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Shaded And Paved, Which Talent Will Not Be Staved..

Dust And Debris Clouds Sight. All Of The Battle Field Is Covered In Hundreds Of Soldiers. “This Kind Of Battle is Romanticized Only By Those Lacking Sanity” With A Sigh, A Man Steps From Behind Another Man Who Is Clad In Black Armor. The Man Walking Brushes His Robes, A Blue And Dark Grey, Along The Ground In An Effortless Glide. His Posture Carries Nobility And Steadiness. The Fire Of The War-zone Flints On The Eyes Of The Man In Dark Armor As He Spoke.

The Fields Of Dalada
The Fields Of Caradda  (War Torn)


“I’d Say” With A Brief Pause And A Labored Snarl. “I Am Right Were I Wanna Be.” Both Men Are Visibly Striven Of The Transgressions They Had Bore Witness Too. As They Stared Into The Smothered In Smoke Battlefield, Two Figures Appeared. One Draped In White. She Walks Uncaught By The Destruction. By Her Side, A Knight With A Twisted Helm. It's Sword Slung Over It's Shoulder. Arms As Lax As Broken Limbs, It Tweaked Its Wrist.


Both The Man In The Armor And The Robed Man, As They Stood To Oppose These Figures, They Readied With A Swiftness. “It Comes!” As A Viper Thin Silver Streak Flew Through The Air. The Very Dust And Smoke Was Cut And The Twisted Helm Knight Stood In Front Of Both Of Them. Each Man Taking A Different Death Defying Maneuver To Avoid The Strafe Of The Blade. Another Swing Was Readied. The Twisted Knight Was Fast Enough To Become A Blur To The Dark Knight And Left Him For The Man In The Blue Robes. With A Gust, He Was Tattered And Scattering Blood Across The Cobalt.


The Dark Knight Seeing This. He Yelled Ferociously.

“Merleto! Nooo!!”

With That Yell, Armor Belted His Body In Quick Whip Lashes.


A Rage And Spectacle Of Aura Drenched The Dark Knight. His Armor Changed.


It Crushed To His Physical Form. Leaving A More Sleek And Jagged Look.


Spikes Protruded The Shoulders And Blades Lacking Appraisal, Were Mounted At The Wrists. His Jaw Was Swathe With A Venom Black Mouth Guard Adorned With Matching Fangs. As His Eyes Sunk In With Hatred.

“” *Light Gritty Cackle*

Only Breathing Can Be Heard From The Helm Of The Twisted Knight. This Breath Sounded Oddly Satisfied. They Both Lunged At One Another With Great Velocity And Force.

This All Took Place While The Lady In White Was Walking.  She Encroached To An Object That Laid Still Near The Man In The Blue Robes. A Shiny, Shimmering Amulet. She Smiled Softly As She Kneeled, Whilst She Turned To See The Robes Empty.


Her Smile Was Ripped Away, As She Pivoted Back To The Amulet Being A Pile Of Stones. Only A Mirage. Light Shined Above Her. The Twisted Helm Knight Was Briefly Interrupted With Seeing A Huge Bolt Of Magic Looming Over The Lady In White. In It's Distraction It Was Struck In The Gut. The Strike Did Not Phase It, For Before The Dark Knight Could Raise His Other Weapon, The Twisted Knight Leapt Away.

Unshivving Himself From The Blade In The Process. As The Bolt Of Lightning Got Closer To The Lady In White, She Looked Towards The Twisted Knight. As It Jankingly Bolted Towards Her, She Opened Her Arms In An Embrace. Slowly As The Bolt Of Lightning Came Down. Smashing Into The Both Of Them As They Met. She Held The Knight In Between Her Arms And Smiled At A Woman Who Stood In The Distance.

giphy (2).gif
“ With Sanity In Vain..I Summon Thou’st Smite”

The Woman Who Had Casted The Magic.

In A Sweep, Magic Runes Opened Up On Ground Around Them. As They Continued To Be Struck, The Lady In White Closed Her Eyes. The Light Began To Brighten As She Said

“Heed Me..”

