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Battle Of Caradda

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World Narration ~ The School After Day Classes ~

The School Bell Rings, and Day Schooling Is Over. Many Students Flood The Pathways And Everyone Begins To Head Their Own Ways. Teacher Are Seen Conversing With One Another, When An Announcement Comes Over The PDA. "Pep Rally Will Begin After The Field Is Cleared Of All Rotation C Students." A Small Chirp Can Be Heard As The Woman Speaking Takes Another Breath. "If You Are Involved With Event Planning Or Management Of Any Kind, Please Do Find Rebecca Forbes. She Will Be In The Film Wing, 'D' hall For Preparations" The Announcement Repeats Another Couple Of Times Before The Audio Cuts And Music Is Played Throughout The School. The School Anthem. A Song Filled With Trumpets And Flutes, Drums And Symbols, Even The Choir Can Be Heard In The Clutter Of Instruments.

Many People Can Be Seen Chatting. Some People Are Even Snagging Their Uniforms Off To Wear The Clothing Underneath. As All This Is Happening The Field Area Is Being Cleared. People Are Taking Props, Food, Drink, And Even People Wearing Soldier Uniforms. Crowds Are Getting Ready To Get To The Field, And Lines Are Being Made. The Mascot Is There, All In Complete Costume. A Big Eared Okapi, Practicing Flips. A Marching Band Can Be Heard Practicing. Constantly In And Out Of Tune. Someone Even Started Playing Mario, Which You Can Hear A Teacher Promptly Yell At The Clown.

Coaches And The Referee All On The Field. Helping The Cheerleaders Get Into Form And Practice Just Before The Rally. Everything Beginning To Get In Place. 

Gweny ~ "Racing Through The School To Science Wing's K Hall"

Rushing Through The Crowd, "Excuse Me!" "Sorry." "Ow." This Is Much Of The Ensemble She Makes Traversing The Crowd. The Battle Is Steep Due To Her Size. She Then Stops And Looks Defeated As A Pack Of Football Players Stand In Her Way. They Are All Conversing Loud Enough To Drown Her Pleas For Passage Out. She Then Just Scrunches Her Face And Tries To Press Through. She Fails.

Sitting On The Floor, Having Been Shoved Out. She Gets Up And Looks For Another Route. She Is In A Hurry. A Hurry To Get Her Psych Professor Her Paper. This Is A Make Or Break Grade. Dubbed 'Student's Autodidact' This Is A Bundle Of Most Of What She Has Learned Throughout The Months With Her Current Psyche Professor. This Will Either Have Him Accept Her As A Student When She becomes A White 1 Or He Will Become A Referral For Her. She Wants This. She Actually Needs It. Being In His Class Would Mean She Would Be Scouted Out For Her Talents. There is A Reason Why He Only Has So Many Students In His Class. 

With This Determination She Rushes Towards His Class In Hopes He Is Still There. Giving A Long Lecture. Tutoring Someone. Or Just Waiting For Her. She Stands At His Door. Clutching The Handle She Pulls. 

~Thud Thud~


~Thud Thud~

"No.. no no no! Oh Please No."

To Her Constant Tug, The Door Didn't Give. To Her Firm Knocks, No Voice Avails Her Calls. She Sloutches By The Door Clutching Her Papers In Front Of Her, With Her Knees Pressed Close. She Lifts Her Head

"Well, There Is Always Ms.Litchers Class.." Barely Getting To Her Feet, To A Stand, She Roams The Science Wing's K Hall Slumped And A Tad Saddened By Her Defeat And Tardiness.


A Light Whisper Sounds Through The Halls And The Tube Lighting Flickers. In A Chill, Gwen Sharply And Jarringly Turns Around. The Hallways Empty. Simultaneously, Does The Tube Lighting End Its Flicker. 

~Thum Thum~

The Hairs Stands Up On The Back Of Gwen's Neck As She Leers To See Down The Hall. Her Eyes Widened By The Thudding. Unable To Move, Her Vision Focuses On The Double Doors Down The Way. Her Heart Slightly Speeds Up. Her Hearing Amps And Wires. She Clutches Her Paperwork Tighter. While Her Palms Slicken Up.


