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This is an oc From The Rp Battle Of Carrada. This Is Revien Luncrest He Is An Oc Made By @XiX Innocand belongs to them. 

Revian SIGNED.png
The King Of The Carrada, Revien.


Short wavy  dark strawberry blonde hair, 6'3 light freckles, Pale skinned, commonly seen with a strip of sunscreen and a black eye. he has dark green eyes. When he doesn't have class, he wears Brown jeans and Black hoodie and black high tops. He sometimes wears white tank tops.

His Bio:
Revien is a natural fighter and doesn't like authority. Coming from a background of boxers, he prefers to use his hands. He doesn't believe in strategizing. One thing he will do is defend what he believes. He is extremely knuckle headed. He isn't known for his smarts. The basics is all you will get with him. He will speak what is on his mind lacking any form of a filter. For his age, he seems to come off older. It could be because of the bruising and scars or because of his gritty personality. He has an extremely thick skin, with it comes his candor attitude. Insulting his intelligence does nothing to him. But ever doubt his talents, he will do everything he can to prove you wrong. And usually that includes blood, sweat and tears. Revien comes from a public school in the projects. Known as the bourbon rascal, he has seven gold trophies In Adult League Boxing and two silver trophies in Junior boxing. Boxing Was Also An Outlet For Him. He is known as the bourbon rascal because of his dark strawberry blond hair. Revien is able to go to filler because of his sports affiliation. After winning a sports tournament sponsored and hosted by filler, he was awarded an all paid expense to the school. At first he said no, but with a recent death in the family, his sole caretaker died. His older brother, and it was either foster care, or filler. He chose the latter. He was sixteen when his brother died and the filler principle cut corners to stop foster care from having custody over him. Semi untrusting, he now resides at filler in one of the many dorms.

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6 hours ago, XiX Innoc said:

This looks so friggin sick dude!! Thanks alot!!! 


I already saved it

You Are Welcome Buddy 😁

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