“My Return Will Mark New Death, New Death That You Will Be Faulted For Their Curse.”

The Twisted Knight's Sword Flung From The Blast And Punctured Through The Woman In The Distance. In Her Bronze Jacket Pieces Of A Shattered Amulet Fell From Her Chest. As She Was Flung Into The Ground And Pinned By The Sword,

Her Eyes Laid Still

“uhh..uh..” *Sigh*

And The Blast Engulfed Most Of The Field In Light.

“Smither... In The 8.. Divinities”

The Light Swathed.

While Most Of The Fighters Who Opposed The Lady In White Looked Defeated.

“Forgetting Those Today.. Will Be A Crime Unforgiven..”


~Ring Ring~

The Sounds Of School Bells Ring. While Students All Try To Gather Their Things To Begin Class.

Filler High Grand Community School.


A Mixture Of Student Levels Of Education. Ranging From Middle School, All The Way To University Levels. With The Campus Of A University, It Houses Over 130,000 Students. This Is Including, Night Schooling And GED Students. This School Is A Powerhouse Of Education. Many Mid-High Graduates Are Instantly Employed In High Payroll Jobs. This School Is Highly Scouted By Talent Scouts. People Usually Apply For This School For Its Medical And Engineering Certificates. This School Also Allows You To Have A Sub-Major While In The Middle School Grades. All Students Are Expected To Keep A Grade Above A 'C', There Are No 'D's'. You Will Be Issued A Warning And If You Are Still In The Bracket Of A 'C'. For Too Long, You Will Be Removed From The Enrollment And Enlisted Roster. Making You Effectively Terminated As A Student. Students At The Age Of Fifteen With High Enough Grades, Are Awarded The Ability To Have An On-Campus Dorm Room When Available. With Permission, It Is Believed To Keep The Student In A Constant Learning Cycle And Environment. You Can Have A Range From 6 To 10 Classes A Day. It Is Lush, With A Garden And Orchard.


The School Can Look Like A Slice Of Heaven At Times. Although Punishment Is Rare, It Is Only Reserved For Those Of A Serious Offense. Bullying Isn't An Offense In Filler, It Is Seen As It Resembles The Real World. Therefore Minor Things Like Name Calling And Hazing Are Non Reportable Crimes. Sports Are The Second To Third Highest Campus Attraction.


Tennis, Golf, Volleyball And Football Being In Respective Order Of Attraction. While, Art Is 4th Place In All Of The School’s Activity. Threatened To Be Shut Down For Its Lack Of Production. With A ‘Lead Or Be Lead’ Philosophy, This School Commonly Has Student Ran Fund-Raisers And Organized Events,


Clubs And Committees,


Championships and Tournaments.


All Of These Make For A Well Rounded Experience. As With Most Schools, There Is Uniform. Brown And Black Are The Standard Colors But The Education Level Dictates The Trim And Emblem Color.

Red Is The Color For Middle School Education, Blue Is High School Education And White Is The University Level. There Are Roman Numerals For The Actual Grade Within The Education Level. (So Red 1, Would Be 6th Grade. Blue 1, Would Be 9th Grade And White 1 Would Be 1st Year In College.)

    This Place Is Seen As An Educational Heaven. They Even Have Real Archaeological Discoveries Being Appraised At This School, Real Inventions Are Patented From Students While Still In Schooling, And Medical Research Is

    Being Helped And Tackled By Students In This College.giphy (3).gif

    Even If You Fail At This School, It Still Looks Good On Paper. To Keep The School As Organized As Much As Possible, The School Is Sectioned, But The Sectioning And Divide Isn't Enforced.

    “No Divide In The Reality, No Divide In The Mind” Our Headmaster Will Tell You. To Have a Well Ventured Social Atmosphere. You Never Know A First Year Red Might Surprise You With Their Trivia.

    I’m Sure When You Enroll, You Will Enjoy Yourself Here. Many Activities For The Busy Body. Those Who Desire Thrill And Adventure, Will All Find It Here!