A Couple Burst Out Of The Bathroom That Was At The End Of The Hall. The Lady Fixing Her Hair While Giggling And The Guy Smirking And Adjusting His Jacket. They Roamed Closed To One Another. Soon They Both Made Eye Contact With Gwen Giving Her A Distasteful Starre. She Looks Down In A Blush Feeling Embarrassed To What She Had Thought May Had Transpired. Retreating Her Head In Cringe. While In Mid-Turn, Her Glance Pans At The Floor And She Catches Two Very Distinct Dirty Boot Marks Standing Right Infront Of Her.  Double Taking, She Notices They Are Facing Her. No Lead Of Boot Marks, Just Those Were There. That's When She Hears The Sigh Again. Swiftly Looking Up, She Decides To Just Leave. Chilled And Weirded Out She Flees Passed The Couple And Out Of The Hall. The Couple Just Stares At Gwen As She Leaves, Then They Continues Their Fracas.


"Ugh.. I Hate This.."

 @Butler  @XiX Innoc @SaltyCracker98


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Silhouettes shuffle past one another. The sounds of punches landing against bare skin echo the empty gym. Shouting can be heard from a coach who is gripping on the ropes intensely. 

"Stay calm!" Shoes squeaking as they shimmy across the ring. Heavy breaths sound over the whirring air conditioners. The collisions are hefty enough to rattle some of the nearby gym equipment, the punching bag softly swaying. The burly coach leans his face in between the ropes. Sweat on his brow. Revien boxing with his partner  that his coach set him up for. Sickled hooks and spear jabs thrown at one another. His mid-thigh brown shorts swaying as he dodges the combat and batter.  Absorbing light strikes, his body staggers back from the blows. His arms tightly locked elbow to elbow. blocking his bare upper torso and his jaw. Strafing from side to side, He avoids his opponents uppercut. Staving the thrashing force with a pivot. with the release of his left foot off the ground, he lurked his attack until now. His arm lurched with great force, but he missed. His sparring partner jumped back. The strike clipped his headgear, giving him foresight of what that attack would have done to him. Revien loiters in his spot becoming more and more agitated. Revien has raw skill and instinct but his emotions drop him further when he needs to fight an opponent who has honed skills. His instinct got him this far but it is also what is holding him back. He normally puts all of his power in his punches to deliver maximum damage. When it doesn't work out in his favor, impatience takes over. Revien gets back into his bravado. And continues sparring. The longer the match drowns out, the more he visibly becomes frustrated and impatient. His opponent notices and starts to dish out more punishment to Revien's ever growing sloppiness. The barrage in the scuffle, lands hit after hit. Revien's guard starts to gives way.      

"Watch'em! Watch'em!" That is when a strong clean hit makes contact with Revien's face. With a brief pause, silence filled the room while Revien stood motionless. "Revien?  Revien! Eyes on me. Eyes on me!" This was just noise to Revien. As he turned back to his opponent, he lunged. Not in a proper boxing stance, Revien entered a street form fighting pose. Letting loose and absolutely demolishing his opponent's guard.  The school bell rang. The coach stumbled into the ring grabbing Revien by the torso. The coach attempts to lift him, but his feet stays planted. After a small tussle, the coach was able to separate Revien and his opponent. Finally letting up,  the coach wedges himself in between both Revien and the opponent. 

"What was that? You won't be able to get any better if you do things like that." Revien scoffed at what his coach is saying. His opponent looks at him, giving Revien a Angered look. All Revien does is head to the lockers to shower and change. After the shower, Revien sits there and contemplates what had happened. Sitting on the locker room bench clenching his fist.


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"So, then I laminated the 'Romeo and Juliet' scripts," A girl sitting at Julie's desk with hyper expressive hands, gestures every word. Julie seated on top of her desk, texting her little brother. Her thumbs reach back and forth across the artificial keyboard. 

Julie: Did you make it home yet?

Sammy: No, i am staying aft school.

Julie head peaks out constantly to catch glimpses of what her friend is saying.

