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    Hello, I'm Weeb

    Hello, um I'm weeboutfit but you can call my weeb or uh, Wee wee. (kid you not, I have been called that many times. 🐳) I am 'new' to 'foruming' or whatever this is, but I am interested in getting into this sorta stuff. Seen many forums before just lurked though. (This forum seems small enough, so a plus for me just starting out. No offense though) So um, yeah. I like anime. I also like cosplaying (but I don't cosplay just look at photos of cosplayers) I also have made a hobby out editing those photos and posting them to Instagram only (for now). I like to photoshop, though I am not really good. So, I use what I can. Um, let's see, what else... I guess that's uh, that's it? I really dont know what to say, in all honesty. But yeah hey again. I don't mind chatting. Eh, Here's a sample of some of my edits. Original: My edit: Akemi homura from megia record by @kleinerpixel on instagram. Original: My edit: Ermes costello from jojo bizarre by @demonhound on Instagram These are just a few to be honest with you. But yeah that's a look into me. So uh, yeah.
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    Jeshua Petross

    Hello, I’m TD9120

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t really care much of anything to be honest. Well I was just wanting to introduce myself because I’m bored so yeah, bye.
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    Stuff that makes me mad

    So this is the new fire type starter in it’s full evolution tree. And I thought “OH GREAT! they made another fire fighting type!” Yeah see here’s the thing... it’s pure fire and that somehow ticks me off even more because you know they wanted to make it a fighting type but couldn’t be bothered to come up with something new so they just ripped the type off of it -_- They did exactly the same thing with incineroar! “Oh well we can’t make it a fighting type because the fans will get mad so let’s slap dark on it and call it a day” -_-