    Welcome To Filler High Grand Community School


    Roles Of The Card D’ Tarot:



    Roles Of The Card D’ Tarot:



    Actualize Me!! For I Bare A Beast None The Like Has Ever Seen

    From A Legion Of Birds, To A Giant Knight, The Kings Has Dominion Over Their Creation. Known As Their Familiar, They Create The Same Construct Creating A Well Versed Knowledge Of That Structure. Creating Another Construct Isn't Impossible But Just Holds Many Different Weaknesses, And Just Being All Around Difficult. A King's Best Weapon Is Their Familiarity And Loyalty. Though, They Can't Create Weapon Familiars Or Tools, They Can Still Create Humanoids Bearing Weaponry. Such As A Knight With A Shield And Sword. They Also Can Create Non-Humanoids, Wolves And Beasts. A King Is Powerful, For Their Strength Lies In Their Magical Defense And Tanking Capabilities. They Use Their Familiar To Negate Damage Away From Their Team And Also To Take Aggro. With A Fully Summoned Or Actualized Familiar The King Can Be An Unstoppable Force. Plowing Through Enemies Whilst Never Lifting A Finger.




    By My Design!! By My Will! The Lithe Elements Heed To Thy Command!

    Command Over The Elements, They Have The Power To Control Storms And To Call Fire From The Palm Of Their Hands. They Are Adept At Elemental Magic And Can Even Use Things Like Gravity, And Magnetism. A Queen Can Rule Over All Of The Elements But Specialize In One To Have Something They Are A Master In. They Can Use The Magic In A Variety Of Ways From Their Hands, A Staff, Or Even A Tome. The Weapon Is Usually What Holds Their Enchanted Affinity. The Queen Is Powerful, Able To Destroy Huge Forces Easily. Where The Queen Is, Their Commands Are Bound To Devastate. The Arcane At The Tips Of Your Finger. Wind And Flame, Currents Of Vast Explosion. Earth And Water, Create Valleys Of Raging Rapids. The Queen’s Command Is Over The Elemental Dominion. Nature Itself. One Strong Enough Could Even Pull The Heavens Down, In A Conjoined Assault On Their Assailant. But If One May Be So Wicked, They May Call The Underworld As A Helping Guise. Thought To Be Apart Of The Magical Trinity, Realm.




    Sword ‘Tween Wrathe, Shield Draped Calm, Armor Bonded Be Angst! ‘Tis Truth Will Defeat Thou!!

    Drawing Power From Emotion, A Knight Has To Be Well Versed In Order To Use Their True Power. A Knight's Power Comes From Three Main Structured Emotions. They Are: Wrath, Which Gives Strength, Calm, Which Grants Intuition And Higher Instincts, And Fear Which Can Heighten Speed And Five Tools Of Sensory Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, And Hearing. These Emotion Can Grow Into A Stronger Counterpart, (i.e. Wrath To Hatred, Calm To Stoicism, And Fear To Trepidation) When Mastering These Key Emotions, It Grants The Knight The Power Of Will. Which Opens Up An Array Of Abilities. While A Will Is Active, They Can Summon Weapons That Are Manifestations Of Those Emotions. (Like A Scythe For Fear And A Rapier For Calm) As They Get Stronger The Knight's Armor Can Changes To Fit The Emotion Evolving With Them. (Three Weapons And Three Armor For A Knight). The Knight Has The Advantage In ‘One On One’s’. They Are Beasts In Battles And Are Not Matched In Duels. Either By Other Skilled Knights Or Masters Of Pawn, Or King Tarot Can Compare To What The Knight Can Be Physically Capable Of. Equipment Switching Makes Them Unpredictable. This Form Of Fighting Can Give Them The Edge If They Know What Weapon To Use At What Time. Master Of Timing As Well As A Master Of Emotion, They Need To Be Keen To Focus Out Their Hidden Potential.




    My Vigor Makes Less Of Their Works, My Hymns, Obtrudes Their Content. Follow If Thou Desire, For None Thou Obstruct To Return.