"And that is when I spilled coffee all over it." she breaks her sentence with a couple of breaths of laughter. "Some real good timing." Julie snickers at the bits she heard. "Maggie, you're ridiculous." Maggie quickly reacts by saying "What? Seriously some good luck and karma right there." Julie placing her phone into her pocket, states "There's no such thing as karma or luck, there's just hard work." In a scoff, Maggie rolls her eyes, she tussles her pink hair and adjusts her glasses. "Uh-huh, There is so! My grandma once she had this doll from africa- -" Palming her phone in her pocket she retracts it back in her sights, she begins texting.

Julie: If you're gonna stay after school, what time will you be coming home?

"And just like the man said, she lived 'til eighty. Well, eighty three but still." Julies eyes glazed over. "What if she was suppose to live 'til ninety? Hmm?" Maggie taking a moment, her head tilts. "But I guess we will never know." Julie said while smirking. Maggie starts poking her after giving her a long stare down. "Oww! What!?" Julie stares at Maggie trying to survive the onslaught. "Why am I being poked to death here?" 

"Because..." Maggie Snobbishly says. "You're a pessimist, a good for nothing rotten pessimist, and this is punishment." Julie shakes her head. "Why are we friends?" 

Maggie smiles and shakes her head "I dunno."

Julie's hand buzzes.

Sammy: Some whre around 6??

In a quick roll, she texts back saying.

Julie: Are you asking me or telling me? 

Just as fast Julie's phone dings, 

Sammy: Plzz?

Julie: Five, no later. 

Walking with Maggie through the clearing of students, a teacher sits at his desk typing away. No one in this class is wearing uniform. They all get to wear their normal attire. This is because the teacher believes in expression and clothes are apart of that. "Julie, what's the occasion?" An asian man rests his palms on the desk. He had a light 5 o' clock shadow, and wearing glasses. His smile was very gentle and soft, and his black hair was wrapped in a ponytail. Julie clacked her heavy boots together as she leaned over the desk. Her red and black plaid jacket limped over as well. "Mr. Beltrov, Do you have anymore extra credit for me?" Maggie gives Julie The 'Oh my god' look. Mr. Beltrov double takes and says: "Did you finish - -" "Yep." Julie yaps. She also iterates. "I also just finished the script for the introduction for the seasonal play." Before Mr. Beltrov could say something in return, Julie continues. "Also the first, second, and third act narration is complete." Maggie places her hand on her chest in shock. "Wasn't that suppose to be Nick's job?"

"Yeah...I also did Trevor's too." Julie said.

"Julie!" Maggie exclaimed.

"Come on, Two weeks before the play?! You think I will leave it to those two?" Julie retorted.

"Remember: 'Where arf tou?' That was horrible." Julie expelled. Her silly body movements made Maggie laugh.

The bell rings, The students that were lounging begin to collect their things. As Julie got back to her desk getting ready to leave the classroom. Mr. Beltrov signals to Julie. "How 'bout for extra credit you clean this place up?" "Sure." Julie smiles. "Maggie, you wanna help?" "No way! Did you hear the announcement? I'll see ya later!" Soon the classroom was left empty. Julie having a key to all the lockers and the room itself, she began picking up props. Putting things in their proper area, and organizing shelves. She even left the script for tomorrow on all the student's desks. Julie's phone dinged.

Dad: Hey Juju bean. I wanted to let you know that I'm driving home in traffic. You don't have to come home early today. I got it. I'll be dad today🤗🤗🤗🤗😎.

He sent with way too many smiley emojis.

Julie texts back to her dad.
Julie: Are you sure? I can help.

Dad: Nah, I got it. You have fun with your friends Juju bean. Love you❤️❤️❤️.

"I should have never taught him that feature" Julie said to herself.

Julie: Love'ya Too dad.

Julie continues what she's doing as her and her dad say goodbyes through text.

