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Okay let me start this off with, 'I just barely started watching the netflix show.' I wasn't really into the live action shows and such like HBO things and show time.

Well, I am watching daredevil, if you couldnt gleam that, and elektra showed up. The season 2 episodes 5 which is named kinbaku, featured elektra. 


She use to be this bad ass assassin type chick, that was closed off from the world and didn't let people close to her. She was kinda cool from the movie I seen, called elektra sometime in the early-mid 2000's. And in the daredevil movie she was played by Jennifer garner.


Maybe my expectations are too high but come on she had this grace to her. Now she is like "Crazy"? I dunno.

Well anyways, she is like some kind of sex creature for the daredevil. Hormones on skyscraping levels. She is psycho, and is just all kinds of just wtf.


What did they do to you girl? Why did they do this to you? 

She is practically a ninja sex worker. 🤣🤣

I remember her making people see things, seeing the future, she can put her mind into other people, and she was at one point a low level telepath. So why is she some HBO, f**k me daddy, I am crazy yandere, weird accented, fan serviced character?


Because, tv. 

Well that's all folks, I just needed to rant that one out. Just watched the episode and paused everything to do this post. Might be some errors I typed fast.


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