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  1. Butler

    Life In My Lane

    This beat gives me 'street' type of vibes that matches the drawing of your beat. Seems like that would be the song that would play if he was walking down the street or even him being introduced.
  2. Butler

    Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

    ‘People are not aware of us...?’ I looked at all the people walking with blank expressions on their faces. I looked back the the destroyed restaurant & looked back at the people, there was an unnerving chill that went down my spine. I felt cluttered, & confused to what just happened. My sense of reality felt completely turned on its head because of the strange man being able to do all of those unexplainable things. I looked at my whole arm, I didn’t recognize it as if it were mine because of how the tattoo was designed. ‘I don’t even know where to start explaining this.’ “I have no idea…but whatever it wanted, it wanted us. Why? I don't know. Do you guys happen to know someone who's pissed off at any of you? Because I sure don't.” I said as I dropped my arm to my side. I followed Xix, I looked at each of us & down at myself. My clothes are now dirty, ripped, & disheveled. I removed some debris from my hair & clothes. A lot of crumbs fell to the pavement. A feeling in the back of my mind was telling me that this isn’t over yet. I then entered Xix’s home as he kindly gestures.
  3. Butler

    Final Fantasy: Scarred Sentenals RP

    One of the soldiers gestured for my help, the goblins looked at me & tried to carry on to their devices much faster as they were trying to pillage. This was a small affair of getting in my way to the next town, no doubt I don’t even have to open my tome to stop them. I held my tome at my side, stoic. I then took a deep breath & pressed on with the situation at hand. “Slow.” I uttered & all the goblins heeded my command. Doing so, felt like a waste of mana when it could be used for urgent matters. “Ignite.” all the goblins burst into flames, they were either running or on the floor trying to fruitlessly get rid of the fire. I walked over closer to these creatures & with a snap of my fingers, they became ashen, the ashes were carried away by a gentle passing breeze. I looked at the soldier. “Are you all alright?....Do you think you could provide carriage to the next town for me? See it as payment for my service.” I said cordially, yet I was eager to get to the next town to find more work...more clues...it always feel like I am on his tail but never within my grasp. Everything I have been doing is just a small stroke, small yet significant to craft the masterpiece I have been yearning to complete & view. Every stroke must follow suit. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. Butler

    Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

    ‘How did i?...the tattoo it did this?...obviously he wanted it...why?’ I stepped away from the body of that thing as the body limped down, & walked towards the direction of Fae & Xix. “...let’s go!” I heard Fae’s voice trail in. I heard Xix say “"Hey, let's go back to my place. We can hide out there until we feel like it's safe. I live on the next boulevard." I looked back at the body once more. “Yeah, let’s get out of here!” I said, I started rushing outside to leave. “Fae, you called for help? Is anybody coming?” I asked.
  5. Butler

    Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

    I felt nervous, as everything was going really fast & the tattoo wrapped around my arm then to my eyes. hearing the voice in my head commanding me to use it getting louder & louder. The hot-cold rush went with the tattoo then through my whole body. Finally a static pulse went through me, I felt a surge of thrill & energy. Then the shadow man came at me. I felt what I wanted to do. ‘Leave us alone!’ I thought. Various spikes protruded from my body to the direction of the shadow man coming at me, stretching fast, all to stab him.
  6. Butler

    Project Reassemble

    I think they are not going to find out that they are being tested until WAY later into the story, & they might get upset about that.
  7. Butler