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Foot steps echo through an empty hall. Seth turns into the bathroom after just leaving his electronics class late. The walls of the stalls are shuddering. He stands in place with a blank disappointed look on his face and then quietly leaves heading towards the end of the hall then turns into the next. “What a fun day” he says sarcastically, having not finished the advanced circuits the robotics class requested for. “They equipment is so asinine, it’s a wonder I got anything done. And!... there goes one of my days off.” As he gets to the exiting door he is immediately greeted by the rally “oh yeah... that was a thing..” A girl goes rushing past him into the building. “What’s her problem?” He walks into the crowd until he seemingly by a miracle finds the street and starts walking toward the dorms. When he gets to his dorm he goes into what would be his roommates room and starts working on his personal project. He puts on his safety goggles. “I’m so lucky to be the odd man out on roommates, I hope no one else makes white.” Sparks come from the desk as he uses his soddering equipment. He’ll be like this until he goes to sleep.

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World Narration.

The Entire School Is readying For The Rally.

"Let's Go Filler! Let's Go!"

The Rowdiness Ensues. Around The Entire School, The Cheering Can Be Heard. Bands Play, Students Loiter Across The Campus, And The School Announcement System Chimes It's Jingles, Letting All On Campus Know The Hour.

"Night Schooling Will Begin In 4 Hours."

The Robotic Voice Peals The Announcement A Couple Of Times Before The Sounds Seizes A Pause. A Light Buzzing And A Sharp Pitch Warps From The Speaker System. The Sound Whirs, But For Some Reason No Student Reacts. The Buzz Stops And A Light Humming Can Be Heard Through The System. A Woman. Her Voice Is Soft. Melodic. That Of A Singer Or A Mother's Hymn To Her Child Who Is Ready To Rest. Abrupt, The Humming Ends And The Announcing Robotic Voice Continues Mid-Sentence With A Slight Distortion As It Eases Into Normality. "- -In 4 Hours."  The Announcement System Ends And Students Continue As Before. The Phantom Of The Humming Can Still Be Heard Softly Through Out The School. Lightly And Gently, The Sound Glides Through Every Hall.



Jubilant, The Sound Skips. Ominous, It Remains.


Narration/Revien In The Lockers.

The Dripping Of The Showers, Echo Throughout The Locker. Giving A Mellow Ambience To The Concreted Locker Room. The Walls Trap Sounds In. Underneath The Tip And Tap From The Faucet, Foot Steps Can Be Heard. With Each Step, A Pause. With Every Pause, Only A Moment Before A Violent Bang Ripples The Room. Each Aisle, It Repeats.



~Thump- -Thump~




All The Way To Revien's Aisle Where The Steps Are Heard...

The Door Rattles,

As Some White 3's Messing With A Red 2, Burst Into The Locker Room. The Three College Students Wrestle The Kid In, Trying To Muffle Him As They Drag Him Towards The Showers. He Lets Out One Last Plea.

"Guys Stops!"

The Older Students Just Laugh. 

"You Want In On The Crew Don't You?"

They Said As They Snickered And Dragged Him. The Water Comes On And The Kid's Utterances Is Discerned Through The Drenching Of The Water Pressure From The Spout. Gargles And Retches Are Tossed From The Boys Throat.


Narration/ Julie in Drama Class.

Students Screeching Through The Halls, Practiced Voices, Opera The Corridors And A Weak Shuffle Penetrates The Silence Of The Drama Room. The Rugged Floor Muffles Any Steps. As Julie Is Working Her Way Through The Room. Her Back Drenches In The Sunlight Whilst It Pours Through The Shaders Of The Upper Windows. Beside Her A Shadow Stands. Not One Of Her Own. It Turns Towards Her Direction. Features Defining In Stints Of It's Rotation. A Soft Buzz, The Light Flickers And A 'Click' Noise From The Doors Are Apprehended.


So A Voice Preys Through The Buzzing. 

"My- -My, What A Fine- -"

Unforeseenly, The Light Ends Its Flicker, The Voice Retreats And Students' Snickering Is Gleaned From The Other Sides Of The Doors. Maggie's Voice Can Also Be Culled Saying:

"Oh My God Guys, Rude!"

As She Leaves And Scampers Off. 

The Buzzing Ends And The Lights Are Still. Although, Swaying From The Light Of One Of The Lamps Makes Presence, But The Lamp Dangles Calm From The Ceiling. Unhinged, Her Senses Were Not Matching. And Then, Nothing. The Room Was Back To Silent.


