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  1. I’m trying to make a short story and I need people to review and to see what they think feel free to judge. Ever wonder how it felt to control power. Well this is the story of my life and trust me you don't want them. I've clashed with more people than I can count because of this stupid ability. An evil time traveling witch trying to destroy the city, disgusting mole creatures trying to take over a city, and worst of all my brother trying to steal my power. And that's only a taste of what I fought. Well hold up I'm getting ahead of myself before I start with the actual story let me start from the beginning and how all this happened. From what I heard my biological parents died in a car accident the day I was born or in other words when we were born. It had been a peaceful day for them, the rain had started to fade away but they lived in the part of town that fogs up after the rain. That night my mom's water broke and my dad tried to rush her to the hospital. They had never thought that they would meet there demise on the way their. A drunk driver was speeding his way through the streets. My dad hadn't notice this guy driving since he was also in a rush to get my mom to the hospital. They collided with each other and my dad flew out of the window and smashed into the other drivers front window causing him to die on the spot. My mom on the other hand was stronger than my dad she hit her head as well but instead of dying she was knocked unconscious. But due to the accident we were forced out of her in other words we were blasted out of her womb. Let's skip forward time had past and my mom had lost to much blood causing her to die. When the paramedics arrived they took my mom's lifeless body out of the car, as they took her out they saw that the bottom of her dress was drenched in blood. Thats when he decided to look at the bottom of the seat due to the fact of how much blood there was on her dress. To his surprise there was a puddle of blood and inside this puddle two babies. That's when they realized that she had given birth to a pair twins during the impact, they immediately checked if we had died but to there surprise the babies were perfectly fine. As they took us out they saw that one of the babies was covered in this white glowing aura that immediately got people's attention while the other baby seemed to be a rather normal baby. Of course I was the baby that look normal. But to there surprise I was pretty special myself they just didn't know yet.