Gweny Montesquieu

Battle Of Caradda

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((Ima change it from third to first person since I am posting as julie now because of our new feature. 🌟))

 "i was copying papers and the room..that light." She looked up and shook her head. "Err um, yeah, i found mines on the floor. i just thought i should return it. is all." Gweny said, I nodded & noticed she got startled from when I first spoke. 

'Okay...she's very jumpy hopefully she won't run away...' I thought. 

Revien sighed before talking. "I found it in my locker on the boys side of the gym. like someone opened and placed it inside." he said before he looking away. "Why do we even have these in the first place?" He asked us.

I turned to revien, & I sighed a bit. 

@XiX Innoc

"Honestly, I have no idea. We have no obvious correlation with each least none that I can tell.  It sounds like if it's one person they must be very organized, but I think multiple people could be behind this prank."  I said as we were walking.

We were almost there at the library, I turned to gweny.


"So you think looking up these cards might give us a clue about who is behind this?" I looked at my card & observed it further.

"They sure don't look entirely brand new because of the artwork on them but, they do seem to be made with extremely high quality paper. So if these were made by someone they weren't cheap to make or to buy." I said.


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"Yes I do. These thing are unbranded and there doesnt seem to be any 'true' markings on them." 

Gweny pulled hers out infront of her. 

"Whoever made them used an archaic method." She flipped hers around.

"The etchings don't line up and neither are most bits symmetrical." She looked over her shoulder, and with a proud smile she spoke again. "which suggest, it was done by hand."

Gweny turned back around blushed and red in the face. She felt abit overtaken. Too much talking for her.  So she turned her head and kept facing the path towards the library. 

"We are close by."

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