Narration/ Seth At Work.


The Tools And Equipment, Brighten Patches Of The Room In Quick Successions. The Sparks Give Off Light, And Also Shadows. The Shadows Start To Become Odder And Odder As They Cast On The Walls Nears Seth. They Extend From Preexisting Shadows, From The Desk, Bed, From Under The Door, Even Beneath Seth.

Looming And Approaching, They Gather Around Seth. Peeling Towards Him.


The Shadows Sizzle And Bake With Their Own Reverberations. 

Only Stopping When The Sparks Cease. With No Warning The Light Becomes Extremely Bright And Erupts. With It, All Shadows Become Normal. The Air Suddenly Still. The Dropping Temperature Is Similar To The Cold Mountain Areas. Soft Brushes And Pats Stroke Seth's Shoulders And Hair. Touches From Unseen Forces. Ghostly In Consistency, They Thicken. Every Touch More Corporeal Than The Next, As Seth Is There.


World Narration Ended.

Gweny, Sitting On A Bench. Resting Her Eyes, She Conducts Herself.

"Was That... Real?" 

"What Happened Back There?"

She Recollects, Bringing More Attention To Detail With Every Thought. Squeezing Out All She Can From What She Had Saw. Visibly Struggling From The Thought, She Gives A Big Sigh "Hmph!" And Stretches Back Onto The Bench She Is Seated On. With Her Head Dangled Over The Back Rest Of The Bench, She Spots Some Students. With A Full Stare, She Watches Closely. 

"Hey, So, You Wanna Join Up Huh?" One Of The Older Students Says Sleazily.

The Kid Still Wearing His Uniform, His Red Emblem Rings Bright In The Light.

"Uh- - Uh Yeah!.." He Said With A Slight Concern And Happiness.

The Other Older Students Look At One Another With Mischief And Back At Him. They Grabbed The Boy By The Shoulder And Headed Off. Gweny Curious And Concerned, She Tries To Follow After Them, But They Traversed Through A Dense Enough Four Way Corridor. She Loses Them. Looking Through The Crowd With Peering Eyes, She Jolts Upwards, Having Left Her Work At The Bench. 

"Oh No, My Work!"

She Rushes Bursting Through The Corridor Doors, To See A Janitor Picking It Up And Taking it With The Rest Of The Garbage In His Buggy. She Whispers In A Loud Tone "Stop Please!" 

As She Rushes, The Janitor A Few Meters Away, Finally Catches Wind To Her Alerts. He Stops, Looking Confused. She Calms Herself And Tells Him While Out Of Breath. 

"My - - Papers" 

~Pant - - Pant~

He, For A Second Just Purses His Lips, Then His Mind Comes To The Conclusion Of What She Is Talking About. With A Slight Cringe He Says: "Sorry, I Uh Didn't Know." His Scruff And His Chins Lapse Over One Another.

She Retorts "Et'S'Okay - -" As She Lifted Her Head, Her Smile Melts.

The Paper Was Soaked In Juices And Pizza Chunks From Another Class. Stained Yellow And Red, She Reaches And Takes Her Food Muddied Work. Loosely Smiling, She Just Thanks The Janitor. He Gives A Simple Embarrassed Salute. As She Turns To Leave, The Janitor Says, "You Can Head To The Film Hall, They Usually Have A Scanner. Kids Are Always Rehearsing In There."

She Gets Hope Back, As She Scampers Away. Her Backpack Jiggles, As Her Steps Paw The Ground. Her Exuberance Shows Through Her Foot Work. Readied And Hurried, She Carries Herself To The Film Wing.


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Julie couldn't comprehend what just occurred. Julie quickly grabs her bag while having the keys dug into her fist. On instinct, she rushed to the door to exit the classroom and locked the door behind her as she kept only looking forward. Her heart was racing, as she was pacing through the hallway. The hallway was empty and to her, it felt like the hallway elongated. She felt insecure about her surroundings. Her eyes darted rapidly to find signs of life whether it may be a student or a janitor as she walked deeper into the hallway. She continues to walk briskly with her sights set to the exit of the hallway. 

