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"Hello My Name Is Fae

 And I Am The Site Admin Here On Allfict."


"I Love Writing, Drawing, Watching Anime And Talking. So Don't Be Afraid To Say Hey."


" I Do Most Of The Decision Making And Directing For The Site And Updates, Boring Stuff Like That.

I Made This Site Because I Have A Strong Passion For The Rping Community.
I Have Roleplayed On Many Sites Including Gaia Online, Dream Realm, And Kh13."


"I Only Really Came To Making This Site Because I Felt That Some Of Those Sites Had A Lack Of Focus On The Roleplaying Part Of Their Community.

I Hope To Use This Site To Build A Community Of Roleplaying, Art, And Other Creatives Works!"


"I Truly Want To Give A Great, Fun, And Creative Experience Here At Allfict. I Promise To That."


"One DAY I Will Even Produce And Create My Own Animations And Such Like That!"

"In My Own Opinion I Am A Cool Calm And Chill Person. I'm Easy Going When It Comes To 'Making Mistakes' And/Or 'Needing Help' Or 'Something' Of Me."


"I Try As Hard As I Can, Always! 100 Percento! I Swear."


"Let Me Break The Ice With Conversation."

"I'll Start With What I Am Afraid Of! "


"I Am Afraid Of Spiders, Bats And My Grandma!"


"I Love Art And Walls Of Texts Most People Call 'Literature'."

"My Favorite Meal Is Still The O.G. Mac And Cheese. Heh I Love Cheese. I'm A Rat On All Levels Except Physical!"


"I Really Like To Spice Things Up Creatively And Add Twist On Things Rather Than Follow Most Conventional Ways. Bleh, I Would Hate To Be Stale.

"My Creativity Is My Best Quality."


"Heh Only Quality, Best Quality"

Douche7_zpsl2kszvfb (1).PNG

"Any Ways, That's It For Me Thanks For Reading,"

"Feel Free To Just Chat. Have A Great Day!"

A Dance For

f3179eb9643020cd98f05a48179fb874.gifYou BEAUTIFUL



Thanks For Making It Til The End! Sorry It's Long!


XiX Innoc

XiX Innoc


Hi hello hey, my name is Xix and I am the Lead Composer and co-admin of Allfict. I'm a simple person, with not much to say. I mean I will talk, but I might not initiate. One thing I do love to initiate is creating characters, items, and worlds for people to get immersed in. I let my creations talk for me. Back onto the scheme of simplicity, I'm a dog person, I'm a meat eater, I love music of all genres. I don't really listen to country music though. My favorite genre of roleplay is action & adventure, fantasy, and horror. You can easily find me in discussions, taverns, roleplay, Arts and media, and C.R.Gs. I don't mind 1x1s or one shots. You can message me if you need help or just suggestions. I'm often free on the site, especially for those who need me. Enjoy yourself here. Keep it lax. See you later 

Lead Moderator