    Great To Round A Team Off, They Are Well Versed In Defensive And Supportive Capabilities. They Can Synergize Themselves And Others With Boons, Passives And Buffs. Providers Of Healing And Such. These Abilities Are Tied To Their Pro Socius. Their Pro Socius Is An Object Usually A Piece Of Jewelry, Used To Help Channel. Boons Can Consist Of Haste, To Speed Allies Up, Regen To Heal Allies, Focus To Raise Power, Shield Which Will Provide Barriers And They Have The Ability To Learn And Expose The Weaknesses Of Others. Every Bishop Is Different, Therefore They Have Great Potential For Different Forms Of Synergies. Thought To Be Apart Of The Magical Trinity, Holy.



    “Leave’em T’Suffer Their Affliction, So’et Delivers A Message To’em All, ‘Non’Shall Stall ’Ar Query’”

    The Saboteur Of The Group, Built To Destroy Their Opponent Without Direct Attacks, They Use Illusions To Sabotage The Mind, Poisons To Sabotage The Body And Paralysis To Sabotage The Spirit. They Are Known For Many Other Sabotaging Abilities, Such As Fog, Corrode, Blind, Rend, And Slow. The Rook Is Meant To Help Create Openings, And Cover Their Team’s Disadvantages. The Rook Is Very Skilled At Stalling With Skills Like Stasis And De-Haste. This Causes The Enemies To Be Effectively Removed From Play. The Rook Is Slippery, And Is The Most Elusive Member Card D’ Tarot. They Control These Abilities With Magic, That Is Somewhat Sinister. Moving Around Fogs Of Venom And Forcing It Into Their Victims. Suading Light From The Eyes Of Their Opposers. Taking Their Breath Away, In An Orchestrated Illusion, A Nightmare By Their Own Design. The Rook Is A Creature Only Phathomed By Those Who Either Seeking A Slow Annihilation, Or To Befriend A Figure Whom Hones Sinistre. Thought To Be Apart Of The Magical Trinity, Carnage.




    “’Til The Dawn, They Are Dropped By My Munitions. For I Bring Down Silence Into Their Camps. One Which We Have Never Stood Foot In, Neither Will Theirs Ever Be Stood Again.”

    The Ranger Of The Group. With Great Mobility, They Are Able To Control Battle From A Safe Distance And Even Close Distances. They Have The Same Abilities As The Knight. The Use Of Emotion Is Just Different. With Different Emotions, It Either Changes The Ammunition, Or The The Ranged Weapon Itself. A Pawn Can Have Things From A Gun To A Bow, Boomerang To Needles. Any Ranged Weapon. (That Is Within A Classification Like Guns, Bows, Or Throwing Weapons. So, If You Have A Weapon In The Throwing Weapon Category You Have To Stick To The Throwing Weapon Category.) When Using Calm They Can Mentally Guide Bullets Or Fire Sniper Rifle Rounds, Wrath They Can Change Ammunition To Something Like A Shotgun To A Machine Gun Even Making The Bullets Have A Concussive Effect. Yes, The Armor Of The Pawn Changes With The Emotion. Usually To Help With The Weapon Type. (You Only Get One Ability Per Emotion). A Pawn Can Control The Battle Field From A Range. A Duelist At Heart, But Has Greater Advantages Depending On Their Weapon. Therefore, They Are Tactic And Strategy Users And Are Greater When Paired With Those Who Can Take Control Of The Space They Create.

    This Is Just A Simple Parter To What Will Be An Arch In The Story, So If You Don't Understand Something You Can Just ASK, Or You Can Wait For The Arch. Your Choice.