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The circuit Seth is working on gives off a slight explosion. “Dang it!!!!” He tosses the board to the side and leans back in his chair removing his goggles and rubbing his face in frustration. With a sigh he heads towards his bed room cleans himself up and lays down in bed. “What am I going to do... that’s the 23rd circuit that couldn’t take the output....” he lays awake looking at the ceiling, thinking.

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~Thump- -Thump~


The first bang gets Revien's attention. Thinking that its another student having trouble with their locker. He remember going through the same thing with an old locker.  Revien states with a soft chuckle. "You turn left, Then turn right!" He then continues to gather the rest of his things.




Revien looks up after the second bang more alert as the banging goes through the lockers getting closer and louder as the banging gets closer. The loud crashing stops at the row Revien is standing in, causing him to get up into fighting position. Looking forward, behind his back ready to attack the approaching footsteps. The footsteps stop, filling the room with silence. The sound of rattling can be heard as the Erie silence that filled the room is blown away by four students bursting the locker room entrance and pass him by. Three whites and one red 2. Revien overheard the pleas from the red.  

"Guys Stops!"

The Older Students Just Laugh. 

"You Want In On The Crew Don't You?"

They Said As They Snickered And Dragged Him.

Revien decides to follow after them and sees that they had went to the shower room.


The Water Comes On And The Kid's Utterances Is Discerned Through The Drenching Of The Water Pressure From The Spout. Gargles And Retches Are Tossed From The Boys Throat.

Revien looks inside of the shower room and sees that they are soaking him in the water. "Is this what you guys enjoy doing to the reds?" Revien says as he steps all the way into the shower room.

White student 1: "Hey! How about you stay out of this?" One of the whites states with an angered look, before one of his friends grabs him.

White student 2: "You idiot! Do you know who that is? He's the Bourbon Rascal! Let's get out of here!" The second white student tell the first one before they leave the red 2 in the shower room.

The red 2 was still coughing from all of the water. "Th.. Thank you for helping me." The red 2 struggled to say as he left the shower room. Revien nod his head and watches as the student leaves the room.

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Gweny Quietly Rushes Into The Film Hall. Not Wanting To Be A Distraction, She Grabs The Door Handle And Feathers It Shut. Tip Toeing, She Hears The Plays And Scripts Rambling Through The Halls. "Art No For Thou" And "Give me Give Me More." With People Rehearsing, Gweny Stuck Was To Being Like A Mouse. Just Peering Into Rooms To See If They Had The Scanner. Every Room Was Different. One Was Filled With Props. Others, Students Just Doing Yoga. With Every Dip Of Her Head, She Felt Like The Next One Would Be It. Til Finally. Straight Ahead In The Room. Against The Furthest Wall.

"The Scanner!" 


Gweny Turns To See A Student In The Halls Giving Her A Disgruntled Look.

"Have You No Respect?"

Gweny Just Cringes And Headed In The Room. Simply Nodding As A Form Of Apology. Now Inside, She Recognized What The Room May Have Been For. This Was The Technical Room. It Had Props In Here, As Well. Also Clothing, As If People Had Changed In Here Or Something Rather. Filled With Ropes, Cogs, And Even Maniquinnes. Lightly Treading Through, She Heads Straight Towards The Xeroxer. Nearly Fumbling Over Some Disarranged Decor, Still She Hovers Onward. Gweny Perused Through Her Pages For Their Order Number. Her Fingers Silked Through The Pages And The Scatterment Of The Writing Was Arranged. Glee Was Finally Accompanying her. Getting Her Dues Done, She Filed Her Papers After Each Copy. Removing The Defiled Ones For The More Warm And Pretestine Copied Ones. The Looseness Of The Original Papers Rustled Something Unsecured. A Pat On The Floor Alerted Gweny That She May Had Dropped A Paper.


