleek And Jagged Look. Spikes Protruded The Shoulders And Blades Lacking Appraisal, Were Mounted At The Wrists. His Jaw Was Swathe With A Venom Black Mouth Guard Adorned With Matching Fangs. As His Eyes Sunk In With Hatred. Only Breathing Can Be Heard From The Helm Of The Twisted Knight. This Breath Sounded Oddly Satisfied. They Both Lunged At One Another With Great Velocity And Force. This All Took Place While The Lady In White Was Walking. She Encroached To An Object That Laid Still Near The Man In The Blue Robes. A Shiny, Shimmering Amulet. She Smiled Softly As She Kneeled, Whilst She Turned To See The Robes Empty. Her Smile Was Ripped Away, As She Pivoted Back To The Amulet Being A Pile Of Stones. Only A Mirage. Light Shined Above Her. The Twisted Helm Knight Was Briefly Interrupted With Seeing A Huge Bolt Of Magic Looming Over The Lady In White. In It's Distraction It Was Struck In The Gut. The Strike Did Not Phase It, For Before The Dark Knight Could Raise His Other Weapon, The Twisted Knight Leapt Away. Unshivving Himself From The Blade In The Process. As The Bolt Of Lightning Got Closer To The Lady In White, She Looked Towards The Twisted Knight. As It Jankingly Bolted Towards Her, She Opened Her Arms In An Embrace. Slowly As The Bolt Of Lightning Came Down. Smashing Into The Both Of Them As They Met. She Held The Knight In Between Her Arms And Smiled At A Woman Who Stood In The Distance. The Woman Who Had Casted The Magic. In A Sweep, Magic Runes Opened Up On Ground Around Them. As They Continued To Be Struck, The Lady In White Closed Her Eyes. The Light Began To Brighten As She Said “My Return Will Mark New Death, New Death That You Will Be Faulted For Their Curse.” The Twisted Knight's Sword Flung From The Blast And Punctured Through The Woman In The Distance. In Her Bronze Jacket Pieces Of A Shattered Amulet Fell From Her Chest. As She Was Flung Into The Ground And Pinned By The Sword, Her Eyes Laid Still And The Blast Engulfed Most Of The Field In Light. “Smither... In The 8.. Divinities” The Light Swathed. While Most Of The Fighters Who Opposed The Lady In White Looked Defeated. “Forgetting Those Today.. Will Be A Crime Unforgiven..” ~Ring Ring~ The Sounds Of School Bells Ring. While Students All Try To Gather Their Things To Begin Class. Filler High Grand Community School. A Mixture Of Student Levels Of Education. Ranging From Middle School, All The Way To University Levels. With The Campus Of A University, It Houses Over 130,000 Students. This Is Including, Night Schooling And GED Students. This School Is A Powerhouse Of Education. Many Mid-High Graduates Are Instantly Employed In High Payroll Jobs. This School Is Highly Scouted By Talent Scouts. People Usually Apply For This School For Its Medical And Engineering Certificates. This School Also Allows You To Have A Sub-Major While In The Middle School Grades. All Students Are Expected To Keep A Grade Above A 'C', There Are No 'D's'. You Will Be Issued A Warning And If You Are Still In The Bracket Of A 'C'. For Too Long, You Will Be Removed From The Enrollment And Enlisted Roster. Making You Effectively Terminated As A Student. Students At The Age Of Fifteen With High Enough Grades, Are Awarded The Ability To Have An On-Campus Dorm Room When Available. With Permission, It Is Believed To Keep The Student In A Constant Learning Cycle And Environment. You Can Have A Range From 6 To 10 Classes A Day. It Is Lush, With A Garden And Orchard. The School Can Look Like A Slice Of Heaven At Times. Although Punishment Is Rare, It Is Only Reserved For Those Of A Serious Offense. Bullying Isn't An Offense In Filler, It Is Seen As It Resembles The Real World. Therefore Minor Things Like Name Calling And Hazing Are Non Reportable Crimes. Sports Are The Second To Third Highest Campus Attraction. Tennis, Golf, Volleyball And Football Being In Respective Order Of Attraction. While, Art Is 4th Place In All Of The School’s Activity. Threatened To Be Shut Down For Its Lack Of Production. With A ‘Lead Or Be Lead’ Philosophy, This School Commonly Has Student Ran Fund-Raisers And Organized Events, Clubs And Committees, Championships and Tournaments. All Of These Make For A Well Rounded Experience. As With Most Schools, There Is Uniform. Brown And Black Are The Standard Colors But The Education Level Dictates The Trim And Emblem Color. Red Is The Color For Middle School Education, Blue Is High School Education And White Is The University Level. There Are Roman Numerals For The Actual Grade Within The Education Level. (So Red 1, Would Be 6th Grade. Blue 1, Would Be 9th Grade And White 1 Would Be 1st Year In College.) This Place Is Seen As An Educational Heaven. They Even Have Real Archaeological Discoveries Being Appraised At This School, Real Inventions Are Patented From Students While Still In Schooling, And Medical Research Is Being Helped And Tackled By Students In This College. Even If You Fail At This School, It Still Looks Good On Paper. To Keep The School As Organized As Much As Possible, The School Is Sectioned, But The Sectioning And Divide Isn't Enforced. “No Divide In The Reality, No Divide In The Mind” Our Headmaster Will Tell You. To Have a Well Ventured Social Atmosphere. You Never Know A First Year Red Might Surprise You With Their Trivia. I’m Sure When You Enroll, You Will Enjoy Yourself Here. Many Activities For The Busy Body. Those Who Desire Thrill And Adventure, Will All Find It Here! Welcome To Filler High Grand Community School Roles Of The Card D’ Tarot:
  2. 'It all began with that Deceiving man with Brown Eyes, wearing a red scarf coming out of no where.' "My Name is Xendriel.. Where can I find the crystal bearers? I am the Fourth bearer" 'He slithered his way in with part of the knowledge he had saying he was one of the chosen. Saying it would be the key to bringing the world to peace. Oh how reckless we were with our trust.' " I know quite a bit about the crystals and few things you don't know about them. I would love to share it with you three." 'When he spoke of how to draw power from the Crystals, he had everyone under his fingers. asking for protection. Hell, he even had us believing he was one of us. Showing us his research and collection of books about the crystals, we quickly embraced him and his knowledge' "It is possible to use them as a direct power source to boost your abilities!" 'People started giving him shelter, offering him Gil and various items It got to the point where the people started to praise him as if he was a god of living flesh. Adored by all the townspeople.' "Thank you for all of your gifts, I humbly accept them." 'He asked to see where the crystals were kept and we took him to the Crystal Shrine. He marveled at the sight of them, then marvel turned into greed. We watched as his smile twisted and warped into a malicious grin.' "You have brought me to the beginning of my destiny and to the end of yours!!!" 'We fought against Xendriel with all of our might but he was too strong for us. We summoned the eidolons to help and that was the last part he needed to complete the separation of power from the crystals.' "You fools, the eidolons are now mine! There is nothing you can do to stop me. You all are powerless! Bow down to your new lord! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" 'We fled from the shrine with our lives. We were severely injured but we made it. The power of the crystals are gone but there is still a chance for us to fix it. Find new Eidolons to replace to replace to replace to old ones! That is our chance. May the light choose it's warriors wisely' 'This is Noctis along with Y'shtola and Hope. we pass our light on in hopes that you will find the true fourth light and restore the balance of Barlendia.' 'May the cryst... No, may the Light guide you!!!' Synopsis With the last of its power, the light has chosen you along with three others to restore power back to the Crystals and take back the world that has been conquered by Xendriel you must find your Eidolon surpass their tests and let them connect to the Crystals, but beware of the old Eidolons, for they have selected people to harness their power, these people are called Deitors. The enslaved gods: Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, And Bahamut will do Xendriel's bidding it is up to you to free them from their Torment and restore the balance to Barlendia. It has been Eight years since Xendriel Conquered This world but, now its time to take it back. Barlendia Barlendia was a world with a brimming baby blue sky with vast and vibrant green pastures. you would be able to see the wild life eating the grass and when when the wind blew the grass would fold from the breezes. Across the Pastures you would see the thick forest abundant with trees and critters. The entrance is so thick, you wouldn't be able to see through the trees. some parts of the forest are thicker than others, so thick that the trees block the sunlight. There is a well known legend about the forest. If you find the heart of the Forest, you would be granted Dominion over all of the forest on Barlendia and be seen as King of the Forest/ Fae. Isn't that nice? The Mountains are beauties to behold. Flowers grow along the mountain paths helping create roads that leads to caves and the caves lead to the mountain tops. all the beautiful flowers that decorate the roads blossom when signs of life is near. There is another part of the legend, but its a bit more tricky. two of the mountains tops grow the mythical flowers: Dragon Peony and Kirin Hydrangea. It is said that they hold powers that are beyond this world. one of the mountain tops is under the the ocean The ocean and rivers is a bright crystal blue and was so clear, that you can see deep into the water. It was so clean that you can drink from the ocean but, that has changed. its more darker and very bleak. The pasture aren’t safe any more. The new monsters roam around freely, killing anything in sight. Its not safe for anyone to leave without someone to protect you from these beasts. Everything has its peril now but that going to change. You four are going to change it. Rules: - Please Read The Rules - T Rated Do Not Go All M Rated On Me. - There Will Be Some Gore, Don’t Over Use It. - Keep The Romance To A Fade To Black. - LANGUAGE Is Allowed But Not Overboard. - No God Modding. - Follow Site Rules. - After Everyone Post One Or More Times I Will Do A World Narration. Do Not Post After The “Reserved Post” Is Posted - Always Add Reason For Edit - Don’t Take Anything Personal/Poor Sport - Ask Permission To Do Something With Someone Else Character. - Two Characters Per Roleplayer. - Semi-Lit (I will be putting the spell water in white magic along with buffing magics. If you are L'cie, pick Synergist to use buff magic) Character Sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Name Of Light: (e.g Light Of Courage) Appearance: Class: (put class evolution if it has one. if you are a L'cie, put the classes focused on and mark location) Target Eidolon (in place of old one): Eye Color *–  Height *– Starting Weapon: (Can use any weapon with any class) Final Weapon: (will be obtained in the middle of the rp) Ultimate Attack: (will be obtained near the end of the rp) Like/Dislike: Personality/Bio: Once you have read the rules Put "May the Light guide you" at the end of your post