    ~The Site Rules Apply To This RP.~

    ~This Rp Is T-rated, Light Mature.~

    ~No God Modding.~

    ~No Forcing Events On People.~

    ~Gore Allowed, Nothing Obsessive.~

    ~Swearing Allowed, Just Nothing Obsessive.~

    ~Romance Allowed, Nothing Obsessive Or Lewd.~

    ~No Forcing Romance.~

    ~If You Read The Rules, Put ‘I Love Bread’ At The End Of Your Character Sheet.~

    ~You Are NOT To Date A Character Who Is Considerably Younger.(3+ Year Age Difference When Under The Age Of 18) ~

    ~Your Character Must Be Or Be Between 15-25. (Plot Reasons)~

    ~10-15 Sentences/Lines Minimum (At Least Every Other Post, If Nothing Is Happening I Understand Why You Would Short Post.), Semi-Lit.~

    ~Two Warnings, Then Remove.~


    Character Sheet:


    Desired Role: (Of The Six Roles, This Is Just The Role You Desire. Doesn't Mean You Will Get That Role.)





    Rotation: (Rotation A Is Medical Orientated, Rotation B Is Engineering Orientated, Rotation C Is Physical & Sport Orientated And Rotation D, The Expression & Talent Orientated. These Rotations Depicts What Your General Knowledge Would Be Going Into The Rp. This Will Dictate Things Like How You Can Handle Problems With Certain Tenacity)

    Bio: (Add Their Story Here. Who Are They What Are They Good At. Stuff Like That.)



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    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: She is of mixed descent of african american, brazilian and egyptian she has loose curly hair that is dyed with an light blue into purple. She is 5'4, lean body type. Dark hazel eyes.

    Desired Role: Rook

    Name: Julie kueay

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Grade: College 2nd Year

    Rotation: She is In Rotation D

    Bio: She earned a scholarship to filler once she graduated high school, It means a lot to her to go to filler because a single divorce left her father and family in a hole. To achieve this isn't just for her. So going to filler, means her siblings futures as well. So she feels ready to seize this opportunity by putting her best foot forward and a positive attitude. Known as the 'kingie', she got this name for being the women in the house. Her dad has always treated her like an adult. She knows her way around a conversation due to her father keeping her well versed in politics. She has a hidden reason for going to filler though. Everyone in her family has always been removed due to factors of failing and not participating in standards and upkeep. So filler means she will be the first in the family to graduate. This will prove her mother wrong as well. As she left she said “I wanted nothing to do with this stupid family.” This has stuck with her for many years. Technically this has left her slightly vengeful to prove her mother wrong. To make her take it back one day. Julie will never let go of her passion for her family. Her resolve is a combination of passion, determination, spite and fear of failure. This causes her to hold on to bad things much longer than good things. That is why she can be very sensitive to what people say. Her mother has never helped with her emotions. Nor has she ever been able to express it. 'This school means my family and my family is the world to me.'

    I love bread.

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    Character Sheet:


    Short wavy  dark strawberry blonde hair, 6'3 light freckles, Pale skinned, commonly seen with a strip of sunscreen and a black eye. he has dark green eyes. When he doesn't have class, he wears Brown jeans and Black hoodie and black high tops. He sometimes wears white tank tops.

    Desired Role: King

    Name: Revien Luncrest

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Grade: Blue 4

    Rotation: Rotation C

    Bio: Revien is a natural fighter and doesn't like authority. Coming from a background of boxers, he prefers to use his hands. He doesn't believe in strategizing. One thing he will do is defend what he believes. He is extremely knuckle headed. He isn't known for his smarts. The basics is all you will get with him. He will speak what is on his mind lacking any form of a filter. For his age, he seems to come off older. It could be because of the bruising and scars or because of his gritty personality. He has an extremely thick skin, with it comes his candor attitude. Insulting his intelligence does nothing to him. But ever doubt his talents, he will do everything he can to prove you wrong. And usually that includes blood, sweat and tears. Revien comes from a public school in the projects. Known as the bourbon rascal, he has seven gold trophies In Adult League Boxing and two silver trophies in Junior boxing. Boxing Was Also An Outlet For Him. He is known as the bourbon rascal because of his dark strawberry blond hair. Revien is able to go to filler because of his sports affiliation. After winning a sports tournament sponsored and hosted by filler, he was awarded an all paid expense to the school. At first he said no, but with a recent death in the family, his sole caretaker died. His older brother, and it was either foster care, or filler. He chose the latter. He was sixteen when his brother died and the filler principle cut corners to stop foster care from having custody over him. Semi untrusting, he now resides at filler in one of the many dorms.

