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The sun is sitting high in the middle of the sky. The small knights transporting a horse driven cart through the once great plains of Barlendia. The cart was carrying food and refugees to the next village. There was a gentle breeze traveling through the plains, cooling off the knights on this hot day. The caravan begins to pass over a bridge when a group of goblins ambushed the cart. They swarmed and overwhelmed the knights with their numbers. The screams and cries  of help can be heard coming from the refugees and knights. A person is seen in the distance. “Help! Help! Their everywhere!!” One of the guards said.

Jackel Mastoven/Refugee Village: The village is slowly prospering after the major event. There is small chatter here and there with small businesses opening in the village. There is even gossip that travels through the village. The biggest subject is the incoming resources and refugees. As Jackel leaves his house, He is greeted by some of the people. There is some movement inside of his shirt and a small head pops out. Nivel climbs out and sit on Jackel's shoulder enjoying the breeze and seeing the people of the village. He hears some of the chatter of the incoming resources and refugees as he is walking through the village. A lady dressed in medical clothing rushes to Jackel with a panicked look on her face. “Jackel! We need your help! There are two badly injured people at the gate. There say they were with the caravan! Please follow me!” The lady said while reaching for his hand.


Skyliel Starkstone/ Traveling the Plains: Wandering through the plains stating close by the forest. Skyliel puts out the fire from his small camp. He picks up his bedroll, takes down the tent and put it all on his backpack. As he finishes up, Sky opened his tome and skimmed through it. He stopped on a folded paper and pulled it out. It was a map that he folded up. Sky unfolded the map and saw a small town that he can go to. He put the map back in the tome and began heading towards the Refugee Village. Along the way he took breaks and continued on his journey and saw a goblin. He opened his book and looked for the page about goblins. He read and noticed that the goblin was acting strange. He saw that it was far from it's forest habitat and looked to be alone. The goblin began to run towards the bridge. Skyliel followed from a distance to see where it was going. He saw the goblin join a group of them and watched them attack a caravan. One of the knights saw him and cried for help.


Nelo Aquitas/Inside the Village Bar: Lively chatter and music fills the bar. Hearty laughter can be heard and people dancing can be seen. Nelo walks into the bar and it goes silent for a second. People stared at him as he stood by the entrance. Things slowly picked back up as he made his way to the barkeep. “Here, it's on the house.” The keep said to Nelo while placing the mug down. He stayed at the bar for sometime enjoying the music that was playing and hearing some of the gossip of the village. Another man walks into the place and heads to the bar. The man sat next to Nelo and took his own drink. He took a sip of his drink and looked at Nelo. “Did you hear about what to the caravan? Apparently it got ambushed by some goblins on the bridge. I hope the food and other refugees made it out.” The man told Nelo before heading out and leaving his coat.

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"Here, it's on the house." The bartender said to me. I looked at her and nodded my head "Thank you for the drink. what's your name?" I asked the barkeep. She looked at me oddly and replied "Well, my name is Parlexa. What's your name?" I let out a soft chuckle and "Aquitas. thank you for the drink, Parlexa." I said to her as she turned back to the shelf. I took a swig from the mug and sat it back down. The envoironment of the bar was very warm and welcoming. the music that they were playing was energetic enough to make the person next to me dance. I rocked my head to the rhythm. I take a another swig and gesture to Parlexa. he walks over cleaning another mug. "How much for another drink?" I asked her. "For who? For me?" She said thinking I thinking I was flirting with her. I look at her confused and shake my head. "No, no. I want another drink. don't get me wrong though, you are pretty. Just not for me." I said to her kindly as she glared at me. " normal price is 150 gil, but since your a sweet talker, 100." Parlexa said to me. I give her the 150 gil, she smiles and makes me another drink.


I head the door open and I looked back. I saw a man wearing a long black coat. He looked around for an open seat and saw an one next to me. he walked over to the empty seat and sat there. She came back with both my drink and the mans. The man takes a drink from his mug and looks at me. I look at him and takre a swig from mine. there was a long pause before We said anything. It felt like he was sizing me up. "So, it's your first time here? He asked me."Yeah it is. I take it that you come here alot?" I asked him. He looked at me and nodded his head. We both take a drink at the same time. “Did you hear about what to the caravan? Apparently it got ambushed by some goblins on the bridge. I hope the food and other refugees made it out.” He said to me after the drink. He got up and left without his coat. I stayed for a bit. When i left i took the man's coat with me. 'I'll check out what that man told me. this place needs the food.' He thought to himself. I headed towards the front gate weaving through people. 

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One of the soldiers gestured for my help, the goblins looked at me & tried to carry on to their devices much faster as they were trying to pillage. 

This was a small affair of getting in my way to the next town, no doubt I don’t even have to open my tome to stop them. 

I held my tome at my side, stoic. 

I then took a deep breath & pressed on with the situation at hand.

“Slow.” I uttered & all the goblins heeded my command. 

Doing so, felt like a waste of mana when it could be used for urgent matters.

“Ignite.” all the goblins burst into flames, they were either running or on the floor trying to fruitlessly get rid of the fire.

I walked over closer to these creatures & with a snap of my fingers, they became ashen, the ashes were carried away by a gentle passing breeze. I looked at the soldier.

“Are you all alright?....Do you think you could provide carriage to the next town for me? See it as payment for my service.” 

I said cordially, yet I was eager to get to the next town to find more work...more clues...it always feel like I am on his tail but never within my grasp.

Everything I have been doing is just a small stroke, small yet significant to craft the masterpiece I have been yearning to complete & view.

Every stroke must follow suit. Nothing more nothing less.

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