    Judgement Blade

    Why are we talking like this?
  8. Butler

    Cat Meme

    liking it and sharing it with at least 10+ friends gives you 10 years of luck 😂
  9. Character Sheet: Name: Skyleil ‘Sky’ Starkstone Age: 30 Gender: Male Name Of Light: Light Of Vengeance Appearance: Black medium length hair, hair touches his shoulders, he has his hair commonly swept back with his blue mage hat & garb. Class: Blue Mage Target Eidolon (in place of old one): Seraph Eye Color *– Hazel-gray eyes Height *– 6 ft Starting Weapon: Standard issue Starkstone enchanted spell book Final Weapon: The Last Burden (a spiritual lexicon that becomes engraved into one’s soul covering the body in tattoos) Ultimate Attack: Salvation, sky’s eyes light up while getting power from seraph and target enemies in the distance causing massive explosions or elemental attacks to come from any angle. Likes: Reading, training, researching, philosophy, debating, being playful, joking, having an open mind, & cooking with magic. Dislikes: snobbiness, doom & gloom, stubbornness, running in circles, betrayal, & defeatist attitude, the unmannered & impolite. Personality/Bio: Descended from a long line of a family of blue mages that have been in service & worship the eidolons & The crystals as old as memory. They first & foremost thank asura, the creator & the queen of all eidolons. Therefore family life is very prompt on being groomed to be a blue mage to then be trained at 10 once the training is complete at 25 you can either continue your studies, take part of the family’s duty, or be off on your own as long as you come back of course to keep in touch with the family & hold up the family duty. The training is not only magical but physical as well, learning hand to hand combat as a means of if you run out of magic. Sky was a very fun loving young boy that would get into many shenanigans & got himself in trouble often but as he grew up he became more orderly but didn’t want to be stuck up like the rest of the blue mages in his family. Sky felt that an appearance like that gives magic & mages a negative look, which sky understood that magic is not only logical but emotional as well understanding there is that balance in magic that he feels that most of his family overlooks. Which is his family views as naive, which sky believes is a different way of looking at things, & it’s important to be open to change, grow, & improve ideas. A forthright, earnest, reasonable, playful, trusting, & a good man that likes to give the benefit of the doubt to challenge his ideas, to learn from others & improve his own life philosophy. Sky chose to stay, to continue his studies & carry on the family duty because he has pride of the service & worship to the eidolons & crystals. Sky also wants to show that not all of his family & all mages alike are the same. Then one fateful day, he unknowingly helped Xendriel during all the times he visited the shrine, giving him sensitive & critical information that lead sky to blame himself for being so naive, he felt he disgraced his birth rite, & he felt betrayed most of all. Out of all of his mixture of emotions of anger, betrayal, fear of being dishonorably discharged from the service, the thought of his magic being stripped, & being exiled from his family, he ran away because sky wanted to make it right & with betrayal in his heart he is driven to do so. Sky being hot in pursuit of Xendriel gathering clues & such he makes a living being a sell-spell undertaking various jobs to travel where the investigation takes him, he stays where he is as long as it’s needed. These days Sky is in conflict with his emotions & beliefs involving what measures he is willing to take to complete his goal. From everything that has happened he has become hardened & scorned. Sorry it took awhile but THERE YOU GO! "May the Light guide you"
  10. Butler

    Overwatch Team Comp

    Agreed, you absolutely have to know what you are doing if you're gonna go mei. I extremely rarely see any pull offs with her tbh.
  11. Okay! I got quite the list of games to introduce to you! Obviously get overwatch Since I know you LOVE kingdom hearts get the 1.5 + 2.5, 2.8, & Kingdom Hearts 3 (Critical mode is out for kh3 already, so have fun with that) All in one bundle & ANY of the Final Fantasies watch out for FF14 is subscription based BO4 just for the blackout mode Apex Legends because free (& It's great) Zombie Army Trilogy, It's a really cool game! There's a mechanic I love in there...Try to find it! Mortal Kombat (XiX) Horizon Zero Dawn (Story driven but it plays great!) The Last Of Us Remastered (Yes, even online, a bit old but it's GOLD) Dynasty Warriors 8/9 (Character customization & some cool fighting) Dark Souls 1,2, & 3 (Same as above but it's DIFFICULT) Bloodborne (Same as above but with guns) Sekiro (Same as above but in japanese) Monster Hunter World (AMAZING Game, Also has ChC, Free DLC) Nier Automata (SE game with amazing combos) Resident Evil 2 remake, & RE7 Insomniac's Spiderman (Seen GREAT THINGS) Absolver (Don't question me, GET IT) BlazBlue Chrono phantasma extend & Cross tag battle Conan Exiles (Fun sandbox multiplayer with human sacrifice) Darksiders 1,2,& 3 Dead Rising 1, & 2 off the record Dmc remastered, & 5 ANY TALES OF GAMES Witcher 3 GTAV Chrono Trigger Remastered I could honestly go on forever...XD BUT Games to avoid ANY SPORTS GAME EVER Fortnite Mighty no. 9 (Failed megaman reboot) Umbrella Corps (I...don't know where to begin XD) Ghost Busters Ender Of Fire...(Don't ask) General advice? Dust off your ps4 OFTEN, I would say about once a week to get rid of dust thoroughly with a damp cloth, trust me, dust is a killer for the ps4. Then, you might to re-build databases every once in a awhile like once a/every other month. (To know more & WHY: https://www.psu.com/news/how-and-why-you-should-rebuild-your-ps4-database-regularly/)