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  1. SaltyCracker98

    About To Get A PS4 Soon, Any Suggestions?

    In terms of up keep just make sure you keep it in open air, no cabinets or else it could over heat, also occasionally check the vents on the side they can build up with a lot of dust under your nose and before you know it it’s not venting properly. In terms of games I like overwatch, rainbow six siege, and warframe. Those are my core games right now but some other nice ones are things like Minecraft and smite. Ive only ever had the base PlayStation I know there is a new version though but the regular one should be fine unless you just really really want the new one. (I think the new one offers better graphics but you’d need a high def tv to go with that anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️)
  2. SaltyCracker98

    What would you be in the anime Bleach

    Give me any universe where I can be a bad ass and you can sign me right up! No questions asked!
  3. SaltyCracker98

    Agent Smith VS....... A Digimon?!?

    I’ve been busy with school and haven’t felt well enough to work on one. Sorry guys
  4. SaltyCracker98

    Battle Of Caradda

    Seth holds his head wincing, and looks up at the girl. “Ugh.. I literally just found it” what time is it? Last night was a blur... Is it yours? I was walking through the city and it was laying there” He stands up, clearly tired and dazed from them running into each other. “If it’s yours you can obviously have it... it just stuck out to me” He deliberately leaves out detail to avoid sounding crazy.
  5. SaltyCracker98

    Conviction Of Silence

    What did I just walking into? 0_o Nice tunes xix ☺️
  6. SaltyCracker98

    Stadia: The Netflix of Videogames?

    Controller is a game cube rip off. honestly this is the first I’ve heard of it, tf they think they are going to be playing? Y’all know they can’t have tittles like rainbow 6 and warframe because of the fact they have separate accounts. Micro transactions???? It’s just google trying to get their foot in the door with everything digital just like Disney is trying to take over Hollywood New media will over run it like it has been for the past 5 years someone gaming industry is too established with things like steam for big titles and then there is always smaller private game developers and there will continue to be more every day Being fair I think a lot of games require some kind of internet now outside of things like god of war so idk how true it is to say you need to “own it” when you need server support, I don’t disagree it’s probably a bad idea just saying ^Us To Google^
  7. SaltyCracker98

    Zombie Deer Disease May Spread To Humans

    While that is an interesting thought I think it wouldn’t be as threatening as real zombies. I think if it made its way to people we would simply find a cure for it. There aren’t many things that are issues to cure the main ones are things that actually make the body work against itself
  8. SaltyCracker98

    Battle Of Caradda

    Not at all worried
  9. SaltyCracker98

    Battle Of Caradda

    @Fae I’m triggered about you being gone *humph*
  10. SaltyCracker98

    Valentine’s Day Discussion

    Sorry @Fae I can’t provide what you’d prefer
  11. SaltyCracker98

    Valentine’s Day Discussion

    So I figured some Valentine’s Day festivities might be fun. Im kicking it off with a poll would you prefer to have: 1: A Thicc Bod 2: 1/2 Thicc Bod, 1/2 Thicc Brain 3: A Thicc Brain
  12. SaltyCracker98

    Meme Stew: Chicken Noodle Soup

  13. I’ve been hearing about it, to me it’s just another BR game, I’d personally would have rather seen a new Titanfall game, but that’s just me 🤷🏻‍♂️ The BR fad has been over used now.
  14. SaltyCracker98

    Midnight post

    10pm post!, you clan of overly specific 40 year old virgins!!!! Yeah I’m making another post deal with it, haven’t been super inspired lately.... I’ll try to come up with some more posts like I use to catcha on the meme side, and remember! always be racist to those yogurt sucking white people!!! ^salty is white so don’t ban plz 🙏^
  15. SaltyCracker98

    What would be your speedster name?

    My speedster name would be “Volt” and I’d be really good at killing eidolons. oh wait... that’s warframe not DC...