Tilting Over To Look, The Edge Of A Golden Sheet Was A Glimpse From Under The Machine. The Edge Seduce Gweny's Vision With It's Glimmer. 'Surely,' She Thought. 'That's Not My Paper. Must Be From One Of The Students Here." She Danced Her Head Around To See What She Could Have Possibly Dropped. What Had Made That Sound. Sway And Sway With No Avail. She Saw Nothing That Could Have Made That Pat Sound. Taunt And Taunt After Each Glance. TIl She Gave In. Arching Downward, She Reached. Furtively, She Reached Towards The Visible Edge. She Shyingly Pressed Her Fingertips Near. 


She Erected Back Upwards, As The Door To The Room Throttled Open. Looking Back, The Door Was Swaying To Rest. But She Didn't Catch A Sight Of Anyone. Not Even A Peep Of A Shadow. Her Eyebrows Pressed Together With Concern. Soon Her Duty Caught Her attention Again. With A Slight Look Around, She Speared For The Gold Object. Upon Touching It, A Pulse Went Through Her. Like An Echo It Stopped At Her Back And Bounced Into The Card. This Shiver Thwarted Her From Holding The Card Any Longer. Releasing The Card She Could See The Word 'Queens' And The Image Of A Woman Wearing Long Flowing Clothes. Her Hair Was Pinned Up With Flowers And She Held A Spear With A Scale.


Her Look Was Calming And Made Gweny Feel Serene And At Peace. She Felt Lifted While Viewing The Card. The Gold From It Shimmered And Wrapped Around Her Face. It Felt Warm. It Stayed Still And Stationary In The Air. For A Moment It Laid There Then, It Fell. There Was A Light Breathe That Sounded When It Hit The Ground. Gwen Just Stood Completely Taken Aback By The Situation. She Began To Gathered Her Things. 

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Watching as the red 2 walked out of the locker room, Revien walked back to locker. Revien puts in his code into the locker and pulled the handle to open it, but the locker didn't budge. He tried again "15... 49... 20." Revien said as he puts in the combination. He tugged the handle and tried to open it again and the same thing happened. "God damn locker!!!" He said as he was getting pissed. Revien punched his locker three times out of anger. Breathing heavy, Revien tried to calm himself and put in his locker combo one more time. After he put in his combination, Revien grabbed the handle and began to yank over and over again. The locker quickly jarred open with Revien's final yank.

He was breathing heavy from getting his locker unjammed. Revien takes a moment to catch his breath, Then proceeded to get his satchel out and change into his regular clothes. As he puts on his shirt, he sees something under it. Revien reached the object, and tried to pick it up and look at but got shocked and dropped it on the ground. "Crap!" Revien said as he was zapped by the card. Revien picks the card up from the floor. Revien looks at the card, seeing the image of a humanoid monster holding a sword as it faded off of the card. Disembodied voices slowly fill the locker room, making Revien's attention dart to where he hears the voices. The voices get louder and louder till they all come to a union "My.... Sovereign!!!" the voices shout at Revien, causing the lockers to rumble uncontrollably. The lockers slowly stopped rumbling as the disembodied voices started to dissipate into silence.

Revien's heart was pounding from what had happened. Revien look at the card again and the image was back. He shut his locker, put the card in his satchel, and left the locker room in a cold sweat.

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Julie pushed open the heavy metal double doors to finally reach outside. There was no sight of other students, or staff in the immediate area of the various foot paths with patches of emerald grass in between. The campus was dead silent. The only thing that accompanied her lone presence was a warm gentle breeze that kicked up dust & some little bits of trash on the floor. Julie held her guard as she walked.


'The game isn’t far, I heard some of the game earlier. Did the game stop? Did something happen?’

Julie thought she was only a few sections away from the football field, the silence became into a loud high-pitch ringing. The ringing became increasingly louder with every step she took. Her mind felt jaded as her thoughts were scattered then even Incoherent as other thoughts ran through her mind impulsively.


She turned on the last section & Maggie was there facing Julie’s direction. The ringing suddenly stopped as Maggie’s mouth was moving, yet no audio came from her mouth. Julie’s face was scrunched because of the state of her mind. “What?…” Julie said then sounds of the crowds cheering, the football game, & Maggie’s voice abruptly all became audible at once.


