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This Is Gweny Or Gwen As Some Call Her In The Rp Of Battale Of Caradda. This Is My Oc, And I Made Her. She Took The Longest To Draw to Draw For Me And I Don't Even Know Why>.< Her Beanie Was A Head Ache!!!!!! She Is A Gentle Character More So That She Is Increasingly Timid Around Strangers.

The Queen Of The Caradda, Gwen

Messy Long Brunette Straight Hair. Her Eyes A Light Blue. She Has A Slim Physique. She Is British. Born In And Raised In Wells. She Wears A Loose Collar Shirt Tucked Into Skinny Jeans, With Suspenders Attached To Them. She Is Mainly Seen With A Beanie. 5'2''

Her Bio:
 Rather Shy And A Loner, Gwen Is Very Reclusive. She Prefers To Stick To Herself Not Cause She Wants To, Rather That is All She Has Really Ever Known. Socially She Is Really Awkward And Sometimes Can Take People A Back. She Is Very Short For Her Age And Can Come Off As A Small Child. But She Doesn't Think Like A Small Child She Is Rather Advanced When It Comes To Helping And Problem Solving. Just Effectively Communicating That Is The Issue. She Can Hardly Keep Eye Contact. Filler Is All That She Has Known And Has Been Going To Filler Since The Beginning Of 6th Grade. Sometimes Teachers Even Ask Her For Help. Having Been Alone For So Many Years, Gwen Has Roamed Most Of All The School. She Knows Every Corner Of Filler. With Her Lone Status, She Is Used To Being Bullied And Doesn't Have A Very Strong Emotional Will. She Hardly Can Make Up For Failing In Her Eyes. With Low Self Worth And Esteem, She Tries Her Best Everyday. Her Dream Is To Help, So She Will Go Out Of Her Way To Help Those She Can. Even If It Is Extremely Taxing. With Gwen, Everyone Deserves A Chance And She Will Fight To Give That Chance To Whomever She Can. She Can Be Seen Constantly Snacking And Will Snack All Day. She Has A Kind Heart And A Strong Sense Of Self Sacrifice.

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On 10/20/2019 at 8:20 AM, Butler said:


You did SUCH a great job! She looks waaaay better than what's in my potato imagination 😂

Potatoes imagination Hahahaa. 

Anywho, I originally imagined her blonde but desided on brown cause I never made a brown haired character.


On 10/20/2019 at 8:23 AM, XiX Innoc said:

Dude this looks so nice. You said she took the longest? Well this is what patience, time, and TLC give you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I applaud you! 

Thank you thank you, cant wait to get better. 

Also when the album gonna drop? 🤣


@Butler and @XiX Innoc

I cant wait to see your guys works too. It will be awesome to have all our stuff on this platform for once. All of us together, making content

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