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  1. Fae

    Life In My Lane

    Kinda Fits Him. Makes It Seem Like A Sort Of An Anarchist Thing. I Actually Don't Have Anything For Beto Haha.
  2. Fae

    Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

    "Yeah, Sure." I Said To Xix. "Let's Go, Anywhere But Here." Trying To Shake The Shock Out Of Myself. I Looked Back With A Concerned And Slightly Distroted Expression. She Was Talking To Me. the Girl With The Strange Tattoo. Honestly, I'm Just As Afraid Of Her As I Am The Shadow Man. I Mean, I Don't Know Her. I Know She Hurt The Shadow Man, But How Did She Do That. Do Unnatural Things Like He Did. I Turned To Her, Trying Not Give Away The Worry I Had For What She Was. "No.." They Weren't, But Why? "People.. Seem Not To Be Really Aware Of Me.." We Don't Have Time For Chat Here. We Should Definitely Keep Moving. "Hey Man, Lead The Way." I Gestured Xix To Get In front Of Me.
  3. Yeah Boi!! Now We Need To Go Through All The Stories We Have
  4. Yeah Everyone Is Here Pretty Much. When Do We Start?
  5. Fae

    Inno-City 1v1v1 (fae,but,xix)

    I Sat There Watching Butler As I Heard The Rage Leave Her Breath. 'Leave us alone.' She Roared. I Watched As Spikes Rampaged Through Her Body Toward The Man. 'I can't believe this', The Spike Leaving Her Caused Some Destruction, But I Couldn't Ignore The Phenomenon That Was Happening Before My Very Eyes. These Those Were Everywhere. Ripping Through The Air Violently, I Move Low To Make Sure Nothing Has The Opportunity To Break Off And Fly My Way. I Looked Up At The Window And Saw An Opportunity. Getting A Way Out. i Leaped Outside Through It. I Cut Myself Abit On The Glass Erecting Through The Break Of It. I Slammed Against The Pavement With Tough Thud. It Was Welcome Versus What Was Happening In The Restaurant. When I Landed Outside I Saw Everyone Walking As Normal. Going There Way. "Help! Someone!" I Paused. People Looked At Me. Just Glanced. Stopped For Abit Then Continue Along There Way. Like I Said Nothing. Like I Didn't Exist. Again And Again I Repeated Myself. I Rushed To A Man Near Me Who Was On The Phone. "Sir! Sir! Call Someone! The Police, Military There's A Man Who. . ." He Stared At Me, Blank. No Expression, Just Raw Emptiness. I Let Go Of His Arm ND He Turned Away From Me And Just Continued On The Phone. 'He Didn't Even Acknowledge Me' I Rushed Back Towards The Restaurant. His Head Swiveled Towards Butler. 'Awoken!' He Yelled For A Second The Intensity Of His Destructive Power Grew. Til, Spikes Purtrude Through The Shadow Man. Ripped Through Him. Pushing Him Against The Wall. Pinning Him. His Arm Dropped And His Head Hung Down. The Room Stopped Swirling And The Shadows Ceased Stretching. Blood Dripped From His Mouth, Everything Settled. I Leaned In Through The Window "Come On.. Whoa. Is He.." I Shook My Head "No... Let's Go!" I Rushed My Voice. Waving Them Out.
  6. Fae

    Judgement Blade

  7. Fae

    Project Reassemble

    I Have Not Read It All But, When I Give It A Full Read I Will Let You Know.
  8. Fae

    Judgement Blade

    Shut up, you.
  9. Fae

    Becoming Greatness

    Tsk, *Activates Edge* ...Die. *Hair Flip*
  10. Fae

    Overwatch Team Comp

    Delete Me! Lol We Don't Need Her Lol Jk but ACTUALLY delete the people who pick her when we need a main tank or hitscan.
  11. Fae

    Cat Meme

    The Mystic Almighty Rare Hovercat! You Have Been Blessed With It's Presence 🙏
  12. I don't want to but yeah
  13. @SaltyCracker98 @XiX Innoc @Butler Thanks For All The Suggestions. I Definitely Want To Get Overwatch And Stuff Like That I Also Want To Know Is It Really Worth It To Get tthe Year PlayStation Plus Or Should I Just Go Month For Month? Or Do I Not Need It Right Now? Cause The Subscription I Never Really Even Knew What It Does *shrug* I Am Interested In The Newer Models, But I Don't Have The TV For It I Believe (2010-2012) So I Don't Think I Will Be Getting A Newer Model. But Should I Aim For A Model With A Terabyte? Or Would You Think Getting An External Hard Drive Would Be Best? As For Games, I Will Get Warframe, I Will Get Overwatch As For A Third Game I Have No Clue. But Yeah🥰 Thanks For The Support.
  14. Fae

    Judgement Blade

    If You Can Maybe Put An Enemy There So We Can See The Effect. Or Maybe You Can Put Scene After Scene? Would Be Cool To See Someone Hey Knocked Out But Her.