“I said, You’re finally here slowpoke! I was about to look for you!” Maggie said loudly & happily, she said expressively moving her hands. “Everyone is in the stadium! Let’s…hey, what’s up with you?” Maggie asked. Maggie tilted her head in confusion with her arms crossed. Julie took a brief pause, Knowing that she couldn’t explain what happened to her logically. Julie smiled softly. “I’ve got a pretty bad headache. I guess I need-.” Not letting Julie finish, Maggie jubilantly grabbed Julie’s elbow, locking her arm with Julie’s. Maggie then started to walk Julie into the stadium.


“I know you skipped lunch today, get’s grab some grub! They got the good hot dogs this time!” Maggie said, Julie relaxed her posture. Julie felt her hand became stiff as she let go. Her grasp was locked in tightly while holding the classroom keys. Relaxing her hand caused pain pulsed through it, leaving deep key impressions into her palm, she quickly stuffed the keys into her purse.


“That’s a hot dog with sour cream if you are going to drag me along everywhere.”Julie said, picking up her mood. Maggie smirked triumphantly. “That’s exactly what I want anyways because, I paid for your ticket. So either way, I get to reintroduce you to society.” Julie rolled her eyes. “I beg your pardon? I’ll have you know I am refined whilst, not indulging in the mundane.” Julie said in the most snobbiest British accent she could come up with. Maggie began to speak in the same tone while bobbing her head back & forth in a very exaggerated manner. “Alright then daawwling.” Julie & Maggie both laughed as they approached the Food Stand next to the Stadium Entrance.


“So that will be 2 hot dogs with sour cream on both, 2 large drinks, & 2 bags of spicy chip fries. That will be $10.34.” the Food Stand clerk said, Maggie pulled out her credit card, slid her card into the card reader. “You credit card was declined.” the Clerk said, Maggie looked defeated. “Oh! I swear my parents said they would load it up for me today.” Maggie said, Julie pulled her bag right in front of her. “I got it, don't worry about it.” Julie smiled, She dug into her bag & pulled a golden card from inside her bag.


‘When did I get this? Did Sammy go into my bag again?’

Julie thought. "M'am?" the clerk said, Julie snapped back. Julie was about to hold the line. "Sorry, hard to find change." She said as she quickly put the card back into her bag and reached for the change instead. Once Julie paid, they carried their food through the entrance to find a spot to sit. "Nice, we got some decent seats!" They sat down enjoying their view of the game, then other friends came to join them. Julie felt better after she encountered Maggie, she realized that she can relax & enjoy herself for now. "THAT'S NOT A FOUL! HE CHARGED AT HIM!" Maggie said with food in her mouth, throwing her free arm into the air. Julie ate, laughed, & enjoyed the silly exchanges with her friends during the game. 

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Seth leaves his dorm, walking out into the dark night to clear his head. The lights from the stadium can be seen from far away. He’s walking down the side walk towards down town, cars are flashing by people are passing on both sides. The lights of the builds and sign over shadow the street lamps. It’s loud but isolating and that’s enough for Seth along with the fresh air. 


He lifts his head up with his eyes closed breathing deeply..... silence replaces the noise of the city..... his eyes open turned towards the street, the street he finds is now empty, the street now only lit by the dimness or the city lamps, all the windows and signs are dark and no one can be seen around.

”what...” he swivels his head looking for any sign of someone. “What’s going on...”

He walks a ways until he gets a strange feeling and turns around. He sees a strange golden glow on the ground behind him. “That wasn’t there a minute ago...” he cautiously walks over and kneels to examine it. Reaching his hand into it he grasps something and lifts it. As he brings it closer the light fades slightly and the image of a medieval dressed man holding a staff can be seen. “The Hell is this?”

He starts down the street again and reaches a corner where he turns to suddenly find himself in an ally. He swivels his head around in surprise and finding his barings. Nothing but the ally can be seen in front of him or in back.


Concerned he follows the ally a ways. Eventually he sees that there is a turn ahead and walks more quickly towards it, looking down at the card as he starts down it, a strong wind blows at him, the card fly’s up at his face coving his vision. 


When he removes the card he finds himself in the dorm section of the school and it’s morning


Confused he props up his head with one hand and heads back to his room.

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