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  1. In The Midst Of A Semi Populated City, The Sky Is Perpetually In A State Of Dusk. Where The Sun’s Vast Rays Only Sink Its Glisten Across Half The City. It’s Depth Lies In Life And Culture Everyone Treats This Phenomenon As An Everyday Exchange. Life Here Is As In Any Other City. Only That Everything To Everyone Is In Some Form Of An Extreme. The Good Is Phenomenally Good, And The Bad Is A Tier Above Its More Chaotic Counterparts. This City In A Perpetual Half, A Black And A White, Missing It’s Grey, This Place Is Known Only By One Name. Inno-City ‘Use This Thread To Just Be Silly And Hang And Roleplay. There Is No Story. You Don’t Need To Make A Character. You Don’t Need To Post Deep Paragraphs Of Literature. (If You Make Me Read Here … Heh Heh I Will Burn You.) Feel Free To Just Play As Yourself, Or A Made Up Character. Just Make Sure You Do You!!! Heh, Play Nice And Have Fun. We Will All Make Up The City Together As We Go. No Need To Stumble Over Any Details. Heh Heh, The City Is A Phenomenon Boi.. Be Phenomenal, Get A JOB.’ Welcome To Inno-city