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Stuff that makes me mad

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So this is the new fire type starter in it’s full evolution tree. And I thought “OH GREAT! they made another fire fighting type!” Yeah see here’s the thing... it’s pure fire and that somehow ticks me off even more because you know they wanted to make it a fighting type but couldn’t be bothered to come up with something new so they just ripped the type off of it -_-


They did exactly the same thing with incineroar! “Oh well we can’t make it a fighting type because the fans will get mad so let’s slap dark on it and call it a day” -_-

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Okay it looks cool but I can see how nerve racking it is. 

They really need to clean that up it is impossible to even understand why they couldn't come up with something. 

It's not even that hard.

Besides that wdu even make it look like that and give a false impression!!!

original (1).jpg

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