    I love bread!!!

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    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: Messy Long Brunette Straight Hair. Her Eyes A Light Blue. She Has A Slim Physique. She Is British. Born In And Raised In Wells. She Wears A Loose Collar Shirt Tucked Into Skinny Jeans, With Suspenders Attached To Them. She Is Mainly Seen With A Beanie. 5'2''

    Desired Role: Queen

    Name: Gweny Montesquieu

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Grade: Blue 4

    Rotation:  Rotation A, Psych Ed

    Bio: Rather Shy And A Loner, Gwen Is Very Reclusive. She Prefers To Stick To Herself Not Cause She Wants To, Rather That is All She Has Really Ever Known. Socially She Is Really Awkward And Sometimes Can Take People A Back. She Is Very Short For Her Age And Can Come Off As A Small Child. But She Doesn't Think Like A Small Child She Is Rather Advanced When It Comes To Helping And Problem Solving. Just Effectively Communicating That Is The Issue. She Can Hardly Keep Eye Contact. Filler Is All That She Has Known And Has Been Going To Filler Since The Beginning Of 6th Grade. Sometimes Teachers Even Ask Her For Help. Having Been Alone For So Many Years, Gwen Has Roamed Most Of All The School. She Knows Every Corner Of Filler. With Her Lone Status, She Is Used To Being Bullied And Doesn't Have A Very Strong Emotional Will. She Hardly Can Make Up For Failing In Her Eyes. With Low Self Worth And Esteem, She Tries Her Best Everyday. Her Dream Is To Help, So She Will Go Out Of Her Way To Help Those She Can. Even If It Is Extremely Taxing. With Gwen, Everyone Deserves A Chance And She Will Fight To Give That Chance To Whomever She Can. She Can Be Seen Constantly Snacking And Will Snack All Day. She Has A Kind Heart And A Strong Sense Of Self Sacrifice.



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    Character Sheet:

       -Appearance: 5’10”, black short-medium hair, slender-medium build, green eyes, American. Casual side of well dressed, wears his uniform as loosely as he can getaway with.

       -Desired role: Bishop 

       -Name: Seth Light

       -Age: 20

       -Grade: White I

       -Rotation: B, Electrical Engeniering 

       -Bio: He is rather relaxed but he doesn’t stand out from the crowd. He follows instructions most of the time but he has issues with authority from those he deems unfit for numerous reasons. Opens up very little to people even those he is close with. Driven to complete his goals he works in the “shadows” away from people. However it’s best to not get in his way or threaten those he cares about in any way lest you plan on trying to out think him, life is a game of chess.

                                                      I love toast 😏


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    Alright Later Today I Will Be Doing some post On Battle Of Caradda.

    Feel Free To Just Post I Will Control Major NPC. You Guys May Have Control Over NPC's As Well. Ask Permission To Control The Major Ones.

    For Now In The Story, I Want You Guys To Find "The Card Of Your Class" (I.E Bishop, Rook, Queen, ETC.) Somewhere In Your Room\Area. After The Events That Had Happened. You May Pick Where You Find It, Just Somewhere Respectable. I Want At One Point Everyone To Meets Up With One Another. Maybe Finding Someone Hanging With Them Til The Larger Group Accumulates. After So We Will Start, The Major Arc. (After Introductions.) 

    Feel Free To Just Have Fun With Your Personal Arcs And Story. Nothing Is Strict.

    Any Questions Just Ask Me.

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    Hey @SaltyCracker98, my character bumped into yours as soon as he appeared out of nowhere, so we can have a grouping attempt I guess. 


    @XiX Innoc @Butler I Know We Have Been Hella Busy, But Let's Do This Rp!  We Should Probably Take A Break From All That Anyways. We Are Nearly Done. Would Be Cool To Have Some Fun, Instead Of Pure Work. 😜 Also, I Apologize For Being So Absent 

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